Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1109.5524 (Zengo Tsuboi)

Wronskian solutions of the T, Q and Y-systems related to infinite
dimensional unitarizable modules of the general linear superalgebra gl(M|N)

Zengo Tsuboi

1111.4520 (Carl McTague)

The Cayley plane and String bordism    [PDF]

Carl McTague

1302.2109 (Dong Eui Chang et al.)

On the Damping-Induced Self-Recovery Phenomenon in Mechanical Systems
with Several Unactuated Cyclic Variables

Dong Eui Chang, Soo Jeon

1302.2186 (Berta Margalef-Bentabol et al.)

Evolution of the Cosmological Horizons in a Concordance Universe with
Countably Infinitely Many State Equations

Berta Margalef-Bentabol, Juan Margalef-Bentabol, Jordi Cepa

1302.2229 (S. L. Cherkas et al.)

Quantization of the inhomogeneous Bianchi I model: quasi-Heisenberg

S. L. Cherkas, V. L. Kalashnikov

1302.2260 (Álvaro Pelayo et al.)

Semiclassical inverse spectral theory for singularities of focus-focus

Álvaro Pelayo, San Vũ Ngoc

1302.2262 (Roldao da Rocha et al.)

Non-Standard (Flag-dipoles) Spinor Fields in f(R) Cosmology    [PDF]

Roldao da Rocha, Luca Fabbri, J. M. Hoff da Silva, R. T. Cavalcanti, J. A. Silva-Neto

1302.2361 (S. Nicolis et al.)

Supersymmetric probability distributions    [PDF]

S. Nicolis, A. Zerkak

1302.2399 (Tomoki Mihara)

Spectral Theory for p-adic Banach Representations and p-adic Quantum

Tomoki Mihara

1302.2403 (Tritos Ngampitipan et al.)

Reflection and transmission resonances and accuracy of the wkb method    [PDF]

Tritos Ngampitipan, Petarpa Boonserm

1302.2423 (David Greynat et al.)

A new approach to the epsilon expansion of generalized hypergeometric

David Greynat, Javier Sesma

1302.2456 (Jean Avan et al.)

The sine-Gordon model in the presence of defects    [PDF]

Jean Avan, Anastasia Doikou

1302.2527 (A. Plastino et al.)

On the q-Laplace Transform    [PDF]

A. Plastino, M. C. Rocca

1302.2532 (David Brandon et al.)

Exact and approximate solutions to Schroedinger's equation with decatic

David Brandon, Nasser Saad

1302.2533 (Wm. G. Hoover et al.)

Time-Symmetry Breaking in Hamiltonian Mechanics    [PDF]

Wm. G. Hoover, Carol G. Hoover

1302.2535 (Bas Janssens et al.)

Norm continuous unitary representations of Lie algebras of smooth

Bas Janssens, Karl-Hermann Neeb

1302.2536 (Partha Pratim Pradhan)

Lyapunov exponent, K-S entropy and Charged Myers Perry Spacetimes    [PDF]

Partha Pratim Pradhan

1302.2554 (Christopher H. Joyner et al.)

GSE statistics without spin    [PDF]

Christopher H. Joyner, Sebastian Müller, Martin Sieber

1302.2560 (Steffen Weissmann)

Hamiltonian dynamics of several rigid bodies interacting with point

Steffen Weissmann

1302.2565 (Alexander Moroz)

On solvability and integrability of the Rabi model    [PDF]

Alexander Moroz

1302.2602 (Szymon Charzyński et al.)

Wei-Norman equations for a unitary evolution    [PDF]

Szymon Charzyński, Marek Kuś

1302.2604 (Arthur Bartels et al.)

Conformal nets I: coordinate-free nets    [PDF]

Arthur Bartels, Christopher L. Douglas, André Henriques