Friday, November 30, 2012

1012.5606 (Roman Cherniha et al.)

Lie symmetries of nonlinear boundary value problems    [PDF]

Roman Cherniha, Sergii Kovalenko

1103.6182 (Gerardo Daniel Valencia et al.)

High-Velocity Estimates and Inverse Scattering for Quantum N-Body
Systems with Stark Effect

Gerardo Daniel Valencia, Ricardo Weder

1104.4869 (Nikos Kalogeropoulos)

Weak Chaos from Tsallis Entropy    [PDF]

Nikos Kalogeropoulos

1105.4158 (Richard Kenyon)

Conformal invariance of loops in the double-dimer model    [PDF]

Richard Kenyon

1211.6761 (Antti J. Harju)

Twisted K-theory constructions in the case of a decomposable
Dixmier-Douady class II: Topological and equivariant models

Antti J. Harju

1211.6783 (Pavel Bóna et al.)

A radiating spin chain as a model of irreversible dynamics    [PDF]

Pavel Bóna, Michal Širaň

1211.6794 (M. S. Rosin et al.)

Stability and energetics of Bursian diodes    [PDF]

M. S. Rosin, H. Sun

1211.6824 (V. Balan et al.)

Finsler geometrization of classic theory for fields on the interphase
boundary including monomolecular 2D-system

V. Balan, H. V. Grushevskaya, N. G. Krylova, A. Oana

1211.6826 (Marcin Daszkiewicz)

Generalized twist-deformed Rindler space-times    [PDF]

Marcin Daszkiewicz

1211.6846 (Altug Arda et al.)

Approximate analytical solutions of the Dirac equation for Yukawa
potential plus Tensor Interaction with any $κ$-value

Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1211.6882 (M. Asorey et al.)

Quantum Physics and Fluctuating Topologies: Survey    [PDF]

M. Asorey, A. P. Balachandran, G. Marmo, I. P. Costa e Silva, A. R. de Queiroz, P. Teotonio-Sobrinho, S. Vaidya

1211.6889 (V. Chithiika Ruby et al.)

Ladder operators and squeezed coherent states of a 3-dimensional
generalized isotonic nonlinear oscillator

V. Chithiika Ruby, S. Karthiga, M. Senthilvelan

1211.6904 (Alexei Turovsky)

On expansion of equal-time relativistic two-body wave equations in
powers of 1/c to higher orders

Alexei Turovsky

1211.6908 (Roman Cherniha et al.)

Exact solutions of nonlinear boundary value problems of the Stefan type    [PDF]

Roman Cherniha, Sergii Kovalenko

1211.6938 (Fabrizio Clarelli et al.)

A Mathematical model of copper corrosion    [PDF]

Fabrizio Clarelli, Barbara De Filippo, Roberto Natalini

1211.6958 (A. N. W. Hone et al.)

Integrability of reductions of the discrete KdV and potential KdV

A. N. W. Hone, P. H. van der Kamp, G. R. W. Quispel, D. T. Tran

1211.6974 (Adrien Kassel et al.)

Random curves on surfaces induced from the Laplacian determinant    [PDF]

Adrien Kassel, Richard Kenyon

1211.6991 (J. F. Cariñena et al.)

Lie--Hamilton systems: theory and applications    [PDF]

J. F. Cariñena, J. de Lucas, C. Sardón

1211.7010 (D. Karevski et al.)

Exact matrix product solution for the boundary-driven Lindblad

D. Karevski, V. Popkov, G. M. Schütz

1211.7011 (Douglas R. M. Pimentel et al.)

A Laplace transform approach to the quantum harmonic oscillator    [PDF]

Douglas R. M. Pimentel, Antonio S. de Castro

1211.7050 (Claudio Perini et al.)

A scale-covariant quantum space-time    [PDF]

Claudio Perini, Gabriele Nunzio Tornetta

Thursday, November 29, 2012

1012.3197 (G. Chiribella et al.)

Normal completely positive maps on the space of quantum operations    [PDF]

G. Chiribella, A. Toigo, V. Umanità

1112.6238 (Kavan Modi et al.)

The classical-quantum boundary for correlations: discord and related

Kavan Modi, Aharon Brodutch, Hugo Cable, Tomasz Paterek, Vlatko Vedral

1201.2661 (Ali Chamseddine et al.)

Dimensional Reduction without Extra Continuous Dimensions    [PDF]

Ali Chamseddine, Juerg Froehlich, Baptiste Schubnel, Daniel Wyler

1211.6437 (David Andriot et al.)

(Non-)commutative closed string on T-dual toroidal backgrounds    [PDF]

David Andriot, Magdalena Larfors, Dieter Lust, Peter Patalong

1211.6474 (P. Kusmierczyk et al.)

