Thursday, March 21, 2013

1103.0951 (Ikuo Satake et al.)

Gromov--Witten invariants for mirror orbifolds of simple elliptic

Ikuo Satake, Atsushi Takahashi

1104.4265 (Wojciech Dybalski)

Towards a construction of inclusive collision cross-sections in the
massless Nelson model

Wojciech Dybalski

1303.4716 (T. S. Jackson et al.)

Entanglement subspaces, trial wavefunctions, and special Hamiltonians in
the fractional quantum Hall effect

T. S. Jackson, N. Read, S. H. Simon

1303.4744 (Toby S. Cubitt et al.)

Stability of local quantum dissipative systems    [PDF]

Toby S. Cubitt, Angelo Lucia, Spyridon Michalakis, David Perez-Garcia

1303.4753 (David Krejcirik et al.)

The magnetic Laplacian in shrinking tubular neighbourhoods of

David Krejcirik, Nicolas Raymond, Matej Tusek

1303.4785 (Abraham A. Ungar)

Möbius Transformation and Einsten Velocity Addition in the Hyperbolic
Geometry of Bolyai and Lobachevsky

Abraham A. Ungar

1303.4797 (Yucai Su et al.)

Generalised Jantzen filtration of Lie superalgebras II: the exceptional

Yucai Su, R. B. Zhang

1303.4820 (Juan Sebastián Ardenghi et al.)

The observable-state model and non-renormalizable theories    [PDF]

Juan Sebastián Ardenghi, Alfredo Juan, Mario Castagnino

1303.4833 (Hui-Chol Choe et al.)

Spline Collocation Method for Nonlinear Multi-Term Fractional
Differential Equation

Hui-Chol Choe, Yong-Suk Kang

1303.4838 (Myong-Jin Kim et al.)

A Study on the Pointwise Time-Space Estimates of Fundamental Solution
for Higher Order Schr\odinger Equation Whose Symbol Function is One Kind of
Degenerate Polynomial

Myong-Jin Kim, Jin-Myong Kim

1303.4845 (Myong-Song Ho)

On Constructing the Value Function for Optimal Trajectory Problem and
its Application to Image Processing

Myong-Song Ho

1303.4849 (Ju-Gyong Kim et al.)

A Solution to Kolmogorov-Feller Equation and Pricing of Options    [PDF]

Ju-Gyong Kim, Il-Su Choe

1303.4857 (Kyong-Hui Kim et al.)

Asymptotic Normality of Estimates in Flexible Seasonal Time Series Model
with Weak Dependent Error Terms

Kyong-Hui Kim, Hak-Myong Pak

1303.4867 (Song-Yon Kim et al.)

The Identification of Thresholds and Time Delay in Self-Exciting
Threshold a Model by Wavelet

Song-Yon Kim, Mun-Chol Kim

1303.4876 (Miloslav Znojil)

Can unavoided level crossing disguise phase transition?    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil

1303.4877 (Manuel F. Rañada)

Higher-order superintegrability of separable potentials with a new
approach to the Post-Winternitz system

Manuel F. Rañada

1303.4895 (Alexi Morin-Duchesne et al.)

Modular invariant partition function of critical dense polymers    [PDF]

Alexi Morin-Duchesne, Paul A. Pearce, Jorgen Rasmussen

1303.4901 (Anton Galajinsky et al.)

Superintegrable models related to near horizon extremal Myers-Perry
black hole in arbitrary dimension

Anton Galajinsky, Armen Nersessian, Armen Saghatelian

1303.4908 (Victor Bapst)

The Large Connectivity Limit of the Anderson Model on Tree Graphs    [PDF]

Victor Bapst

1303.4929 (D. Chicherin et al.)

Spinorial R-matrix    [PDF]

D. Chicherin, S. Derkachov, A. P. Isaev

1303.4935 (Nathan Geer et al.)

G-links invariants, Markov traces and the semi-cyclic Uqsl2-modules    [PDF]

Nathan Geer, Bertrand Patureau-Mirand

1303.4992 (Jan Zschoche)

The Chaplygin Gas Equation of State for the Quantized Free Scalar Field
on Cosmological Spacetimes

Jan Zschoche

1303.4993 (V. S. Shchesnovich et al.)

The quantum de Finetti representation for the Bayesian Quantum
Tomography and the Quantum Discord

V. S. Shchesnovich, D. S. Mogilevtsev

1303.5025 (Itaru Sasaki)

One Particle Binding of Many-Particle Semi-Relativistic Pauli-Fierz

Itaru Sasaki