Monday, May 27, 2013

1006.1338 (Ivan Corwin et al.)

Crossover distributions at the edge of the rarefaction fan    [PDF]

Ivan Corwin, Jeremy Quastel

1010.4691 (H. Duminil-Copin et al.)

Sharp metastability threshold for an anisotropic bootstrap percolation

H. Duminil-Copin, A. C. D. Van Enter

1106.4057 (Tiago Fonseca)

On some polynomials enumerating Fully Packed Loops configurations,
evaluation at negative values

Tiago Fonseca

1305.5583 (Bikashkali Midya)

Some Solvable Quantum Mechanical Models and Their Symmetries    [PDF]

Bikashkali Midya

1305.5591 (Kristan Temme)

Lower bounds to the spectral gap of Davies generators    [PDF]

Kristan Temme

1305.5616 (Thomas Trogdon et al.)

A numerical dressing method for the nonlinear superposition of solutions
of the KdV equation

Thomas Trogdon, Bernard Deconinck

1305.5658 (G. V. Efimov)

Elastic scattering and path integral    [PDF]

G. V. Efimov

1305.5666 (Xin-Xing Chen et al.)

Range-Renewal Speed and Entropy for I.I.D Models    [PDF]

Xin-Xing Chen, Jian-Sheng Xie, Jiangang Ying

1305.5686 (Maciej Blaszak et al.)

Integrable quantum Stäckel systems    [PDF]

Maciej Blaszak, Ziemowit Domanski, Artur Sergyeyev, Blazej M. Szablikowski

1305.5689 (Peter Levay et al.)

Grassmannian Connection Between Three- and Four-Qubit Observables,
Mermin's Contextuality and Black Holes

Peter Levay, Michel Planat, Metod Saniga

1305.5699 (Marco Falconi)

Mean field limit of bosonic systems in partially factorized states and
their linear combinations

Marco Falconi

1305.5746 (Miguel Escobedo et al.)

On the Theory of Weak Turbulence for the Nonlinear Schrödinger

Miguel Escobedo, Juan J. L. Velázquez

1305.5775 (Kohei Iwaki et al.)

Stokes Matrices for the Quantum Cohomologies of Orbifold Projective

Kohei Iwaki, Atsushi Takahashi

1305.5808 (Burak Tevfik Kaynak et al.)

Compact submanifolds supporting singular interactions    [PDF]

Burak Tevfik Kaynak, O. Teoman Turgut

1305.5809 (Euihun Joung et al.)

A Calculus for Higher Spin Interactions    [PDF]

Euihun Joung, Massimo Taronna, Andrew Waldron

1305.5816 (Thomas Trogdon et al.)

Dispersive and soliton perturbations of finite-genus solutions of the
KdV equation: computational results

Thomas Trogdon, Bernard Deconinck