Remarks on numerical simulation of the PKN model of hydrofracturing in
proper variables. Various leak-off regimes

P. Kusmierczyk, G. Mishuris, M. Wrobel

1211.6488 (Carlos Barrón Romero et al.)

Fully Algebraic Description of the Static Level Sets for the System of
Two Particles under a Van der Waals Potential

Carlos Barrón Romero, Arturo Cueto Hernández, Felipe Monroy-Pérez

1211.6536 (Frank Bauer et al.)

On the $l^p$ spectrum of Laplacians on graphs    [PDF]

Frank Bauer, Bobo Hua, Matthias Keller

1211.6561 (Sergio Andraus et al.)

Calogero-Moser Systems as a Diffusion-Scaling Transform of Dunkl
Processes on the Line

Sergio Andraus, Makoto Katori, Seiji Miyashita

1211.6564 (Adrien Hardy)

Average Characteristic Polynomials of Determinantal Point Processes    [PDF]

Adrien Hardy

1211.6578 (P. G. Castro et al.)

Partial degeneracy breaking of the hydrogen energy spectrum from su_q(2)    [PDF]

P. G. Castro, R. Kullock

1211.6590 (D. S. Kulyabov et al.)

Maxwell's Equations in Arbitrary Coordinate System    [PDF]

D. S. Kulyabov, A. V. Korolkova

1211.6600 (S. E. Konstein et al.)

Traces on the Algebra of Observables of Rational Calogero Model based on
the Root System

S. E. Konstein, I. V. Tyutin

1211.6621 (Fernando Vericat)

A lattice gas of prime numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis    [PDF]

Fernando Vericat

1211.6645 (A. Bostan et al.)

Ising n-fold integrals as diagonals of rational functions and
integrality of series expansions

A. Bostan, S. Boukraa, G. Christol, S. Hassani, J. -M. Maillard

1211.6646 (Genki Shibukawa)

Operator orderings and Meixner-Pollaczek polynomials    [PDF]

Genki Shibukawa

1211.6648 (D. Gandolfo et al.)

On free energies of the Ising model on the Cayley tree    [PDF]

D. Gandolfo, M. M. Rakhmatullaev, U. A. Rozikov, J. Ruiz

1211.6669 (Leonardo Giusti et al.)

Implications of Poincare symmetry for thermal field theories in

Leonardo Giusti, Harvey B. Meyer

1211.6703 (Riccardo Fazio)

Scaling Invariance and the Iterative Transformation Method for a Class
of Parabolic Moving Boundary Problems

Riccardo Fazio

1211.6704 (Mayer Humi)

A Generalized Cole-Hopf Transformation for Nonlinear ODES    [PDF]

Mayer Humi

1211.6705 (Colin Guillarmou et al.)

The renormalized volume and uniformisation of conformal structures    [PDF]

Colin Guillarmou, Sergiu Moroianu, Jean-Marc Schlenker

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1012.4836 (Béatrice de Tilière)

From Cycle Rooted Spanning Forests to the Critical Ising Model: an
Explicit Construction

Béatrice de Tilière

1201.3258 (Roland Donninger et al.)

Nonscattering solutions and blowup at infinity for the critical wave

Roland Donninger, Joachim Krieger

1211.6132 (Maarten V. de Hoop et al.)

Recovery of a Riemannian manifold from local boundary diffraction travel
times II. The conformally Euclidean case

Maarten V. de Hoop, Sean F. Holman, Einar Iversen, Matti Lassas, Bjørn Ursin

1211.6154 (Daniel Egli et al.)

Hamiltonian dynamics of a particle interacting with a wave field    [PDF]

Daniel Egli, Jürg Fröhlich, Zhou Gang, Arick Shao, Israel Michael Sigal

1211.6182 (Antonio Blanca et al.)

Phase Coexistence and Slow Mixing for the Hard-Core Model on Z^2    [PDF]

Antonio Blanca, David Galvin, Dana Randall ans Prasad Tetali

1211.6200 (Michael Semmel et al.)

An abelian surface with (1,6)-polarisation    [PDF]

Michael Semmel, Duco van Straten

1211.6223 (Jian Wang et al.)

The Kastler-Kalau-Walze type theorem for 6-dimensional manifolds with

Jian Wang, Yong Wang

1211.6282 (Roman Cherniha et al.)

Lie symmetry of a class of nonlinear boundary value problems with free

Roman Cherniha, Sergii Kovalenko

1211.6304 (P. Baseilhac et al.)

The half-infinite XXZ chain in Onsager's approach    [PDF]

P. Baseilhac, S. Belliard

1211.6318 (Christian Huck)

Magic numbers in the discrete tomography of cyclotomic model sets    [PDF]

Christian Huck

1211.6319 (Theodore Th. Voronov)

Vector fields on mapping spaces and a converse to the AKSZ construction    [PDF]

Theodore Th. Voronov

1211.6326 (Jesús Martín Romero et al.)

