Friday, September 28, 2012

0908.0480 (Sergio Doplicher)

The Measurement Process in Local Quantum Theory and the EPR Paradox    [PDF]

Sergio Doplicher

0908.1509 (Zhen-Qing Chen et al.)

Sharp heat kernel estimates for relativistic stable processes in open

Zhen-Qing Chen, Panki Kim, Renming Song

1104.3504 (Oliver Fabert)

Local symplectic field theory and stable hypersurfaces in symplectic

Oliver Fabert

1109.5829 (Fumio Hiroshima et al.)

Probabilistic Representation and Fall-Off of Bound States of
Relativistic Schrödinger Operators with Spin 1/2

Fumio Hiroshima, Takashi Ichinose, József Lörinczi

1209.6060 (C. Adam et al.)

BPS bounds in supersymmetric extensions of K field theories    [PDF]

C. Adam, J. M. Queiruga, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski

1209.6068 (Ko Sanders)

Thermal equilibrium states of a linear scalar quantum field in
stationary spacetimes

Ko Sanders

1209.6085 (Brian Rider et al.)

Extremal laws for the real Ginibre ensemble    [PDF]

Brian Rider, Christopher D. Sinclair

1209.6089 (Paolo Antonelli et al.)

On the XFEL Schroedinger Equation: Highly Oscillatory Magnetic
Potentials and Time Averaging

Paolo Antonelli, Agisillaos Athanassoulis, Hichem Hajaiej, Peter Markowich

1209.6098 (Kouji Nakamura)

MG13 proceedings: Construction of gauge-invariant variables for
linear-order metric perturbations on an arbitrary background spacetime

Kouji Nakamura

1209.6105 (V. G. Kupriyanov)

Hydrogen atom on curved noncommutative space    [PDF]

V. G. Kupriyanov

1209.6113 (Nan-Hong Kuo et al.)

A study of solutions of the combined sine cosine Gordon equation    [PDF]

Nan-Hong Kuo, C. D. Hu

1209.6166 (Victor Dotsenko)

Distribution function of the endpoint fluctuations of one-dimensional
directed polymers in a random potential

Victor Dotsenko

1209.6193 (Harald Skarke)

Why is the Legendre Transformation Involutive?    [PDF]

Harald Skarke

1209.6211 (Jian Wang et al.)

Noncommutative Residue and sub-Dirac Operators for Foliations    [PDF]

Jian Wang, Yong Wang

1209.6219 (Kevin Coulembier)

Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand resolutions for linear superalgebras    [PDF]

Kevin Coulembier

1209.6237 (Amna Noreen et al.)

Generating Very-High-Precision Frobenius Series with Apriori Estimates
of Coefficients

Amna Noreen, Kåre Olaussen

1209.6242 (Amna Noreen et al.)

Quantum loop expansion to high orders, extended Borel summation, and
comparison with exact results

Amna Noreen, Kåre Olaussen

1209.6261 (A. B. Balakin et al.)

Axion electrodynamics and dark matter fingerprints in the terrestrial
magnetic and electric fields

A. B. Balakin, L. V. Grunskaya

1209.6263 (A. B. Borisov et al.)

Spiral structures in helical magnets    [PDF]

A. B. Borisov, F. N. Rybakov

1209.6285 (A. Katanin)

The effect of six-point one-particle reducible local interactions in the
dual fermion approach

A. Katanin

1209.6304 (H. Itoyama et al.)

Eigenvalue hypothesis for Racah matrices and HOMFLY polynomials for
3-strand knots in any symmetric and antisymmetric representations

H. Itoyama, A. Mironov, A. Morozov, An. Morozov

1209.6313 (Yury M. Zinoviev)

Causal scattering matrix in quantum electrodynamics    [PDF]

Yury M. Zinoviev

1209.6315 (Leonardo Colombo et al.)

Optimal Control and higher-order mechanics for systems with symmetries    [PDF]

Leonardo Colombo, Fernando Jimenez, David Martin de Diego

1209.6338 (Philippe Gravejat et al.)

Two Hartree-Fock models for the vacuum polarization    [PDF]

Philippe Gravejat, Christian Hainzl, Mathieu Lewin, Eric Séré

1209.6341 (Patrik L. Ferrari et al.)

On the spatial persistence for Airy processes    [PDF]

Patrik L. Ferrari, René Frings