Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1105.5774 (Dafeng Zuo)

Commuting Differential Operators of Rank 3 Associated to a Curve of
Genus 2

Dafeng Zuo

1201.2886 (Gabor Kunstatter et al.)

Boundary conditions in quantum mechanics on the discretized half-line    [PDF]

Gabor Kunstatter, Jorma Louko

1207.3518 (Sylvain Golenia et al.)

The problem of deficiency indices adjacency matrices on locally finite

Sylvain Golenia, Christoph Schumacher

1207.3791 (Ricardo Gallego Torromé)

Geometry of generalized higher order fields. Applications to classical
linear electrodynamics

Ricardo Gallego Torromé

1207.3824 (J. M. Drummond)

Generalised ladders and single-valued polylogarithms    [PDF]

J. M. Drummond

1207.3848 (Jean-Claude Falmagne)

On a bounded version of Holder's Theorem and an application to the
permutability equation

Jean-Claude Falmagne

1207.3849 (Adam Sawicki et al.)

When is a pure state of three qubits determined by its single-particle
reduced density matrices?

Adam Sawicki, Michael Walter, Marek Kuś

1207.3883 (Imam Tashdid ul Alam et al.)

Integrability as a consequence of discrete holomorphicity: the Z_N model    [PDF]

Imam Tashdid ul Alam, Murray T. Batchelor

1207.3919 (Ancille Ngendakumana et al.)

Para-Galilean versus Galilean Noncommutative Phase spaces    [PDF]

Ancille Ngendakumana, Joachim Nzotungicimpaye, Leonard Todjihounde

1207.4020 (Masao Hirokawa et al.)

Absence of Energy Level Crossing for the Ground State Energy of the Rabi

Masao Hirokawa, Fumio Hiroshima

1207.4050 (M. Correggi et al.)

The Free Energy of the Quantum Heisenberg Ferromagnet at Large Spin    [PDF]

M. Correggi, A. Giuliani

1207.4057 (Kazumitsu Sakai)

Multiple Schramm-Loewner evolutions for conformal field theories with
Lie algebra symmetries

Kazumitsu Sakai

1207.4063 (M. G. de Paoli et al.)

The Rarita-Schwinger Particles Under de Influence of Strong Magnetic

M. G. de Paoli, D. P. Menezes, L. B. Castro, C. C. Barros Jr

1207.4106 (J. Ricardo G. Mendonça)

Exact eigespectrum of the symmetric simple exclusion process on the
complete, complete bipartite, and related graphs

J. Ricardo G. Mendonça