Tuesday, October 30, 2012

0909.2428 (Marco Frasca)

Exact solution of Dyson-Schwinger equations for a scalar field theory    [PDF]

Marco Frasca

1102.2077 (Alain-Sol Sznitman)

Random interlacements and the Gaussian free field    [PDF]

Alain-Sol Sznitman

1103.1276 (Liviu I. Nicolaescu)

The blowup along the diagonal of the spectral function of the Laplacian    [PDF]

Liviu I. Nicolaescu

1109.2077 (Yannis Pantazis et al.)

Controlled-Error Approximations for Surface Diffusion of Interacting
Particles with Applications to Pattern Formation

Yannis Pantazis, Markos Katsoulakis

1207.6547 (Richard DeJonghe et al.)

Bott Periodicity and Realizations of Chiral Symmetry in Arbitrary

Richard DeJonghe, Kimberly Frey, Tom Imbo

1210.7235 (G. A. P. Ribeiro et al.)

Bethe ansatz for the Temperley-Lieb spin-chain with integrable open

G. A. P. Ribeiro, A. Lima-Santos

1210.7259 (S. Arjika et al.)

$W_{(α,β)}^{ν,γ}(p, q)$-deformed Witt algebra: induced
deformed oscillator, associated hypergeometric functions, deformed states and
matrix elements

S. Arjika, D. Ousmane Samary, E. Baloïtcha, M. N. Hounkonnou

1210.7261 (Andrew Comech et al.)

Small amplitude solitary waves in the Dirac-Maxwell system    [PDF]

Andrew Comech, David Stuart

1210.7264 (Yannis Pantazis et al.)

A Relative Entropy Rate Method for Path Space Sensitivity Analysis of
Stationary Complex Stochastic Dynamics

Yannis Pantazis, Markos A. Katsoulakis

1210.7278 (S. Agarwal et al.)

Maximizing genuine multipartite entanglement of N mixed qubits    [PDF]

S. Agarwal, S. M. Hashemi Rafsanjani, J. H. Eberly

1210.7284 (Ruoshi Yuan et al.)

Exact Mapping Noisy van der Pol Type Oscillator onto Quasi-symplectic

Ruoshi Yuan, Xinan Wang, Yian Ma, Bo Yuan, Ping Ao

1210.7289 (Haibo Chen et al.)

Lie Bialgebra Structures on Generalized Heisenberg-Virasoro Algebra    [PDF]

Haibo Chen, Ran Shen, Jiangang Zhang

1210.7290 (Haibo Chen et al.)

Quantization on Generalized Heisenberg-Virasoro Algebra    [PDF]

Haibo Chen, Ran Shen, Jiangang Zhang

1210.7294 (Larisa Beilina et al.)

The adaptivity refines approximate solutions of ill-posed problems due
to the relaxation property

Larisa Beilina, Michael V. Klibanov

1210.7311 (Yu. Kh. Eshkabilov et al.)

Phase Transitions for a model with uncountable set of spin values on a
Cayley tree

Yu. Kh. Eshkabilov, U. A. Rozikov, G. I. Botirov

1210.7347 (Emilio De Santis et al.)

Perfect simulation of autoregressive models with infinite memory    [PDF]

Emilio De Santis, Mauro Piccioni

1210.7364 (David McNutt et al.)

Isometries in higher dimensional CCNV spacetimes    [PDF]

David McNutt, Alan Coley, Nicos Pelavas

1210.7365 (David McNutt et al.)

Killing vectors in higher dimensional spacetimes with constant scalar
curvature invariants

David McNutt, Nicos Pelavas, Alan Coley

1210.7371 (Shuangwei Hu et al.)

On Energy Functions for String-Like Continuous Curves, Discrete Chains,
and Space-Filling One Dimensional Structures

Shuangwei Hu, Ying Jiang, Antti J. Niemi

1210.7391 (Wenxuan Lu)

Stability Conditions and Mirror Symmetry of K3 Surfaces in Attractor

Wenxuan Lu

1210.7416 (Alonso Contreras-Astorga et al.)

