Thursday, July 26, 2012

1107.1374 (Bert Schroer)

The holistic structure of causal quantum theory, its implementation in
the Einstein-Jordan conundrum and its violation in more recent particle

Bert Schroer

1207.5503 (Anastasia Doikou et al.)

Sigma models in the presence of dynamical point-like defects    [PDF]

Anastasia Doikou, Nikos Karaiskos

1207.5866 (E. V. Rothstein)

Derivation of Unified Analytic Electron Interaction Integrals over
Slater Orbitals for Diatomic Molecules

E. V. Rothstein

1207.5870 (A. Restuccia et al.)

Stability of solitonic solutions of Super KdV equations under Susy
breaking conditions

A. Restuccia, A. Sotomayor

1207.5874 (Quansen Jiu et al.)

Global well-posedness of the Cauchy problem of two-dimensional
compressible Navier-Stokes equations in weighted spaces

Quansen Jiu, Yi Wang, Zhouping Xin

1207.5878 (Timothy Chumley et al.)

From billiards to thermodynamics    [PDF]

Timothy Chumley, Scott Cook, Renato Feres

1207.5880 (Jason M. Dominy et al.)

Analysis of the quantum Zeno effect for quantum control and computation    [PDF]

Jason M. Dominy, Gerardo A. Paz-Silva, A. T. Rezakhani, D. A. Lidar

1207.5881 (David Damanik et al.)

Limit-Periodic Schrodinger Operators on Z^d: Uniform Localization    [PDF]

David Damanik, Zheng Gan

1207.5883 (Holger R. Dullin)

The Lie-Poisson structure of the reduced n-body problem    [PDF]

Holger R. Dullin

1207.5927 (Claude Bardos et al.)

Hamiltonian Evolution of Monokinetic Measures with Rough Momentum

Claude Bardos, François Golse, Peter Markowich, Thierry Paul

1207.5941 (B. Basu-Mallick et al.)

The exactly solvable spin Sutherland model of B_N type and its related
spin chain

B. Basu-Mallick, F. Finkel, A. Gonzalez-Lopez

1207.5979 (Paolo Lorenzoni)

Darboux-Egorov system, bi-flat $F$-manifolds and Painlevé VI    [PDF]

Paolo Lorenzoni

1207.5983 (Loren Coquille et al.)

On the discrete Gaussian Free Field with disordered pinning on Z^d,
d\geq 2

Loren Coquille, Piotr Miłoś

1207.5987 (Alexander V. Bobylev et al.)

From particle systems to the Landau equation: a consistency result    [PDF]

Alexander V. Bobylev, Mario Pulvirenti, Chiara Saffirio

1207.5989 (G. M. Graf et al.)

Bulk-edge correspondence for two-dimensional topological insulators    [PDF]

G. M. Graf, M. Porta

1207.6001 (C. -I. Chou et al.)

Generalized Rayleigh and Jacobi processes and exceptional orthogonal

C. -I. Chou, C. -L. Ho

1207.6044 (Welles A. M. Morgado et al.)

The role of the nature of the noise in the thermal conductance of
mechanical systems

Welles A. M. Morgado, Silvio M. Duarte Queiros

1207.6072 (Allan Fordy et al.)

Discrete integrable systems and Poisson algebras from cluster maps    [PDF]

Allan Fordy, Andrew Hone