Induced Matter Theory of gravity from a Weitzenböck 5D vacuum and
pre-big bang collapse of the universe

Jesús Martín Romero, Mauricio Bellini

1211.6328 (André M. Grabinski et al.)

Truncation identities for the small polaron fusion hierarchy    [PDF]

André M. Grabinski, Holger Frahm

1211.6331 (I. V. Tyutin et al.)

Generalized oscillator representations for Calogero Hamiltonians    [PDF]

I. V. Tyutin, B. L. Voronov

1211.6342 (F. F. Bellotti et al.)

Mass-imbalanced Three-Body Systems in Two Dimensions    [PDF]

F. F. Bellotti, T. Frederico, M. T. Yamashita, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1211.6374 (E. Ovsiyuk et al.)

Elementary constituents of the group SL(4,R), and classification of the
Mueller matrices

E. Ovsiyuk, O. Veko, M. Neagu, V. Balan, V. Red'kov

1211.6382 (M. Neagu et al.)

An anisotropic geometrical approach for non-relativistic extended

M. Neagu, A. Oana, V. M. Red'kov

1211.6386 (Bryan Leung et al.)

A Non-Commutative Formula for the Isotropic Magneto-Electric Response    [PDF]

Bryan Leung, Emil Prodan

1211.6389 (S. I. Denisov et al.)

Limiting distributions of continuous-time random walks with
superheavy-tailed waiting times

S. I. Denisov, Yu. S. Bystrik, H. Kantz

1211.6420 (Ko Sanders et al.)

Electromagnetism, local covariance, the Aharonov-Bohm effect and Gauss'

Ko Sanders, Claudio Dappiaggi, Thomas-Paul Hack

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1007.3730 (L. A. Wills-Toro)

Classification of some graded not necessarily associative division
algebras I

L. A. Wills-Toro

1103.1072 (Jason Hanson)

Orthogonal decomposition of Lorentz transformations    [PDF]

Jason Hanson

1108.1164 (Juan M. Romero et al.)

Exact solution to Fick-Jacobs equation    [PDF]

Juan M. Romero, O. González-Gaxiola, G. Chacón-Acosta

1211.5627 (Francois David)

A short introduction to the quantum formalism[s]    [PDF]

Francois David

1211.5666 (Vipin Kerala Varma et al.)

Lattice Green's functions for kagome, diced and hyperkagome lattices    [PDF]

Vipin Kerala Varma, Hartmut Monien

1211.5667 (E. M. Ovsiyuk et al.)

Parameters of Lorentz Matrices and Transitivity in Polarization Optics    [PDF]

E. M. Ovsiyuk, O. V. Veko, M. Neagu, V. Balan, V. M. Red'kov

1211.5676 (Ricardo Weder)

Universality of Entanglement Creation in Low-Energy Two-Dimensional

Ricardo Weder

1211.5685 (Andrey Kudryavtsev)

The exactly solvable two-dimensional stationary Schrödinger operators
obtaining by the nonlocal Darboux transformation

Andrey Kudryavtsev

1211.5691 (M. B. Sheftel et al.)

Anti-self-dual gravity from asymmetric heavenly equation standpoint    [PDF]

M. B. Sheftel, D. Yaz\icı

1211.5694 (Oren Louidor et al.)

The Williams Bjerknes Model on Regular Trees    [PDF]

Oren Louidor, Ran J. Tessler, Alexander Vandenberg-Rodes

1211.5710 (Konstantin Ilin et al.)

Instability of diverging and converging flows in an annulus    [PDF]

Konstantin Ilin, Andrey Morgulis

1211.5714 (Daniele Oriti)

The quantum geometry of tensorial group field theories    [PDF]

Daniele Oriti

1211.5746 (Allal Ghanmi)

Burchnall's operational formula for the complex Hermite polynomials    [PDF]

Allal Ghanmi

1211.5752 (Ünver Çiftçi et al.)

Cotangent bundle reduction and Poincaré-Birkhoff normal forms    [PDF]

Ünver Çiftçi, Holger Waalkens, Henk Broer

1211.5786 (Denis Borisov et al.)

Quantum waveguides with small periodic perturbations: gaps and edges of
Brillouin zones

Denis Borisov, Konstantin Pankrashkin

1211.5799 (Ramón Castañeda-Priego et al.)

Brownian motion of free particles on curved surfaces    [PDF]

Ramón Castañeda-Priego, Pavel Castro-Villarreal, Sendic Estrada-Jiménez, José Miguel Méndez-Alcaraz

1211.5815 (D. E. Pelinovsky et al.)

