Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1109.1900 (Nabile Boussaid et al.)

Weakly-coupled systems in quantum control    [PDF]

Nabile Boussaid, Marco Caponigro, Thomas Chambrion

1205.3862 (Damiano Anselmi)

Master Functional And Proper Formalism For Quantum Gauge Field Theory    [PDF]

Damiano Anselmi

1304.0013 (Damián P. San-Román-Alerigi et al.)

A possible approach on optical analogues of gravitational attractors    [PDF]

Damián P. San-Román-Alerigi, Ahmed Benslimane, Tien K. Ng, Mohammad Alsunaidi, Boon S. Ooi

1304.0015 (Xiaojun Liu et al.)

Quantum curves for simple Hurwitz numbers of an arbitrary base curve    [PDF]

Xiaojun Liu, Motohico Mulase, Adam Sorkin

1304.0020 (J. Harnad et al.)

Symmetric polynomials, quantum Jacobi-Trudi identities and

J. Harnad, Eunghyun Lee

1304.0024 (Yan V Fyodorov et al.)

Topology trivialization and large deviations for the minimum in the
simplest random optimization

Yan V Fyodorov, Pierre Le Doussal

1304.0051 (Itaru Sasaki)

A Short Remark on the Polaron in the Semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz Model    [PDF]

Itaru Sasaki

1304.0130 (Sergi Simon)

Linearised Higher Variational Equations    [PDF]

Sergi Simon

1304.0187 (Xueke Pu et al.)

Quasineutral limit of the Euler-Poisson equation for a cold,
ion-acoustic plasma

Xueke Pu, Boling Guo

1304.0205 (Abraham Albert Ungar)

An Introduction to Hyperbolic Barycentric Coordinates and their

Abraham Albert Ungar

1304.0234 (Arthemy V. Kiselev)

Towards an axiomatic noncommutative geometry of quantum space and time    [PDF]

Arthemy V. Kiselev

1304.0236 (Domenico Fiorenza et al.)

Higher geometric prequantum theory    [PDF]

Domenico Fiorenza, Christopher L. Rogers, Urs Schreiber

1304.0266 (Nahomi Kan et al.)

Simple Models in Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics on a Graph    [PDF]

Nahomi Kan, Koichiro Kobayashi, Kiyoshi Shiraishi

1304.0382 (Igor A. Bandos et al.)

Covariant action and equations of motion for the eleven dimensional
multiple M0-brane system

Igor A. Bandos, Carlos Meliveo

1304.0388 (David Kapanadze et al.)

Improved algorithm for analytical solution of the heat conduction
problem in doubly periodic 2D composite materials

David Kapanadze, Gennady Mishuris, Ekaterina Pesetskaya

1304.0409 (Koenraad M. R. Audenaert)

On the asymmetry of the relative entropy    [PDF]

Koenraad M. R. Audenaert

1304.0410 (Murat Gunaydin et al.)

Nonassociativity, Malcev Algebras and String Theory    [PDF]

Murat Gunaydin, Djordje Minic

1304.0415 (Agostino Devastato et al.)

Grand Symmetry, Spectral Action, and the Higgs mass    [PDF]

Agostino Devastato, Fedele Lizzi, Pierre Martinetti

1304.0429 (Thomas L Curtright et al.)

An Umbral Vade Mecum    [PDF]

Thomas L Curtright, Cosmas K Zachos

1304.0433 (Patrick Lee Nash)

Extra-Dimensional Bi-Inflation    [PDF]

Patrick Lee Nash

1304.0519 (Artur Avila et al.)

Singular Density of States Measure for Subshift and Quasi-Periodic
Schrödinger Operators

Artur Avila, David Damanik, Zhenghe Zhang

1304.0529 (Shahar Hod)

Asymptotic spectrum of the oblate spin-weighted spheroidal harmonics: a
WKB analysis

Shahar Hod

1304.0562 (Pascal Maillard)

Speed and fluctuations of N-particle branching Brownian motion with
spatial selection

Pascal Maillard

1304.0568 (Bin Zhou et al.)

Smooth U(1) Gauge Potentials on the de Sitter Spacetime    [PDF]

Bin Zhou, Shibei Kong, Peng Zhao, Ruixiao Zhang

1304.0583 (Mikhail G. Katz et al.)

Commuting and noncommuting infinitesimals    [PDF]

Mikhail G. Katz, Eric Leichtnam

1304.0594 (Andrew P. Lundgren et al.)

Merging Gravitation with Thermodynamics to Understand Cosmology    [PDF]

Andrew P. Lundgren, Ruxandra Bondarescu, Mihai Bondarescu

1304.0628 (Omar El Araby et al.)

Is BCS theory exact in the thermodynamic limit?    [PDF]

Omar El Araby, Dionys Baeriswyl

1304.0704 (Myong-Gil Rim et al.)

Monotone Domain Decomposition Iterative Method and its Convergence for a
Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equation of Volterra Type

Myong-Gil Rim, Dong-Hyok Kim

1304.0705 (J. Dimock)

The Renormalization Group According to Balaban - III. Convergence    [PDF]

J. Dimock

1304.0706 (G. Sardanashvily)

Deviation differential equations. Jacobi fields    [PDF]

G. Sardanashvily

1304.0737 (David Li-Bland et al.)

Symplectic and Poisson geometry of the moduli spaces of flat connections
over quilted surfaces

David Li-Bland, Pavol Severa

1304.0739 (A. Dvurečenskij et al.)

On Bilinear Forms from the Point of View of Generalized Effect Algebras    [PDF]

A. Dvurečenskij, J. Janda