Thursday, March 14, 2013

1003.0507 (Carl E. Wulfman)

Physical Consequences of a Special Conformal Invariance of Maxwell's

Carl E. Wulfman

1009.2523 (Michael Damron et al.)

Examples of nonpolygonal limit shapes in i.i.d. first-passage
percolation and infinite coexistence in spatial growth models

Michael Damron, Michael Hochman

1205.3279 (Damiano Anselmi)

A General Field-Covariant Formulation Of Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

Damiano Anselmi

1303.3017 (Marcin Lis)

The fermionic observable in the Ising model and the inverse Kac-Ward

Marcin Lis

1303.3059 (Weiyong He)

Isometry group of Sasaki-Einstein metric    [PDF]

Weiyong He

1303.3080 (Angel Ballesteros et al.)

Drinfel'd doubles for (2+1)-gravity    [PDF]

Angel Ballesteros, Francisco J. Herranz, Catherine Meusburger

1303.3116 (Hakim Boumaza et al.)

Absence of absolutely continuous spectrum for random scattering zippers    [PDF]

Hakim Boumaza, Laurent Marin

1303.3151 (Brian Sutcliffe et al.)

The Potential Energy Surface in Molecular Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Brian Sutcliffe, R. Guy Woolley

1303.3167 (Indranil Biswas et al.)

On the vector bundles associated to irreducible representations of
cocompact lattices of SL(2,C)

Indranil Biswas, Avijit Mukherjee

1303.3186 (Maciej Maliborski et al.)

Time-periodic solutions in Einstein AdS - massless scalar field system    [PDF]

Maciej Maliborski, Andrzej Rostworowski

1303.3241 (Nicola Pinamonti et al.)

Scale-Invariant Curvature Fluctuations from an Extended Semiclassical

Nicola Pinamonti, Daniel Siemssen

1303.3242 (Mario Kieburg et al.)

Random Matrix Models for the Hermitian Wilson-Dirac operator of QCD-like

Mario Kieburg, Jacobus J. M. Verbaarschot, Savvas Zafeiropoulos

1303.3243 (D. G. C. McKeon)

Supersymmetric Models on AdS3 and AdS4 Embedding Superspaces    [PDF]

D. G. C. McKeon

1303.3253 (Maxim Kontsevich et al.)

Wall-crossing structures in Donaldson-Thomas invariants, integrable
systems and Mirror Symmetry

Maxim Kontsevich, Yan Soibelman

1303.3260 (Venta Terauds)

The inverse problem of pure point diffraction -- examples and open

Venta Terauds