Wednesday, May 30, 2012

0910.3831 (Atsushi Inoue)

Definition and characterization of supersmooth functions on superspace
based on Fréchet-Grassmann algebra

Atsushi Inoue

1009.0856 (Ugo Bruzzo et al.)

Uhlenbeck-Donaldson compactification for framed sheaves on projective

Ugo Bruzzo, Dimitri Markushevich, Alexander Tikhomirov

1102.5761 (Christophe Garban et al.)

Lectures on noise sensitivity and percolation    [PDF]

Christophe Garban, Jeffrey E. Steif

1110.0803 (N. Kitanine et al.)

Form factor approach to the asymptotic behavior of correlation functions
in critical models

N. Kitanine, K. K. Kozlowski, J. M. Maillet, N. A. Slavnov, V. Terras

1201.4067 (Gregory L. Eyink et al.)

Kinetic Wave Turbulence    [PDF]

Gregory L. Eyink, Yi-Kang Shi

1205.5843 (Kyosuke Tsumura et al.)

New forms of non-relativistic and relativistic hydrodynamic equations as
derived by the renormalization-group method - possible functional ansatz in
the moment method consistent with Chapman-Enskog theory -

Kyosuke Tsumura, Teiji Kunihiro

1205.6213 (Graeme Walter Milton)

What nonlinear unimode metamaterials can one get with rigid bars and

Graeme Walter Milton

1205.6239 (David J. Fernandez)

Harmonic oscillator SUSY partners and evolution loops    [PDF]

David J. Fernandez

1205.6270 (Armen Saghatelian)

Near-horizon dynamics of particle in extreme Reissner-Nordström and
Clément-Gal'tsov black hole backgrounds: action-angle variables

Armen Saghatelian

1205.6302 (Nicolae Cotfas et al.)

Properties of finite Gaussians and the discrete-continuous transition    [PDF]

Nicolae Cotfas, Daniela Dragoman

1205.6350 (Georgi Ganchev et al.)

Marginally trapped meridian surfaces of parabolic type in the
four-dimensional Minkowski space

Georgi Ganchev, Velichka Milousheva

1205.6353 (E Celeghini et al.)

Coheren Orthogonal Polynomials    [PDF]

E Celeghini, Mariano A del Olmo

1205.6380 (Roberto Conti et al.)

Asymptotic morphisms and superselection theory in the scaling limit    [PDF]

Roberto Conti, Gerardo Morsella

1205.6393 (Sebastiano Carpi et al.)

Conformal nets and KK-theory    [PDF]

Sebastiano Carpi, Roberto Conti, Robin Hillier

1205.6414 (Ognyan Kounchev et al.)

Polyharmonic Hardy Spaces on the Klein-Dirac Quadric with Application to
Polyharmonic Interpolation and Cubature Formulas

Ognyan Kounchev, Hermann Render

1205.6425 (Carlos Montalto)

Stable determination of a simple metric, a covector field and a
potential from the hyperbolic Dirichlet-to-Nuemann map

Carlos Montalto

1205.6431 (Jiang-min Zhang et al.)

Two-Particle Bound States in the Continuum realized in the
one-dimensional Hubbard Model with an Impurity

Jiang-min Zhang, Daniel Braak, Marcus Kollar

1205.6437 (Cesar R. de Oliveira et al.)

Mathematical predominance of Dirichlet condition for the one-dimensional
Coulomb potential

Cesar R. de Oliveira, Alessandra A. Verri

1205.6451 (A. V. Latyshev et al.)

Transversal electric conductivity of quantum non-degenerate collisional

A. V. Latyshev, A. A. Yushkanov