Friday, August 24, 2012

1108.4970 (Alain J. Brizard)

Action-angle coordinates for the pendulum problem    [PDF]

Alain J. Brizard

1109.5011 (Madeleine Jotz et al.)

Glanon groupoids    [PDF]

Madeleine Jotz, Mathieu Stiénon, Ping Xu

1111.6618 (Alan Hammond et al.)

Exit time tails from pairwise decorrelation in hidden Markov chains,
with applications to dynamical percolation

Alan Hammond, Elchanan Mossel, Gábor Pete

1208.0339 (S. Deser et al.)

Canonical bifurcation in higher derivative, higher spin, theories    [PDF]

S. Deser, S. Ertl, D. Grumiller

1208.4614 (Brian C. Hall et al.)

Dimension-independent estimates for heat operators and harmonic

Brian C. Hall, Matthew Cecil

1208.4642 (Alexander I. Nesterov et al.)

Quantum search using non-Hermitian adiabatic evolution    [PDF]

Alexander I. Nesterov, Gennady P. Berman

1208.4666 (Hongli An et al.)

A 2+1-Dimensional Non-Isothermal Magnetogasdynamic System.
Hamiltonian-Ermakov Integrable Reduction

Hongli An, Colin Rogers

1208.4674 (Kai E. Wunderle et al.)

Coupling of fermionic fields with mass dimensions one to the
O'Raifeartaigh model

Kai E. Wunderle, Rainer Dick

1208.4677 (Jonathan Eckhardt et al.)

Weyl-Titchmarsh Theory for Sturm-Liouville Operators with Distributional

Jonathan Eckhardt, Fritz Gesztesy, Roger Nichols, Gerald Teschl

1208.4686 (Dmitry K. Gridnev)

Essential spectrum of a limit of self--adjoint operators    [PDF]

Dmitry K. Gridnev

1208.4703 (Tim Baldsiefen et al.)

Reduced density matrix functional theory at finite temperature. I.
Theoretical foundations

Tim Baldsiefen, E. K. U. Gross

1208.4706 (Stefan Waldmann)

Geometric Wave Equations    [PDF]

Stefan Waldmann

1208.4721 (Willi-Hans Steeb et al.)

Hamilton Operators, Discrete Symmetries, Brute Force and SymbolicC++    [PDF]

Willi-Hans Steeb, Yorick Hardy

1208.4724 (Andreas Doering et al.)

Self-adjoint Operators as Functions I: Lattices, Galois Connections and
Spectral Order

Andreas Doering, Barry Dewitt

1208.4763 (Henning Bostelmann et al.)

An operator expansion for integrable quantum field theories    [PDF]

Henning Bostelmann, Daniela Cadamuro

1208.4789 (V. E. Kravtsov et al.)

Statistics of anomalously localized states at the center of band E=0 in
the one-dimensional Anderson localization model

V. E. Kravtsov, V. I. Yudson

1208.4812 (Jennie D'Ambroise et al.)

Parametric Solution Of Certain Nonlinear Differential Equations In
Cosmology II

Jennie D'Ambroise, Floyd L. Williams