Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1210.5796 (Tieyan Si)

The odd-even effect of the melting temperature of polymer film on finite

Tieyan Si

1212.5630 (Valentina Baccetti et al.)

Infinite Shannon entropy    [PDF]

Valentina Baccetti, Matt Visser

1212.6288 (N. Aizawa)

Some representations of planar Galilean conformal algebra    [PDF]

N. Aizawa

1301.0634 (Vadim Gorin et al.)

Asymptotics of symmetric polynomials with applications to statistical
mechanics and representation theory

Vadim Gorin, Greta Panova

1301.0649 (Pierre-François Loos et al.)

Exact wave functions for concentric two-electron systems    [PDF]

Pierre-François Loos, Peter M. W. Gill

1301.0659 (Guy Biyogmam)

Leibniz Homology of the Affine Indefinite Orthogonal Lie Algebra    [PDF]

Guy Biyogmam

1301.0664 (Robert Connelly et al.)

Ball Packings with Periodic Constraints    [PDF]

Robert Connelly, Jeffrey D. Shen, Alexander D. Smith

1301.0682 (Fritz Gesztesy et al.)

On Spectral Theory for Schrödinger Operators with Operator-Valued

Fritz Gesztesy, Rudi Weikard, Maxim Zinchenko

1301.0692 (Mahya Karbalaii)

Entanglement Witnessing based on Positive Maps: Characterization of a
Class of Bipartite n x n qubit Systems

Mahya Karbalaii

1301.0704 (Nicolae Cotfas et al.)

New definition of the discrete fractional Fourier transform    [PDF]

Nicolae Cotfas, Daniela Dragoman

1301.0709 (Tomas Ekholm et al.)

A Magnetic Contribution to the Hardy Inequality    [PDF]

Tomas Ekholm, Fabian Portmann

1301.0716 (Rajkumar Roychoudhury et al.)

Non-Hermitian Oscillator and R-deformed Heisenberg Algebra    [PDF]

Rajkumar Roychoudhury, Barnana Roy, Partha Pratim Dube

1301.0732 (D. Levi et al.)

Four Points Linearizable Lattice Schemes    [PDF]

D. Levi, C. Scimiterna

1301.0733 (Valerio Lucarini et al.)

Towards a General Theory of Extremes for Observables of Chaotic
Dynamical Systems

Valerio Lucarini, Tobias Kuna, Davide Faranda, Jeroen Wouters

1301.0734 (Kung-Chien Wu)

Pointwise Behavior of the Linearized Boltzmann Equation on Torus    [PDF]

Kung-Chien Wu

1301.0827 (Kung-Chien Wu)

Exponential Time Decay Estimates for the Landau Equation on Torus    [PDF]

Kung-Chien Wu

1301.0737 (Gordan Radobolja)

An application of vertex algebras to the structure theory of a certain
representations over Virasoro algebra

Gordan Radobolja

1301.0746 (T. Huckle et al.)

Exploiting Matrix Symmetries and Physical Symmetries in Matrix Product
States and Tensor Trains

T. Huckle, K. Waldherr, T. Schulte-Herbrueggen

1301.0750 (Jermey Quastel et al.)

Airy processes and variational problems    [PDF]

Jermey Quastel, Daniel Remenik

1301.0767 (Xiaoxiao Zhao et al.)

Periodic Solutions for Circular Restricted 4-body Problems with
Newtonian Potentials

Xiaoxiao Zhao, Shiqing Zhang

1301.0794 (J. M. Drummond et al.)

Superstring amplitudes and the associator    [PDF]

J. M. Drummond, E. Ragoucy

1301.0811 (Daniel Ueltschi)

Random loop representations for quantum spin systems    [PDF]

Daniel Ueltschi

1301.0817 (Carlos Kenig et al.)

Relaxation of wave maps exterior to a ball to harmonic maps for all data    [PDF]

Carlos Kenig, Andrew Lawrie, Wilhelm Schlag

1301.0837 (Vincent Duchêne et al.)

Localized perturbations of periodic structures and the bifurcation of
defect modes

Vincent Duchêne, Iva Vukićević, Michael I. Weinstein

1301.0838 (Said Aissaoui et al.)

On Classification of finite dimensional superbialgebras and Hopf

Said Aissaoui, Abdenacer Makhlouf

1301.0885 (Jean Claude Dutailly)

Quantum Mechanics Revisited    [PDF]

Jean Claude Dutailly

1301.0909 (D. C. Antonopoulou et al.)

