Monday, January 21, 2013

1003.5671 (Stephan Weis)

Information topologies on non-commutative state spaces    [PDF]

Stephan Weis

1301.4219 (Harihar Khanal et al.)

Interactions and Focusing of Nonlinear Water Waves    [PDF]

Harihar Khanal, Stefan Mancas, Shahrdad Sajjadi

1301.4233 (D. D. Ferrante et al.)

Complex Path Integrals and the Space of Theories    [PDF]

D. D. Ferrante, G. S. Guralnik, Z. Guralnik, C. Pehlevan

1301.4305 (Mir Faizal)

Aspects of ABJ Theory    [PDF]

Mir Faizal

1301.4418 (Christopher K. R. T. Jones et al.)

The Morse and Maslov indices for matrix Hill's equations    [PDF]

Christopher K. R. T. Jones, Yuri Latushkin, Robert Marangell

1301.4420 (Sylvain Ervedoza et al.)

Long-time behavior for the two-dimensional motion of a disk in a viscous

Sylvain Ervedoza, Matthieu Hillairet, Christophe Lacave

1301.4437 (Sergio Luigi Cacciatori et al.)

The Physical Mirror Equivalence for the Local P^2    [PDF]

Sergio Luigi Cacciatori, Marco Compagnoni, Stefano Guerra

1301.4479 (Manwai Yuen)

Vortical and Self-similar Flows of 2D Compressible Euler Equations    [PDF]

Manwai Yuen