PT-symmetric lattices with spatially extended gain/loss are generically

D. E. Pelinovsky, P. G. Kevrekidis, D. J. Frantzeskakis

1211.5850 (Murray T. Batchelor)

The surprising connection between exactly solved lattice models and
discrete holomorphicity

Murray T. Batchelor

1211.5864 (Jinkai Li)

Global Strong Solutions to Incompressible Nematic Liquid Crystal Flow    [PDF]

Jinkai Li

1211.5866 (Jinkai Li)

Global Existence of Strong Solutions to Incompressible MHD    [PDF]

Jinkai Li

1211.5912 (Euihun Joung et al.)

Generating functions of (partially-)massless higher-spin cubic

Euihun Joung, Luca Lopez, Massimo Taronna

1211.5930 (Isabel Cordero-Carrión et al.)

Partially implicit Runge-Kutta methods for wave-like equations in
spherical-type coordinates

Isabel Cordero-Carrión, Pablo Cerdá-Durán

1211.5944 (Maxim Zaytsev et al.)

Effect of the Darrieus-Landau instability on turbulent flame velocity    [PDF]

Maxim Zaytsev, Vitaliy Bychkov

1211.5956 (Grzegorz Kwiatkowski et al.)

Quantum corrections to phi^4 model solutions and applications to
Heisenberg chain dynamics

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Sergey Leble

1211.5958 (Francisco M. Fernández)

On the Hellmann-Feynman theorem for statistical averages    [PDF]

Francisco M. Fernández

1211.6031 (A. Bostan et al.)

Ising n-fold integrals as diagonals of rational functions and
integrality of series expansions: integrality versus modularity

A. Bostan, S. Boukraa, G. Christol, S. Hassani, J. -M. Maillard

1211.6045 (Maria Przybylska et al.)

Non-integrability of flail triple pendulum    [PDF]

Maria Przybylska, Wojciech Szumiński

1211.6063 (Yan V. Fyodorov et al.)

Freezing Transitions and Extreme Values: Random Matrix Theory,
$ζ(1/2+it)$, and Disordered Landscapes

Yan V. Fyodorov, Jonathan P. Keating

1211.6083 (Mark Wilkinson)

Strict Physicality of Global Weak Solutions of a Navier-Stokes Q-tensor
System with Singular Potential

Mark Wilkinson

Monday, November 26, 2012

1211.5139 (Sebastian Franco et al.)

New Directions in Bipartite Field Theories    [PDF]

Sebastian Franco, Daniele Galloni, Rak-Kyeong Seong

1211.5198 (G. Menezes et al.)

Quantum Field Theories and Prime Numbers Spectrum    [PDF]

G. Menezes, N. F. Svaiter

1211.5204 (C. Anzai et al.)

Algorithms to Evaluate Multiple Sums for Loop Computations    [PDF]

C. Anzai, Y. Sumino

1211.5211 (Choonkyu Lee et al.)

Quantum Mechanical Hamiltonians with Large Ground-State Degeneracy    [PDF]

Choonkyu Lee, Kimyeong Lee

1211.5261 (Antony R. Lee et al.)

Spatially extended Unruh-DeWitt detectors for relativistic quantum

Antony R. Lee, Ivette Fuentes

1211.5265 (José A. Cañizo et al.)

Exponential convergence to equilibrium for subcritical solutions of the
Becker-Döring equations

José A. Cañizo, Bertrand Lods

1211.5308 (Yves Grandati et al.)

Disconjugacy, regularity of multi-indexed rationally-extended
potentials, and Laguerre exceptional polynomials

Yves Grandati, Christiane Quesne

1211.5313 (V. V. Kisel et al.)

Quantum mechanics for a vector particle in the magnetic field on
4-dimensional sphere

V. V. Kisel, E. M. Ovsiyuk, O. V. Veko, V. M. Red'kov

1211.5330 (A. Rod Gover et al.)

Conformal operators on weighted forms; their decomposition and null
space on Einstein manifolds

A. Rod Gover, Josef Silhan

1211.5369 (M. Bertola et al.)

Cauchy-Laguerre two-matrix model and the Meijer-G random point field    [PDF]

M. Bertola, M. Gekhtman, J. Szmigielski

1211.5385 (Johan Hidding et al.)

Adhesion and the Geometry of the Cosmic Web    [PDF]

Johan Hidding, Rien van de Weygaert, Gert Vegter, Bernard J. T. Jones

1211.5415 (Jae Wan Shim)

Non-Maxwellian Molecular Velocity Distribution at Large Knudsen Numbers    [PDF]

Jae Wan Shim

1211.5446 (M. Kelbert et al.)

A Mermin--Wagner theorem on Lorentzian triangulations with quantum spins    [PDF]

M. Kelbert, Yu. Suhov, A. Yambartsev

1211.5447 (Shuang Cong et al.)

