Thursday, May 10, 2012

1006.5198 (Anilesh Mohari)

G. Birkhoff's problem in irreversible quantum dynamics    [PDF]

Anilesh Mohari

1106.0261 (Pierre Martinetti et al.)

Minimal length in quantum space and integrations of the line element in
Noncommutative Geometry

Pierre Martinetti, Flavio Mercati, Luca Tomassini

1107.3489 (Gregory Berkolaiko et al.)

Critical partitions and nodal deficiency of billiard eigenfunctions    [PDF]

Gregory Berkolaiko, Peter Kuchment, Uzy Smilansky

1205.1607 (Alessandra Faggionato et al.)

The East model: recent results and new progresses    [PDF]

Alessandra Faggionato, Fabio Martinelli, Cyril Roberto, Cristina Toninelli

1205.1818 (S. A. Fulling et al.)

Wedges, Cones, Cosmic Strings, and the Reality of Vacuum Energy    [PDF]

S. A. Fulling, C. S. Trendafilova, P. N. Truong, J. Wagner

1205.1830 (Ethan Atkins et al.)

Implicit particle methods and their connection with variational data

Ethan Atkins, Matthias Morzfeld, Alexandre J. Chorin

1205.1944 (Daniel Lenz et al.)

Unbounded quantum graphs with unbounded boundary conditions    [PDF]

Daniel Lenz, Carsten Schubert, Ivan Veselić

1205.1967 (O. F. Dayi et al.)

A neutral fermion model of 3+1 dimensional topological insulators    [PDF]

O. F. Dayi, M. Elbistan

1205.2038 (Carlos L. Benavides-Riveros et al.)

The lowest excited configuration of harmonium    [PDF]

Carlos L. Benavides-Riveros, José M. Gracia-Bondía, Joseph C. Várilly

1205.2065 (Paolo Amore)

A perturbative approach to the spectral zeta functions of strings, drums
and quantum billiards

Paolo Amore

1205.2069 (Axel Cortés Cubero)

Multiparticle Form Factors of the Principal Chiral Model At Large N    [PDF]

Axel Cortés Cubero

1205.2070 (Ludwig Gauckler et al.)

Energy separation in oscillatory Hamiltonian systems without any
non-resonance condition

Ludwig Gauckler, Ernst Hairer, Christian Lubich