Monday, June 3, 2013

1212.6155 (Pierluigi Falco)

Interacting Fermions Picture for Dimer Models    [PDF]

Pierluigi Falco

1305.7079 (Markus Lazar)

On retardation, radiation and Liénard-Wiechert type potentials in
electrodynamics and elastodynamics

Markus Lazar

1305.7239 (C. Adam et al.)

Some aspects of self-duality and generalised BPS theories    [PDF]

C. Adam, L. A. Ferreira, E. da Hora, A. Wereszczynski, W. J. Zakrzewski

1305.7240 (Zhihui Xie)

Uniqueness of Gross Pitaevskii (GP) Solution on 1D and 2D Nonlinear
Schrödinger Equations

Zhihui Xie

1305.7282 (F. Bonetto et al.)

Propagation of Chaos for a Thermostated Kinetic Model    [PDF]

F. Bonetto, E. A. Carlen, R. Esposito, J. L. Lebowitz, R. Marra

1305.7304 (Paul A. Pearce et al.)

Coset construction of logarithmic minimal models: branching rules and
branching functions

Paul A. Pearce, Jorgen Rasmussen

1305.7328 (Junpeng Cao et al.)

Off-diagonal Bethe ansatz and exact solution a topological spin ring    [PDF]

Junpeng Cao, Wenli Yang, Kangjie Shi, Yupeng Wang

1305.7329 (Stelios A. Charalambides et al.)

On generalized Volterra systems    [PDF]

Stelios A. Charalambides, Pantelis A. Damianou, Charalampos A. Evripidou

1305.7405 (T. Bodineau et al.)

Lyapunov functionals for boundary-driven nonlinear drift-diffusions    [PDF]

T. Bodineau, J. L. Lebowitz, C. Mouhot, C. Villani

1305.7436 (Ali Mostafazadeh et al.)

Spectral Singularities and Whispering Gallery Modes of a Cylindrical
Gain Medium

Ali Mostafazadeh, Mustafa Sarisaman

1305.7453 (Gregory Natanson)

Gauss-Seed Nets of Sturm-Liouville Problems With Energy-Independent
Characteristic Exponents and Related Sequences of Exceptional Orthogonal
Polynomials I. Canonical Darboux Transformations Using AEH Functions

Gregory Natanson

1305.7509 (Dharam Vir Ahluwalia)

On a local mass dimension one Fermi field of spin one-half and the
theoretical crevice that allows it

Dharam Vir Ahluwalia