Orbit Tracking Control of Quantum Systems    [PDF]

Shuang Cong, Jianxiu Liu, Fei Yang

1211.5453 (Liana David et al.)

tt*-Geometry on the big phase space    [PDF]

Liana David, Ian Strachan

1211.5471 (Uwe Grimm et al.)

Squiral diffraction    [PDF]

Uwe Grimm, Michael Baake

1211.5476 (Naiara Arrizabalaga et al.)

Self-adjoint extensions of Dirac operators with Coulomb type singularity    [PDF]

Naiara Arrizabalaga, Javier Duoandikoetxea, Luis Vega

1211.5506 (D. Gurevich et al.)

Braided algebras and their applications to Noncommutative Geometry    [PDF]

D. Gurevich, P. Saponov

1211.5510 (Roman Cherniha et al.)

Lie symmetries and reductions of multi-dimensional boundary value
problems of the Stefan type

Roman Cherniha, Sergii Kovalenko

1211.5521 (Mats Gustafsson et al.)

Stored Electromagnetic Energy and Antenna Q    [PDF]

Mats Gustafsson, B. L. G. Jonsson

1211.5536 (S. Gluzman et al.)

Self-similar continued root approximants    [PDF]

S. Gluzman, V. I. Yukalov

1211.5551 (Constantinos A. Valagiannopoulos et al.)

On the Minimal Scattering Response of PEC Cylinders in a Dielectric

Constantinos A. Valagiannopoulos, Pekka Alitalo, Sergei A. Tretyakov

1211.5553 (Jacopo Bellazzini et al.)

On the existence of hylomorphic vortices in the nonlinear Klein-Gordon

Jacopo Bellazzini, Vieri Benci, Claudio Bonanno, Edoardo Sinibaldi

1211.5558 (Andrew N. Norris et al.)

Active elastodynamic cloaking    [PDF]

Andrew N. Norris, Feruza A. Amirkulova, William J. Parnell

1211.5586 (Gilad Gour et al.)

On Symmetric SL-Invariant Polynomials in Four Qubits    [PDF]

Gilad Gour, Nolan R. Wallach

Thursday, November 22, 2012

1105.2033 (A. A. Alikhanov)

Boundary value problems for the diffusion equation of the variable order
in differential and difference settings

A. A. Alikhanov

1106.3354 (Hernán Cendra et al.)

An extension of the Dirac and Gotay-Nester theories of constraints for
Dirac dynamical systems

Hernán Cendra, María Etchechoury, Sebastián J. Ferraro

1211.4877 (Jean-Christophe Pain)

Commutation relations of operator monomials    [PDF]

Jean-Christophe Pain

1211.4941 (Antonio C. Gutiérrez-Piñeres et al.)

Conformastatic disk-haloes in Einstein-Maxwell gravity    [PDF]

Antonio C. Gutiérrez-Piñeres, Guillermo A. González, Hernando Quevedo

1211.4945 (Andrew M. Childs et al.)

Product Formulas for Exponentials of Commutators    [PDF]

Andrew M. Childs, Nathan Wiebe

1211.4965 (Toshimitsu Takaesu)

Essential spectrum of fermionic quantum field model    [PDF]

Toshimitsu Takaesu

1211.4993 (A. C. P. Bitencourt et al.)

Exact and asymptotic computations of elementary spin networks:
classification of the quantum-classical boundaries

A. C. P. Bitencourt, A. Marzuoli, M. Ragni, R. W. Anderson, V. Aquilanti

1211.5010 (David P. Blecher)

Noncommutative peak interpolation revisited    [PDF]

David P. Blecher

1211.5019 (Congping Lin et al.)

A model for motor-mediated bidirectional transport along an antipolar
microtubule bundle

Congping Lin, Peter Ashwin, Gero Steinberg

1211.5049 (Sergio Giardino et al.)

A non-associative quaternion scalar field theory    [PDF]

Sergio Giardino, Paulo Teotônio-Sobrinho

1211.5109 (Octavio Castaños et al.)

Generalized coherent states for time-dependent and nonlinear
Hamiltonians via complex Riccati equations

Octavio Castaños, Dieter Schuch, Oscar Rosas-Ortiz

1211.5128 (Boele Braaksma et al.)

Existence of quasipatterns solutions of the Swift-Hohenberg equation    [PDF]

Boele Braaksma, Gérard Iooss, Laurent Stolovitch

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1201.3298 (Jezabel Curbelo et al.)

