Thursday, August 23, 2012

0911.4796 (Joachim Wuttke)

Fourier Transform of the Stretched Exponential Function: Analytic Error
Estimates, Double Exponential Transform, and Open-Source Implementation

Joachim Wuttke

1106.3904 (Hermann Yonta Douanla)

Homogenization of Steklov spectral problems with indefinite density
function in perforated domains

Hermann Yonta Douanla

1106.3907 (Hermann Yonta Douanla)

Two-scale convergence of elliptic spectral problems with indefinite
density function in perforated domains

Hermann Yonta Douanla

1201.2283 (Paul Bourgade et al.)

Bulk Universality of General $β$-Ensembles with Non-convex Potential    [PDF]

Paul Bourgade, Laszlo Erdos, Horng-Tzer Yau

1208.4356 (M. V. Altaisky et al.)

On quantization of nondispersive wave packets    [PDF]

M. V. Altaisky, N. E. Kaputkina

1208.4442 (Henrik Aratyn et al.)

Bäcklund transformations for certain rational solutions of Painlevé

Henrik Aratyn, Johan van de Leur

1208.4448 (Francisco Correa et al.)

Spectral singularities in PT-symmetric periodic finite-gap systems    [PDF]

Francisco Correa, Mikhail S. Plyushchay

1208.4466 (K. V. Andreev)

On the classification of metric hypercomplex group alternative-elastic
algebras for n=8

K. V. Andreev

1208.4473 (Jishnu Goswami et al.)

Series solution of a central potential problem with three-term recursion

Jishnu Goswami, Chandan Mondal, Dipankar Chakrabarti

1208.4483 (Hiroshi Isozaki et al.)

Inverse scattering at a fixed energy for discrere Schrödinger
operators on the square lattice

Hiroshi Isozaki, Hisashi Morioka

1208.4492 (F. Briscese et al.)

Study of stability of relativistic ideal Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

F. Briscese, M. Grether, M. de Llano, G. A. Baker Jr

1208.4497 (Kanehisa Takasaki)

Integrable structure of modified melting crystal model    [PDF]

Kanehisa Takasaki

1208.4522 (Damian P. San Roman Alerigi et al.)

Generation of J0-Bessel-Gauss Beam by an heterogeneous refractive index

Damian P. San Roman Alerigi, Tien K. Ng, Ahmed Benslimane, Yaping Zhang, Mohammad Alsunaidi, Boon S. Ooi

1208.4556 (I. A. Taimanov et al.)

Faddeev eigenfunctions for two-dimensional Schrodinger operators via the
Moutard transformation

I. A. Taimanov, S. P. Tsarev

1208.4587 (Frederick R. Cohen et al.)

On homotopy Brunnian links and the kappa-invariant    [PDF]

Frederick R. Cohen, Rafal Komendarczyk, Clayton Shonkwiler