A Hilbert expansions method for the rigorous sharp interface limit of
the generalized Cahn-Hilliard Equation

D. C. Antonopoulou, G. D. Karali, E. Orlandi

1301.0910 (M. Heller et al.)

Generalized derivations and general relativity    [PDF]

M. Heller, T. Miller, L. Pysiak, W. Sasin

1301.0923 (Maurice A. de Gosson et al.)

Fermi's Trick and Symplectic Capacities: A Geometric Picture of Quantum

Maurice A. de Gosson, Serge M. de Gosson

1301.0936 (Volker Bach et al.)

Minimization of the Energy of the Non-Relativistic One-Electron
Pauli-Fierz Model over Quasifree States

Volker Bach, Sébastien Breteaux, Timmy Tzaneteas

1301.0950 (Alessandro Arsie et al.)

Integrable viscous conservation laws    [PDF]

Alessandro Arsie, Paolo Lorenzoni, Antonio Moro

1301.1006 (Dong Jianping)

Scattering problems in the fractional quantum mechanics governed by the
2D space fractional Schrodinger equation

Dong Jianping

1301.1014 (Ruiqi Jiang)

Harmonic Maps with Potential from $\mathbb{R}^2$ into $S^2$    [PDF]

Ruiqi Jiang

1301.1043 (Nicolas Rougerie et al.)

Quantum Hall phases and plasma analogy in rotating trapped Bose gases    [PDF]

Nicolas Rougerie, Sylvia Serfaty, Jakob Yngvason

1301.1066 (F. D. Mera et al.)

WKB Approximation to the Power Wall    [PDF]

F. D. Mera, S. A. Fulling, J. D. Bouas, K. Thapa

1301.1072 (Jonathan Luk et al.)

Nonlinear interaction of impulsive gravitational waves for the vacuum
Einstein equations

Jonathan Luk, Igor Rodnianski

1301.1091 (Paula Balseiro)

The Jacobiator of nonholonomic systems and the geometry of reduced
nonholonomic brackets

Paula Balseiro

1301.1094 (Giulio Chiribella et al.)

Confusability graphs for symmetric sets of quantum states    [PDF]

Giulio Chiribella, Yuxiang Yang

1301.1100 (Tadahiro Miyao)

Monotonicity of the polaron energy II:General theory of operator

Tadahiro Miyao

1301.1121 (Rafał R. Suszek)

Gauge Defect Networks in Two-Dimensional CFT    [PDF]

Rafał R. Suszek

1301.1170 (Giulio Chiribella et al.)

Optimal design and quantum benchmarks for coherent state amplifiers    [PDF]

Giulio Chiribella, Jinyu Xie

1301.1196 (E. A. Bedrikova et al.)

Chemical Potential Jump during Evaporation of a Quantum Bose Gas    [PDF]

E. A. Bedrikova, A. V. Latyshev

1301.1235 (Noé Cuneo et al.)

Controlling General Polynomial Networks    [PDF]

Noé Cuneo, Jean-Pierre Eckmann

1301.1247 (Adrianna Gillman et al.)

A fast direct solver for quasi-periodic scattering problems    [PDF]

Adrianna Gillman, Alex Barnett

1301.1256 (Charles Radin et al.)

A mean field analysis of the solid/fluid phase transition    [PDF]

Charles Radin, Lorenzo Sadun

1301.1276 (J. F. van Diejen et al.)

Orthogonality of Macdonald Polynomials with Unitary Parameters    [PDF]

J. F. van Diejen, E. Emsiz

1301.1300 (A. P. Balachandran et al.)

Algebraic Approach to Entanglement and Entropy    [PDF]

A. P. Balachandran, T. R. Govindarajan, Amilcar R. de Queiroz, A. F. Reyes-Lega

1301.1304 (Batu Güneysu et al.)

A Feynman-Kac-Itô Formula for magnetic Schrödinger operators on

Batu Güneysu, Matthias Keller, Marcel Schmidt

1301.1317 (Jáuber C. Oliveira)

Asymptotic stability and regularity of solutions for a magnetoelastic
system in bounded domains

Jáuber C. Oliveira

1301.1329 (Camille Laurent-Gengoux et al.)

Coupling symmetries with Poisson structures    [PDF]

Camille Laurent-Gengoux, Eva Miranda