Spectral numerical schemes for time-dependent convection with viscosity
dependent on temperature

Jezabel Curbelo, Ana M. Mancho

1201.4497 (E. Minguzzi)

A geometrical introduction to screw theory    [PDF]

E. Minguzzi

1211.4139 (Amru Hussein)

Bounds on the negative eigenvalues of Laplacians on finite metric graphs    [PDF]

Amru Hussein

1211.4143 (Amru Hussein)

Maximal-quasi-accretive Laplacians on finite metric graphs    [PDF]

Amru Hussein

1211.4596 (Anton Morozov)

The first-order deviation of superpolynomial in an arbitrary
representation from the special polynomial

Anton Morozov

1211.4602 (Adel Abbout)

Time delay matrix at the spectrum edge and the minimal chaotic cavities    [PDF]

Adel Abbout

1211.4603 (Alexander D. Dymnikov)

Mathematical matrix theory of the field in n-dimensional metric space:
rigorous derivation of the equations of the field with application in
electromagnetic-gravitational fields

Alexander D. Dymnikov

1211.4656 (Kirk D. Blazek et al.)

A mathematical framework for inverse wave problems in heterogeneous

Kirk D. Blazek, Christiaan C. Stolk, William W. Symes

1211.4666 (Changxing Miao et al.)

Scattering Theory for Energy-Supercritical Klein-Gordon Equation    [PDF]

Changxing Miao, Jiqiang Zheng

1211.4719 (Yusuke Higuchi et al.)

Quantum graph walks II: Quantum walks on graph coverings    [PDF]

Yusuke Higuchi, Norio Konno, Iwao Sato, Etsuo Segawa

1211.4752 (Siegfried Cools et al.)

A new level-dependent coarsegrid correction scheme for indefinite
Helmholtz problems

Siegfried Cools, Bram Reps, Wim Vanroose

1211.4760 (Anne Fey et al.)

Critical densities in sandpile models with quenched or annealed disorder    [PDF]

Anne Fey, Ronald Meester

1211.4791 (Sanjib Dey et al.)

Time-dependent q-deformed coherent states for generalized uncertainty

Sanjib Dey, Andreas Fring, Laure Gouba, Paulo G. Castro

1211.4815 (Julien Sabin)

Charge renormalization and static electron/positron pair production for
a nonlinear Dirac model with weak interactions

Julien Sabin

1211.4825 (Cédric Boutillier et al.)

Height representation of XOR-Ising loops via bipartite dimers    [PDF]

Cédric Boutillier, Béatrice de Tilière

1211.4845 (Steven Delvaux)

The tacnode kernel: equality of Riemann-Hilbert and Airy resolvent

Steven Delvaux

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1107.5533 (Susama Agarwala)

Geometrically relating momentum cut-off and dimensional regularization    [PDF]

Susama Agarwala

1211.4043 (Thalia D. Jeffres et al.)

Zeta Function on Surfaces of Revolution    [PDF]

Thalia D. Jeffres, Klaus Kirsten, Tianshi Lu

1211.4044 (Klaus Kirsten et al.)

Analytic surgery of the zeta function    [PDF]

Klaus Kirsten, Paul Loya

1211.4048 (Sergio Albeverio et al.)

Schrödinger operators with concentric $δ$-shells    [PDF]

Sergio Albeverio, Aleksey Kostenko, Mark Malamud, Hagen Neidhardt

1211.4070 (Tritos Ngampitipan et al.)

Bounding the Greybody Factors for Non-rotating Black Holes    [PDF]

Tritos Ngampitipan, Petarpa Boonserm

1211.4117 (Victor Castillo-Garate et al.)

The multiplicative anomaly of three or more commuting elliptic operators    [PDF]

Victor Castillo-Garate, Eduardo Friedman, Marius Mantoiu

1211.4141 (Daniel Ueltschi)

Quantum Heisenberg models and random loop representations    [PDF]

Daniel Ueltschi

1211.4144 (Amru Hussein)

definite second order differential operators on finite metric

Amru Hussein

1211.4162 (Ebrahim Karimi et al.)

Radial coherent and intelligent states of paraxial wave equation    [PDF]

Ebrahim Karimi, Enrico Santamato

1211.4164 (Jonathan Holland)

A note on the ultrahyperbolic wave equation in 3+3 dimensions    [PDF]

Jonathan Holland

1211.4168 (Giulio Ciraolo et al.)

A computational method for the Helmholtz equation in unbounded domains
based on the minimization of an integral functional

Giulio Ciraolo, Francesco Gargano, Vincenzo Sciacca

1211.4179 (Ori J. Ganor et al.)

Ground States of Duality-twisted Sigma-Models with K3 Target Space    [PDF]

Ori J. Ganor, Sharon Jue, Shannon McCurdy

1211.4200 (Ovidiu I. Patu et al.)

Correlation lengths of the repulsive one-dimensional Bose gas    [PDF]

Ovidiu I. Patu, Andreas Klumper

1211.4232 (V. Red'kov et al.)

