Thursday, April 26, 2012

1011.2722 (A. Santi et al.)

Super-Poincare' algebras, space-times and supergravities (I)    [PDF]

A. Santi, A. Spiro

1107.2964 (Bergfinnur Durhuus et al.)

Generic Ising Trees    [PDF]

Bergfinnur Durhuus, George M. Napolitano

1107.5572 (I. V. Gapyak et al.)

On Rigorous Derivation of the Enskog Kinetic Equation    [PDF]

I. V. Gapyak, V. I. Gerasimenko

1110.0766 (Zacharias Roupas)

Phase Space Geometry and Chaotic Attractors in Dissipative Nambu

Zacharias Roupas

1110.6376 (Walter Grimus et al.)

Finite flavour groups of fermions    [PDF]

Walter Grimus, Patrick Otto Ludl

1111.1252 (Christopher L. Duston)

Topspin Networks in Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Christopher L. Duston

1204.5506 (Marcelo Gonzales et al.)

Pure and entangled N=4 linear supermultiplets and their one-dimensional

Marcelo Gonzales, Kevin Iga, Sadi Khodaee, Francesco Toppan

1204.5534 (Yoshiyuki Kabashima et al.)

First eigenvalue/eigenvector in sparse random symmetric matrices:
influences of degree fluctuation

Yoshiyuki Kabashima, Hisanao Takahashi

1204.5549 (Denis Sidorov)

Solution to the Volterra integral equations of the first kind with
piecewise continuous kernels in class of Sobolev-Schwartz distributions

Denis Sidorov

1204.5566 (Hideki Omori et al.)

Deformation Expression for Elements of Algebras (VI) --Vacuum
representation of Heisenberg algebra--

Hideki Omori, Yoshiaki Maeda, Naoya Miyazaki, Akira Yoshioka

1204.5601 (D. P. Almond et al.)

The Origin of Power-Law Emergent Scaling in Large Binary Networks    [PDF]

D. P. Almond, C. J. Budd, M. A. Freitag, G. W. Hunt, N. J. McCullen, N. D. Smith

1204.5609 (Dmitry K. Gridnev)

Comment on the article "On the Existence of the N-Body Efimov Effect" by
X. P. Wang

Dmitry K. Gridnev

1204.5610 (Stefan Berceanu)

A convenient coordinatization of Siegel-Jacobi domains    [PDF]

Stefan Berceanu

1204.5629 (Makoto Katori)

Reciprocal Time Relation of Noncolliding Brownian Motion with Drift    [PDF]

Makoto Katori

1204.5660 (Ioannis Anapolitanos et al.)

Multipolarons in a Constant Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Ioannis Anapolitanos, Marcel Griesemer

1204.5729 (Florin Diacu et al.)

On the stability of tetrahedral relative equilibria in the positively
curved 4-body problem

Florin Diacu, Regina Martinez, Ernesto Perez-Chavela, Carles Simo