Tuesday, August 7, 2012

0908.2182 (A. Eghbali et al.)

Classical r-matrices of two and three dimensional Lie super-bialgebras
and their Poisson-Lie supergroups

A. Eghbali, A. Rezaei-Aghdam

1105.1040 (M. E. Shirokov)

Conditions for equality between entanglement-assisted and unassisted
classical capacities of a quantum channel

M. E. Shirokov

1106.1783 (I. V. Andrianov et al.)

Asymptotic Analysis and Synthesis in Mechanics of Solids and Nonlinear

I. V. Andrianov, H. Topol

1112.4591 (Tamio Yamazaki)

Parametrization of coarse grained force fields for dynamic property of
ethylene glycol oligomers/water binary mixtures

Tamio Yamazaki

1208.1240 (Mozzam Khan)

A Superspace Formulation of the BV Action for Higher Derivative Gravity    [PDF]

Mozzam Khan

1208.1241 (Mozzam Khan)

A Superspace Formulation of the BV Action for Higher Derivative Gauge

Mozzam Khan

1208.0841 (Amit Sever et al.)

From Polygon Wilson Loops to Spin Chains and Back    [PDF]

Amit Sever, Pedro Vieira, Tianheng Wang

1208.0881 (Marco Budinich)

On Spinors and Null Vectors    [PDF]

Marco Budinich

1208.0901 (Zu-Hui Ma et al.)

A novel efficient numerical solution of Poisson equation for arbitrary
shapes in two dimensions

Zu-Hui Ma, Weng Cho Chew, Li Jun Jiang

1208.0908 (Maurice A. de Gosson)

A Geometric Picture of the Wave Function: Fermi's Trick    [PDF]

Maurice A. de Gosson

1208.0923 (Minh-Binh Tran)

Convergence to Equilibrium of Some Kinetic Models    [PDF]

Minh-Binh Tran

1208.0935 (Dmitri Finkelshtein et al.)

Stochastic evolution of a continuum particle system with dispersal and
competition: micro- and mesoscopic description

Dmitri Finkelshtein, Yuri Kondratiev, Yuri Kozitsky, Oleksandr Kutoviy

1208.0990 (V. M. Buchstaber et al.)

Multi-Dimensional Sigma-Functions    [PDF]

V. M. Buchstaber, V. Z. Enolski, D. V. Leykin

1208.1005 (Takuya Machida)

Limit distributions in a quantum walk and quantum probability theory    [PDF]

Takuya Machida

1208.1006 (Brian P. Dolan et al.)

Solitons and Yukawa Couplings in Nearly Kahler Flux Compactifications    [PDF]

Brian P. Dolan, Richard J. Szabo

1208.1014 (Robert Milson et al.)

Point Equivalence of Second-Order ODEs: Maximal Invariant Classification

Robert Milson, Francis Valiquette

1208.1028 (Walter F. Wreszinski)

Progress in the mathematical theory of quantum disordered systems    [PDF]

Walter F. Wreszinski

1208.1029 (A. D. Parks et al.)

A Note Concerning von Neumann Projector Measurement Pointer States, Weak
Values, and Interference

A. D. Parks, J. E. Gray

1208.1031 (M. Neagu et al.)

Jet theoretical Yang-Mills energy in the geometric dynamics of

M. Neagu, N. G. Krylova, H. V. Grushevskaya

1208.1041 (Yakov Itin et al.)

The constitutive tensor of linear elasticity: its decompositions, Cauchy
relations, null Lagrangians, and wave propagation

Yakov Itin, Friedrich W. Hehl

1208.1057 (Daniel McNulty et al.)

Isolated Hadamard Matrices from Mutually Unbiased Product Bases    [PDF]

Daniel McNulty, Stefan Weigert

1208.1060 (Iwan Jensen)

Comment on `Series expansions from the corner transfer matrix
renormalization group method: the hard-squares model'

Iwan Jensen

1208.1066 (Ruipu Bai et al.)

3-Lie Bialgebras    [PDF]

Ruipu Bai, Jiaqian Li, Wei Meng

1208.1088 (W. V. Pogosov)

Excited states in Richardson pairing model: `probabilistic' approach    [PDF]

W. V. Pogosov

1208.1095 (S. Habib Mazharimousevi et al.)

Classical and quantum quasi-free position dependent mass;
Pöschl-Teller and ordering-ambiguity

S. Habib Mazharimousevi, Omar Mustafa

1208.1140 (B. Iochum et al.)

$κ$-deformation, affine group and spectral triples    [PDF]

B. Iochum, T. Masson, A. Sitarz

1208.1142 (Selçuk Ş. Bayin)

Comments on "On the Consistency of the Solutions of the Space Fractional
Schrödinger Equation" [J. Math. Phys. 53, 042105 (2012)]

Selçuk Ş. Bayin

1208.1243 (Bjørn Jensen)

A novel isospectral deformation chain in supersymmetric quantum

Bjørn Jensen