Hawking Radiation in de Sitter Space: Calculation of the Reflection
Coefficient for Quantum Particles

V. Red'kov, E. Ovsiyuk, G. Krylov

1211.4236 (E. Ovsiyuk et al.)

Some Consequences from the Dirac-Kahler Theory: on Intrinsic Spinor
Sub-structure of the Different Boson Wave Functions

E. Ovsiyuk, O. Veko, V. Red'kov

1211.4255 (James A. Pauls et al.)

Quantum Coherence and Entanglement in the Avian Compass    [PDF]

James A. Pauls, Yiteng Zhang, Gennady P. Berman, Sabre Kais

1211.4274 (Rostyslav Kozhan)

Inverse Spectral theorem and point perturbations of eventually periodic
Jacobi matrices

Rostyslav Kozhan

1211.4314 (Ken Yamamoto)

Exact solution to a gambler's ruin problem with a nonzero halting

Ken Yamamoto

1211.4354 (R. Choudhury et al.)

Convergent Analytic Solutions for Homoclinic Orbits in Reversible and
Non-reversible Systems

R. Choudhury, G. Gambino

1211.4374 (Raphael Boll)

On Bianchi permutability of Bäcklund transformations for asymmetric

Raphael Boll

1211.4376 (I. V. Tanatarov et al.)

What happens to Petrov classification on horizons of axisymmetric dirty
black holes

I. V. Tanatarov, O. B. Zaslavskii

1211.4388 (K. Jansen et al.)

A first look at quasi-Monte Carlo for lattice field theory problems    [PDF]

K. Jansen, H. Leovey, A. Nube, A. Griewank, M. Mueller-Preussker

1211.4391 (Gastao S. F. Frederico et al.)

A Non-Differentiable Quantum Variational Embedding in Presence of Time

Gastao S. F. Frederico, Delfim F. M. Torres

1211.4403 (Joanna Gonera)

Conformal mechanics    [PDF]

Joanna Gonera

1211.4412 (G. Gambino et al.)

Pattern formation driven by cross--diffusion in a 2D domain    [PDF]

G. Gambino, M. C. Lombardo, M. Sammartino

1211.4426 (Horst Reinhard Beyer)

Nonuniqueness of Representations of Wave Equations in Lorentzian

Horst Reinhard Beyer

1211.4428 (A. Zabrodin)

Bethe ansatz and Hirota equation in integrable models    [PDF]

A. Zabrodin

1211.4449 (Peter E. Finch et al.)

The $D(D_{3})$-anyon chain: integrable boundary conditions and
excitation spectra

Peter E. Finch, Holger Frahm

1211.4461 (Siegfried Cools et al.)

An efficient multigrid method calculation of the far field map for
Helmholtz problems

Siegfried Cools, Bram Reps, Wim Vanroose

1211.4466 (Susama Agarwala)

Dynkin operators, renormalization and the geometric $β$ function    [PDF]

Susama Agarwala

1211.4478 (K. Gorska et al.)

Exact and explicit evaluation of Brezin-Hikami kernels    [PDF]

K. Gorska, K. A. Penson

1211.4481 (Swantje Bargmann et al.)

A revised exposition of the Green-Naghdi theory of heat propagation    [PDF]

Swantje Bargmann, Antonino Favata, Paolo Podio-Guidugli

1211.4536 (Alexei M. Frolov)

Three-particle integrals with the Bessel functions    [PDF]

Alexei M. Frolov

1211.4546 (A. Borowiec et al.)

New class of quantum deformations of D=4 Euclidean supersymmetry    [PDF]

A. Borowiec, J. Lukierski, M. Mozrzymas, V. N. Tolstoy

1211.4557 (John W. Barrett et al.)

A topological state sum model for fermions on the circle    [PDF]

John W. Barrett, Steven Kerr, Jorma Louko

1211.4560 (Joris Vankerschaver et al.)

A novel formulation of point vortex dynamics on the sphere: geometrical
and numerical aspects

Joris Vankerschaver, Melvin Leok

1211.4561 (Melvin Leok et al.)

Dirac Structures and Hamilton-Jacobi Theory for Lagrangian Mechanics on
Lie Algebroids

Melvin Leok, Diana Sosa

1211.4566 (Xiu-Xiong Chen et al.)

Kahler-Einstein metrics on Fano manifolds, I: approximation of metrics
with cone singularities

Xiu-Xiong Chen, Simon Donaldson, Song Sun

Monday, November 19, 2012

1109.1588 (Spyridon Michalakis et al.)

Stability of Frustration-Free Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Spyridon Michalakis, Justyna Pytel

1201.1529 (Xian-gao Liu et al.)

Global Weak Solutions to a General Liquid Crystals System    [PDF]

Xian-gao Liu, Yi-hang Hao

1211.3695 (Yuting Hu et al.)

