Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1102.0832 (Liren Lin et al.)

Proofs of some simplified characterizations of the ground states of
spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates

Liren Lin, I-Liang Chern

1109.4688 (Tim Koslowski et al.)

Loop Quantum Gravity Vacuum with Nondegenerate Geometry    [PDF]

Tim Koslowski, Hanno Sahlmann

1111.3100 (Lucas Sourrouille)

Stability analysis for soliton solutions in a gauged CP(1) theory    [PDF]

Lucas Sourrouille

1201.0673 (A. J. Bracken et al.)

Bäcklund flux-quantization in a model of electrodiffusion based on
Painlevé II

A. J. Bracken, L. Bass, C. Rogers

1205.2715 (Antonio González-Arroyo et al.)

Real-time Quantum evolution in the Classical approximation and beyond    [PDF]

Antonio González-Arroyo, Fermín Nuevo

1205.2723 (Gerald V. Dunne)

Heat Kernels and Zeta Functions on Fractals    [PDF]

Gerald V. Dunne

1205.2747 (Bibhas Adhikari et al.)

Graph representation of quantum states    [PDF]

Bibhas Adhikari, Satyabrata Adhikari, Subhashish Banerjee

1205.2787 (M. H. Al-Hashimi)

Harmonic Oscillator in a 1D or 2D Cavity with General Perfectly
Reflecting Walls

M. H. Al-Hashimi

1205.2788 (Giuseppe Genovese et al.)

On the stationary BBGKY hierarchy for equilibrium states    [PDF]

Giuseppe Genovese, Sergio Simonella

1205.2789 (Sergio Simonella)

Evolution of correlation functions in the hard sphere dynamics    [PDF]

Sergio Simonella

1205.2803 (Zhenning Cai et al.)

Quantum Hydrodynamic Model by Moment Closure of Wigner Equation    [PDF]

Zhenning Cai, Yuwei Fan, Ruo Li, Tiao Lu, Yanli Wang

1205.2847 (Ralf Peter et al.)

Free Versus Constrained Evolution of the 2+1 Equivariant Wave Map    [PDF]

Ralf Peter, Jörg Frauendiener

1205.2849 (Jörg Frauendiener et al.)

Blow-up of the non-equivariant 2+1 dimensional wave map    [PDF]

Jörg Frauendiener, Ralf Peter

1205.2882 (A. P. Balachandran et al.)

Entanglement, Particle Identity and the GNS Construction: A Unifying

A. P. Balachandran, T. R. Govindarajan, Amilcar R. de Queiroz, A. F. Reyes-Lega

1205.2902 (Lin Chen et al.)

Equivalence classes and canonical forms for two-qutrit entangled states
of rank four having positive partial transpose

Lin Chen, Dragomir Z. Djokovic

1205.2908 (Pierre Martinetti et al.)

Length and distance on a quantum space    [PDF]

Pierre Martinetti, Luca Tomassini

1205.2951 (N. Bucciantini et al.)

A fully covariant mean-field dynamo closure for numerical 3+1 resistive

N. Bucciantini, L. Del Zanna

1205.2953 (Rafael D. Sorkin)

Expressing entropy globally in terms of (4D) field-correlations    [PDF]

Rafael D. Sorkin

1205.2968 (Karol Kozlowski et al.)

Combinatorics of generalized Bethe equations    [PDF]

Karol Kozlowski, Evgeny Sklyanin

1205.2975 (Clement Gallo)

Expansion of the energy of the ground state of the Gross-Pitaevskii
equation in the Thomas-Fermi limit

Clement Gallo

1205.2977 (Yi-Zhi Huang)

Meromorphic open-string vertex algebras and Riemannian manifolds    [PDF]

Yi-Zhi Huang

1205.3006 (Phoebus Rosakis et al.)

New Solutions for Slow Moving Kinks in a Forced Frenkel-Kontorova Chain    [PDF]

Phoebus Rosakis, Anna Vainchtein

1205.3034 (Utkan Güngördü et al.)

Dynamical Invariants of Four-Level Systems    [PDF]

Utkan Güngördü, Yidun Wan, Mohammad Ali Fasihi, Mikio Nakahara

1205.3069 (Alberto Alonso-Izquierdo et al.)

On a family of (1+1)-dimensional scalar field theory models: kinks,
stability, one-loop mass shifts

Alberto Alonso-Izquierdo, Juan Mateos-Guilarte

1205.3080 (Federico Camia)

Towards Conformal Invariance and a Geometric Representation of the 2D
Ising Magnetization Field

Federico Camia

1205.3091 (V. Belavin et al.)

N=2 superconformal blocks and instanton partition functions    [PDF]

V. Belavin, Niclas Wyllard

1205.3094 (A. G. Nikitin)

New exactly solvable system with Fock symmetry    [PDF]

A. G. Nikitin

1205.3108 (Christian Saemann et al.)

Non-Abelian Tensor Multiplet Equations from Twistor Space    [PDF]

Christian Saemann, Martin Wolf

1205.3139 (Alexander Moroz)

Comment on "Integrability of the Rabi model"    [PDF]

Alexander Moroz