Monday, June 25, 2012

1102.0087 (Johan W. van de Leur et al.)

CKP Hierarchy, Bosonic Tau Function and Bosonization Formulae    [PDF]

Johan W. van de Leur, Alexander Yu. Orlov, Takahiro Shiota

1106.2780 (Yang Xiao-Jun)

Expression of Generalized Newton Iteration Method via Generalized Local
Fractional Taylor Series

Yang Xiao-Jun

1110.2630 (Andrey Mudrov)

Non-Levi closed conjugacy classes of SP_q(2n)    [PDF]

Andrey Mudrov

1110.4792 (Anna Jencova)

Comparison of quantum binary experiments    [PDF]

Anna Jencova

1206.5030 (Markus P. Mueller et al.)

The black hole information problem beyond quantum theory    [PDF]

Markus P. Mueller, Jonathan Oppenheim, Oscar C. O. Dahlsten

1206.5031 (Michael K. -H. Kiessling)

Order and Chaos in some Trigonometric Series    [PDF]

Michael K. -H. Kiessling

1206.5061 (A. V. Tsiganov)

Simple non-Hamiltonian systems with an invariant measure    [PDF]

A. V. Tsiganov

1206.5066 (Péter Lévay et al.)

Hitchin functionals are related to measures of entanglement    [PDF]

Péter Lévay, Gábor Sárosi

1206.5078 (Tian Ma et al.)

Gravitational Field Equations and Theory of Dark Matter and Dark Energy    [PDF]

Tian Ma, Shouhong Wang

1206.5100 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

PT phase transition in multidimensional quantum systems    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, David J. Weir

1206.5123 (Leonid Petrov)

Asymptotics of Uniformly Random Lozenge Tilings of Polygons. Gaussian
Free Field

Leonid Petrov

1206.5127 (Nikos Kalogeropoulos)

Escort distributions and Tsallis entropy    [PDF]

Nikos Kalogeropoulos

1206.5147 (Emanuele Dolera et al.)

Proof of a McKean conjecture on the rate of convergence of
Boltzmann-equation solutions

Emanuele Dolera, Eugenio Regazzini

1206.5182 (Mikko Stenlund)

A local limit theorem for random walks in balanced environments    [PDF]

Mikko Stenlund

1206.5187 (Horst Reinhard Beyer et al.)

Stability study of a model for the Klein-Gordon equation in Kerr

Horst Reinhard Beyer, Miguel Alcubierre, Miguel Megevand, Juan Carlos Degollado

1206.5192 (Michael Handrek et al.)

On the Maximal Excess Charge of the Chandrasekhar-Coulomb Hamiltonian in
Two Dimensions

Michael Handrek, Heinz Siedentop

1206.5201 (R. Adami et al.)

Variational properties and orbital stability of standing waves for NLS
equation on a star graph

R. Adami, C. Cacciapuoti, D. Finco, D. Noja

1206.5213 (Sergii M. Torba et al.)

Parabolic Type Equations and Markov Stochastic Processes on Adeles    [PDF]

Sergii M. Torba, W. A. Zuniga-Galindo

1206.5225 (Robert C. Myers et al.)

Entanglement Entropy for Singular Surfaces    [PDF]

Robert C. Myers, Ajay Singh

1206.5229 (Frank B. Estabrook)

Specialized Orthonormal Frames and Embedding    [PDF]

Frank B. Estabrook