Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1107.3456 (Tomaso Aste et al.)

Exploring complex networks via topological embedding on surfaces    [PDF]

Tomaso Aste, Ruggero Gramatica, T. Di Matteo

1108.5368 (Ying Fu et al.)

On the Cauchy problem for the integrable Camassa-Holm type equation with
cubic nonlinearity

Ying Fu, Guilong Gui, Yue Liu, Changzheng Qu

1201.3904 (Vincent Duchêne et al.)

Scattering and Localization Properties of Highly Oscillatory Potentials    [PDF]

Vincent Duchêne, Iva Vukićević, Michael I. Weinstein

1208.5055 (Daniel S. Freed et al.)

Twisted equivariant matter    [PDF]

Daniel S. Freed, Gregory W. Moore

1208.5077 (Peter N. Meisinger et al.)

PT Symmetry in Classical and Quantum Statistical Mechanics    [PDF]

Peter N. Meisinger, Michael C. Ogilvie

1208.5079 (Boris Kubrak et al.)

Low-diffusivity scalar transport using a WENO scheme and dual meshing    [PDF]

Boris Kubrak, Jan Wissink, Herlina Herlina, Friedrich Greve

1208.5131 (Victor Ostrik et al.)

Level-rank duality via tensor categories    [PDF]

Victor Ostrik, Michael Sun

1208.5175 (Jianzhong Su et al.)

Optical imaging of phantoms from real data by an approximately globally
convergent inverse algorithm

Jianzhong Su, Michael V. Klibanov, Yueming Liu, Zhijin Lin, Natee Pantong, Hanli Liu

1208.5187 (Michael V. Klibanov)

Thermoacoustic tomography with an arbitrary elliptic operator    [PDF]

Michael V. Klibanov

1208.5189 (Lay Nam Chang et al.)

Biorthogonal Quantum Mechanics: Super-Quantum Correlations and
Expectation Values without Definite Probabilities

Lay Nam Chang, Zachary Lewis, Djordje Minic, Tatsu Takeuchi

1208.5203 (Won-Kwang Park et al.)

Multi-frequency based location search algorithm of small electromagnetic
inhomogeneities embedded in two-layered medium

Won-Kwang Park, Taehoon Park

1208.5212 (Krzysztof Fraczek et al.)

Ergodic directions for billiards in a strip with periodically located

Krzysztof Fraczek, Corinna Ulcigrai

1208.5231 (E. A. Bedrikova et al.)

Mass velocity of Bose-gas in the problem about isothermal sliding    [PDF]

E. A. Bedrikova, A. V. Latyshev

1208.5239 (Giuseppe Genovese et al.)

Random Walk on Lattice with an Antisymmetric Perturbation in One Point    [PDF]

Giuseppe Genovese, Renato Lucà

1208.5241 (Alexandre Boritchev)

Note on Decaying Turbulence in a Generalised Burgers Equation    [PDF]

Alexandre Boritchev

1208.5261 (D. P. Hardin et al.)

Polarization optimality of equally spaced points on the circle for
discrete potentials

D. P. Hardin, A. P. Kendall, E. B. Saff

1208.5263 (Sven Bachmann)

On ground state phases of quantum spin systems    [PDF]

Sven Bachmann

1208.5282 (Kwokwai Chan et al.)

Lagrangian Floer superpotentials and crepant resolutions for toric

Kwokwai Chan, Cheol-Hyun Cho, Siu-Cheong Lau, Hsian-Hua Tseng

1208.5297 (Dorje C. Brody et al.)

Mixed-state evolution in the presence of gain and loss    [PDF]

Dorje C. Brody, Eva-Maria Graefe

1208.5325 (Wouter Kager et al.)

The combinatorial approach to the Ising model: foundations and critical

Wouter Kager, Marcin Lis, Ronald Meester

1208.5357 (Jen Keng OYoung)

Two Speed TASEP with Step Initial Condition    [PDF]

Jen Keng OYoung

1208.5358 (V. K. Oikonomou)

Singularities of the Casimir Energy for Quantum Field Theories with
Lifshitz Dimensions

V. K. Oikonomou

1208.5399 (Christopher J. Fewster)

Lectures on quantum energy inequalities    [PDF]

Christopher J. Fewster

1208.5437 (Andreas Knauf et al.)

Positive topological entropy for multi-bump magnetic fields    [PDF]

Andreas Knauf, Frank Schulz, Karl Friedrich Siburg

1208.5462 (Ralph M. Kaufmann et al.)

The noncommutative geometry of wire networks from triply periodic

Ralph M. Kaufmann, Sergei Khlebnikov, Birgit Wehefritz-Kaufmann