Wednesday, February 15, 2012

0810.3287 (Hideshi Yamane)

WTC solutions to a generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation    [PDF]

Hideshi Yamane

0912.5398 (Krzysztof Burdzy et al.)

Archimedes' principle for Brownian liquid    [PDF]

Krzysztof Burdzy, Zhen-Qing Chen, Soumik Pal

1007.0813 (Saragosa Silvano)

Mathematical model of Lame Problem for Simplified Elastic Theory applied
to Controlled-Clearance Pressure Balances

Saragosa Silvano

1007.4375 (Yajun Zhou)

Distribution of Eigenvalues in Electromagnetic Scattering on an
Arbitrarily Shaped Dielectric

Yajun Zhou

1009.3208 (Alexander D. Popov et al.)

Double quiver gauge theory and nearly Kahler flux compactifications    [PDF]

Alexander D. Popov, Richard J. Szabo

1011.2439 (Jeremy Clark)

Diffusive limit for a quantum linear Boltzmann dynamics    [PDF]

Jeremy Clark

1101.2915 (Vitor Araujo et al.)

Robust exponential decay of correlations for singular-flows    [PDF]

Vitor Araujo, Paulo Varandas

1102.3640 (Richard J. Szabo et al.)

Two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory, Painleve equations and the six-vertex

Richard J. Szabo, Miguel Tierz

1103.5297 (Ahmed Jellal et al.)

Massless Dirac Fermions in Electromagnetic Field    [PDF]

Ahmed Jellal, Abderrahim El Mouhafid, Mohammed Daoud

1104.2289 (Elena R. Loubenets)

Local quasi hidden variable modelling and violations of Bell-type
inequalities by a multipartite quantum state

Elena R. Loubenets

1105.2185 (Ahmed Jellal et al.)

Transport Properties through Double Barrier Structure in Graphene    [PDF]

Ahmed Jellal, El Bouazzaoui Choubabi, Hocine Bahlouli, Abdullah Aljaafari

1106.3748 (James. M. Chappell Nicolangelo Iannella et al.)

Revisiting special relativity: A natural algebraic alternative to
Minkowski spacetime

James. M. Chappell Nicolangelo Iannella, Azhar Iqbal, Derek Abbott

1106.3894 (Ahmed Jellal et al.)

Entanglement in Coupled Harmonic Oscillators via Unitary Transformation    [PDF]

Ahmed Jellal, Fethi Madouri, Abdeldjalil Merdaci

1106.6327 (Thomas-Paul Hack et al.)

A No-Go Theorem for the Consistent Quantization of Spin 3/2 Fields on
General Curved Spacetimes

Thomas-Paul Hack, Mathias Makedonski

1110.4728 (Jean Avan et al.)

Liouville integrable defects: the non-linear Schrodinger paradigm    [PDF]

Jean Avan, Anastasia Doikou

1110.6165 (Igor A. Batalin et al.)

A Triplectic Bi-Darboux Theorem and Para-Hypercomplex Geometry    [PDF]

Igor A. Batalin, Klaus Bering

1201.2040 (Michel Dubois-Violette et al.)

The Weil Algebra of a Hopf Algebra - I - A noncommutative framework    [PDF]

Michel Dubois-Violette, Giovanni Landi

1201.4122 (Alexander Figotin et al.)

Dissipative Properties of Systems Composed of High-Loss and Lossless

Alexander Figotin, Aaron Welters

1202.2890 (Riccardo Adami et al.)

On the structure of critical energy levels for the cubic focusing NLS on
star graphs

Riccardo Adami, Claudio Cacciapuoti, Domenico Finco, Diego Noja

1202.2896 (Yael Fregier et al.)

L-infinity algebras governing simultaneous deformations via derived

Yael Fregier, Marco Zambon

1202.2915 (Ilia Binder et al.)

An Estimate on the Number of Eigenvalues of a Quasiperiodic Jacobi
Matrix of Size $n$ Contained in an Interval of Size $n^{-C}$

Ilia Binder, Mircea Voda

1202.2943 (Kazuya Okamura)

The Quantum Relative Entropy as a Rate Function and Information Criteria    [PDF]

Kazuya Okamura

1202.2946 (Gopinath S. Kamath)

Reworking the Antonsen-Bormann idea    [PDF]

Gopinath S. Kamath

1202.2973 (Metod Saniga et al.)

Charting the Real Four-Qubit Pauli Group via Ovoids of a Hyperbolic
Quadric of PG(7,2)

Metod Saniga, Peter Levay, Petr Pracna

1202.2991 (Kristina Giesel et al.)

Gravitational dynamics for all tensorial spacetimes carrying predictive,
interpretable and quantizable matter

Kristina Giesel, Frederic P. Schuller, Christof Witte, Mattias N. R. Wohlfarth

1202.3034 (Mourad Ismail et al.)

A "Necklace" Model for Vesicles Simulations in 2D    [PDF]

Mourad Ismail, Aline Lefebvre-Lepot

1202.3060 (David Andriot et al.)

A geometric action for non-geometric fluxes    [PDF]

David Andriot, Olaf Hohm, Magdalena Larfors, Dieter Lust, Peter Patalong

1202.3070 (P. Aniello et al.)

Tensorial characterization and quantum estimation of weakly entangled

P. Aniello, J. Clemente-Gallardo, G. Marmo, G. F. Volkert

1202.3100 (André Voros)

Zeta-regularisation for exact-WKB resolution of a general 1D
Schrödinger equation

André Voros

1202.3132 (Alice Fialowski)

Formal rigidity of the Witt and Virasoro Algebra    [PDF]

Alice Fialowski

1202.3134 (A. Figalli et al.)

WKB analysis of Bohmian dynamics    [PDF]

A. Figalli, C. Klein, P. Markowich, C. Sparber