Thursday, November 1, 2012

1007.3421 (George Kastrinakis)

A fermionic superfluid state for many spinful species - III    [PDF]

George Kastrinakis

1107.2760 (Sebastian Zwicknagl)

Poisson Ideals in Cluster Algebras and the Spectra of Quantized
Coordinate Rings

Sebastian Zwicknagl

1109.5137 (A. Pinzul)

UV/IR mixing as a twisted PoincarĂ© anomaly    [PDF]

A. Pinzul

1112.4453 (Ewa Felinska et al.)

Whittaker pairs for the Virasoro algebra and the Gaiotto - BMT states    [PDF]

Ewa Felinska, Zbigniew Jaskolski, Michal Kosztolowicz

1209.3247 (Zhidong Zhang et al.)

Response to arXiv:1209.0731 'Erroneous solution of three-dimensional
(3D) simple orthorhombic Ising lattices' by Perk

Zhidong Zhang, Norman H. March

1210.8159 (Vladimir Mitev et al.)

Conformal superspace sigma-models    [PDF]

Vladimir Mitev, Thomas Quella, Volker Schomerus

1210.8161 (Johan Martens et al.)

Variations on a theme of Grothendieck    [PDF]

Johan Martens, Michael Thaddeus

1210.8204 (C. M. Gregory et al.)

On Noncommutative Effects in Entropic Gravity    [PDF]

C. M. Gregory, A. Pinzul

1210.8213 (Remco van der Hofstad et al.)

Unlacing the lace expansion: a survey to hypercube percolation    [PDF]

Remco van der Hofstad, Asaf Nachmias

1210.8258 (B. Basu-Mallick et al.)

Clusters of bound particles in the derivative delta-function Bose gas    [PDF]

B. Basu-Mallick, Tanaya Bhattacharyya, Diptiman Sen

1210.8295 (Timothy J. Taylor et al.)

Identification of criticality in neuronal avalanches: I. A theoretical
investigation of the non-driven case

Timothy J. Taylor, Caroline Hartley, PĂ©ter L. Simon, Istvan Z Kiss, Luc Berthouze

1210.8297 (Knut Bakke)

A geometric approach to confining a Dirac neutral particle in analogous
way to a quantum dot

Knut Bakke

1210.8301 (Paul A. Pearce et al.)

Infinitely extended Kac table of solvable critical dense polymers    [PDF]

Paul A. Pearce, Jorgen Rasmussen, Simon P. Villani

1210.8323 (Stoil Donev et al.)

Geometric View on Photon-like Objects    [PDF]

Stoil Donev, Maria Tashkova

1210.8344 (Mark Kelbert et al.)

A Mermin--Wagner theorem for quantum Gibbs states on 2D graphs, II    [PDF]

Mark Kelbert, Yurii Suhov

1210.8348 (Timothy D. Andersen)

Lorentz Covariant Lattice Gauge Theory    [PDF]

Timothy D. Andersen

1210.8352 (Tom Claeys et al.)

Critical asymptotic behavior for the Korteweg-de Vries equation and in
random matrix theory

Tom Claeys, Tamara Grava

1210.8354 (Walter F. Wreszinski)

Progress in the mathematical theory of quantum disordered systems    [PDF]

Walter F. Wreszinski

1210.8393 (Rinat Kashaev et al.)

A TQFT of Turaev-Viro type on shaped triangulations    [PDF]

Rinat Kashaev, Feng Luo, Grigory Vartanov

1210.8414 (Rudolf Gorenflo et al.)

Parametric subordination in fractional diffusion processes    [PDF]

Rudolf Gorenflo, Francesco Mainardi

1210.8449 (Ricardo S. Vieira et al.)

On the multiparametric {\cal U}_q[D_{n+1}^{(2)}] vertex model    [PDF]

Ricardo S. Vieira, A. Lima-Santos