Thursday, April 4, 2013

1008.4436 (Shuji Watanabe)

Is the solution to the BCS gap equation continuous in the temperature ?    [PDF]

Shuji Watanabe

1110.6694 (Zhi-Yong Zhang)

Approximate nonlinear self-adjointness and approximate conservation laws    [PDF]

Zhi-Yong Zhang

1304.0774 (C. Adam et al.)

Extended Supersymmetry and BPS solutions in baby Skyrme models    [PDF]

C. Adam, J. M. Queiruga, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski

1304.0779 (Davide Gaiotto et al.)

On Three Dimensional Quiver Gauge Theories and Integrability    [PDF]

Davide Gaiotto, Peter Koroteev

1304.0782 (Y. Suhov et al.)

FK-DLR states of a quantum bose-gas    [PDF]

Y. Suhov, M. Kelbert

1304.0800 (Craig A. Tracy et al.)

The asymmetric simple exclusion process with an open boundary    [PDF]

Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom

1304.0834 (Christian Seis)

Long-time asymptotics for the porous medium equation: The spectrum of
the linearized operator

Christian Seis

1304.0849 (W. V. Pogosov et al.)

Electron-hole symmetry and solutions of Richardson pairing model    [PDF]

W. V. Pogosov, N. S. Lin, V. R. Misko

1304.0858 (Kenji Kajiwara et al.)

Hypergeometric solutions to the symmetric q-Painlevé equations    [PDF]

Kenji Kajiwara, Nobutaka Nakazono

1304.0885 (J. A. de Azcarraga et al.)

k-Leibniz algebras from lower order ones: from Lie triple to Lie l-ple

J. A. de Azcarraga, J. M. Izquierdo

1304.0940 (Joël Bensoam)

Differential Geometry applied to Acoustics : Non Linear Propagation in
Reissner Beams

Joël Bensoam

1304.1027 (Mikhail G. Katz et al.)

Infinitesimals as an issue in neo-Kantian philosophy of science    [PDF]

Mikhail G. Katz, Thomas Mormann

1304.1049 (Tristan Buckmaster)

Onsager's conjecture almost everywhere in time    [PDF]

Tristan Buckmaster