Solutions of the Dirac Equation in a Magnetic Field and Intertwining

Alonso Contreras-Astorga, David J. Fernández C., Javier Negro

1210.7431 (Max Fathi)

A two-scale approach to the hydrodynamic limit, part II: local Gibbs

Max Fathi

1210.7473 (Velimir M. Ilic et al.)

Comments on "Nonextensive Entropies derived from Form Invariance of

Velimir M. Ilic, Miomir S. Stankovic

1210.7494 (Xiu-Xiong Chen et al.)

Kahler-Einstein metrics and stability    [PDF]

Xiu-Xiong Chen, Simon Donaldson, Song Sun

1210.7500 (Jacob Schach Møller)

Fully Coupled Pauli-Fierz Systems at Zero and Positive Temperature    [PDF]

Jacob Schach Møller

1210.7502 (Erik S. Van Vleck et al.)

Competing Interactions and Traveling Wave Solutions in Lattice
Differential Equations

Erik S. Van Vleck, Aijun Zhang

1210.7524 (Fumio Hiai)

Concavity of certain matrix trace and norm functions    [PDF]

Fumio Hiai

1210.7562 (Hideaki Ujino et al.)

Exact Solutions and Flow--Density Relations for a Cellular Automaton
Variant of the Optimal Velocity Model with the Slow-to-Start Effect

Hideaki Ujino, Tetsu Yajima

1210.7602 (Pedro Caro et al.)

On global uniqueness for an IBVP for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations    [PDF]

Pedro Caro, Ting Zhou

1210.7628 (Jonathan Eckhardt et al.)

Inverse Spectral Theory for Sturm-Liouville Operators with
Distributional Coefficients

Jonathan Eckhardt, Fritz Gesztesy, Roger Nichols, Gerald Teschl

1210.7635 (Marco Merkli et al.)

Quantum Measurements of Scattered Particles    [PDF]

Marco Merkli, Mark Penney

1210.7648 (Gabriele Grillo et al.)

Weighted dispersive estimates for two-dimensional Schrödinger
operators with Aharonov-Bohm magnetic field

Gabriele Grillo, Hynek Kovarik

1210.7651 (David Klein)

Maximal Fermi charts and geometry of inflationary universes    [PDF]

David Klein

1210.7672 (J. Tosiek et al.)

States in the Hilbert space formulation and the phase space formulation
of quantum mechanics

J. Tosiek, P. Brzykcy

1210.7674 (Frédéric Klopp)

Spectral statistics for weakly correlated random potentials    [PDF]

Frédéric Klopp

1210.7693 (Andreas Klümper et al.)

Exact description of the magnetoelectric effect in the spin-1/2
XXZ-chain with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction

Andreas Klümper, Michael Brockmann, Vadim Ohanyan

1210.7710 (Jutho Haegeman et al.)

Geometry of Matrix Product States: metric, parallel transport and

Jutho Haegeman, Michaël Mariën, Tobias J. Osborne, Frank Verstraete

1210.7717 (Abdelmalek Abdesselam et al.)

Rigorous quantum field theory functional integrals over the p-adics:
research announcement

Abdelmalek Abdesselam, Ajay Chandra, Gianluca Guadagni

1210.7720 (Federico Bonetto et al.)

Speed Distribution of N Particles in the Thermostated Periodic Lorentz
Gas with a Field

Federico Bonetto, Nikolai Chernov, Alexey Korepanov, Joel Lebowitz

1210.7734 (N. Askour)

Phase deformed magnetic Berezin transforms on $\mathbb{C}^{n}$: A
formula representing phase deformed magnetic Berezin transforms as functions
of the magnetic Laplacian on $\mathbb{C}^{n}$

N. Askour

1210.7753 (O. Bohigas et al.)

Structure of trajectories of complex matrix eigenvalues in the
Hermitian-non-Hermitian transition

O. Bohigas, J. X. De Carvalho, M. P. Pato

1210.7785 (P. Fernandez de Cordoba et al.)

Emergence from irreversibility    [PDF]

P. Fernandez de Cordoba, J. M. Isidro, Milton H. Perea

1210.7791 (Peter Orland)

Exact Correlators in the 't Hooft Limit of the Principal Chiral Model    [PDF]

Peter Orland