Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1112.3160 (H. Lacoin et al.)

Zero-temperature 2D Ising model and anisotropic curve-shortening flow    [PDF]

H. Lacoin, F. Simenhaus, F. L. Toninelli

1112.3679 (Denys I. Bondar et al.)

Conceptual inconsistencies in finite-dimensional quantum and classical

Denys I. Bondar, Renan Cabrera, Herschel A. Rabitz

1307.5352 (Marko Vojinovic)

Cosine problem in EPRL/FK spinfoam model    [PDF]

Marko Vojinovic

1307.5412 (Jean-Pierre Francoise et al.)

Analytic Extension of the Birkhoff Normal Forms for the Free Rigid Body
Dynamics on SO(3)

Jean-Pierre Francoise, Daisuke Tarama

1307.5432 (Wojciech Kaminski et al.)

Coherent states, 6j symbols and properties of the next to leading order
asymptotic expansions

Wojciech Kaminski, Sebastian Steinhaus

1307.5441 (C. A. Downing)

A class of exactly solvable models for the Schrodinger equation    [PDF]

C. A. Downing

1307.5531 (S. Faldella et al.)

SOV approach for integrable quantum models associated to general
representations on spin-1/2 chains of the 8-vertex reflection algebra

S. Faldella, G. Niccoli

1307.5539 (Vincent X. Genest et al.)

Superintegrability in two dimensions and the Racah-Wilson algebra    [PDF]

Vincent X. Genest, Luc Vinet, Alexei Zhedanov

1307.5546 (Enej Ilievski et al.)

Quantum group approach to steady states of boundary-driven open quantum

Enej Ilievski, Bojan Žunkovič

1307.5624 (J. Fernando Barbero G. et al.)

Bivariate Generating Functions for a Class of Linear Recurrences. II.

J. Fernando Barbero G., Jesús Salas, Eduardo J. S. Villaseñor

1307.5633 (G. Domokos et al.)

Geometrical and physical models of abrasion    [PDF]

G. Domokos, G. W. Gibbons

1307.5644 (Jean-Pierre Antoine et al.)

Some remarks on quasi-Hermitian operators    [PDF]

Jean-Pierre Antoine, Camillo Trapani

1307.5665 (Michael Kraus)

Variational Integrators in Plasma Physics    [PDF]

Michael Kraus

1307.5688 (Ho Lee)

Asymptotic behaviour of the relativistic Boltzmann equation in the
Robertson-Walker spacetime

Ho Lee

1307.5753 (Stefan Steinerberger)

On Eigenvectors of Random Band Matrices with Large Band    [PDF]

Stefan Steinerberger

1307.5771 (Steven Duplij)

Partial Hamiltonian formalism, multi-time dynamics and singular theories    [PDF]

Steven Duplij

1307.5779 (Elie Wolfe et al.)

Certifying Separability in Symmetric Mixed States of N qudits, and

Elie Wolfe, S. F. Yelin

1307.5812 (Theo Johnson-Freyd)

Poisson AKSZ theories and their quantizations    [PDF]

Theo Johnson-Freyd

1307.5822 (T. J. Christiansen et al.)

Some remarks on resonances in even-dimensional Euclidean scattering    [PDF]

T. J. Christiansen, P. D. Hislop

1307.5825 (Joe P. Chen et al.)

Entropic repulsion of Gaussian free field on high-dimensional Sierpinski
carpet graphs

Joe P. Chen, Baris Evren Ugurcan