Friday, September 28, 2012

1209.6261 (A. B. Balakin et al.)

Axion electrodynamics and dark matter fingerprints in the terrestrial
magnetic and electric fields

A. B. Balakin, L. V. Grunskaya
We consider mathematical aspects of the axion electrodynamics in application to the problem of evolution of geomagnetic and terrestrial electric fields, which are coupled by relic axions born in the early Universe and (hypothetically) forming now the cold dark matter. We find axionic analogs of the Debye potentials, well-known in the standard Faraday - Maxwell electrodynamics, and discuss exact solutions to the equations of the axion electrodynamics describing the state of axionically coupled electric and magnetic fields in a spherical resonator Earth-Ionosphere. We focus on the properties of the specific electric and magnetic oscillations, which appeared as a result of the axion-photon coupling in the dark matter environment. We indicate such electric and magnetic field configurations as longitudinal electro-magnetic clusters.
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