Twisted Quantum Double Model of Topological Phases in Two--Dimension    [PDF]

Yuting Hu, Yidun Wan, Yong-Shi Wu

1211.3772 (Serena Cenatiempo)

Low dimensional interacting bosons    [PDF]

Serena Cenatiempo

1211.3803 (Alexandar B. Yanovski et al.)

Geometric Theory of the Recursion Operators for the Generalized
Zakharov-Shabat System in Pole Gauge on the Algebra sl(n,C)

Alexandar B. Yanovski, Gaetano Vilasi

1211.3811 (John D. Gibbon et al.)

The 3D incompressible Euler equations with a passive scalar: a road to

John D. Gibbon, Edriss S. Titi

1211.3830 (Jérémy Sok)

Existence of Ground State of an Electron in the BDF Approximation    [PDF]

Jérémy Sok

1211.3847 (Roberto Beneduci et al.)

A note on the Relationship between Localization and Norm-1 Property    [PDF]

Roberto Beneduci, Franklin E. Schroeck Jr

1211.3891 (Martin Tautenhahn)

Localization for alloy-type models with non-monotone potentials    [PDF]

Martin Tautenhahn

1211.3899 (Valeria Chiado Piat et al.)

Localization effect for a spectral problem in a perforated domain with
Fourier boundary cconditions

Valeria Chiado Piat, Iryna Pankratova, Andrey Piatnitski

1211.3935 (Jutho Haegeman et al.)

Calculus of continuous matrix product states    [PDF]

Jutho Haegeman, J. Ignacio Cirac, Tobias J. Osborne, Frank Verstraete

1211.3968 (S. Belliard et al.)

Form factors in SU(3)-invariant integrable models    [PDF]

S. Belliard, S. Pakuliak, E. Ragoucy, N. A. Slavnov

1211.3971 (C. R. Hagen)

Group-Theoretical Derivation of Aharonov-Bohm Phase Shifts    [PDF]

C. R. Hagen

1211.3982 (Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

Magnetic monopoles, squashed 3-spheres and gravitational instantons from
exotic R^4

Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga, Jerzy Król

1211.4002 (Pedro Duarte et al.)

Positive Lyapunov exponents for higher dimensional quasiperiodic

Pedro Duarte, Silvius Klein

1211.4021 (P. Dunin-Barkowski et al.)

Identification of the Givental formula with the spectral curve
topological recursion procedure

P. Dunin-Barkowski, N. Orantin, S. Shadrin, L. Spitz

Friday, November 16, 2012

0811.3706 (Gideon Amir et al.)

The TASEP speed process    [PDF]

Gideon Amir, Omer Angel, Benedek Valkó

0908.1542 (Felix Finster)

An Action Principle for an Interacting Fermion System and its Analysis
in the Continuum Limit

Felix Finster

1103.0149 (Piotr Stachura)

On the quantum 'ax+b'group    [PDF]

Piotr Stachura

1103.5862 (Joakim Arnlind et al.)

On the geometry of Kähler-Poisson structures    [PDF]

Joakim Arnlind, Gerhard Huisken

1111.2983 (Michael B. Green et al.)

Small representations, string instantons, and Fourier modes of
Eisenstein series (with an appendix by D. Ciubotaru and P. Trapa)

Michael B. Green, Stephen D. Miller, Pierre Vanhove

1211.3422 (Ryan Babbush et al.)

Construction of Energy Functions for Lattice Heteropolymer Models:
Efficient Encodings for Constraint Satisfaction Programming and Quantum

Ryan Babbush, Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz, Bryan O'Gorman, William Macready, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

1211.3432 (Sergio L. Cacciatori et al.)

Multi-Centered Invariants, Plethysm and Grassmannians    [PDF]

Sergio L. Cacciatori, Alessio Marrani, Bert van Geemen

1211.3481 (A. M. Tsvelik)

Realization of 2-channel Kondo effect in a junction of three quantum
Ising chains

A. M. Tsvelik

1211.3507 (James M. Chappell et al.)

An explanation for galaxy rotation curves using a Clifford multivector
spacetime framework

James M. Chappell, Nicolangelo Iannella, Azhar Iqbal, Derek Abbott

1211.3521 (Birol Ibis)

Approximate analytical solutions for nonlinear Emden-Fowler type
equations by differential transform method

Birol Ibis

1211.3561 (Alexander Schrijver)

Characterizing partition functions of the vertex model by rank growth    [PDF]

Alexander Schrijver

1211.3583 (Daniela Cadamuro)

A Characterization Theorem for Local Operators in Factorizing Scattering

Daniela Cadamuro

1211.3586 (K. Andrzejewski et al.)

N-Galilean conformal algebras and quantum theory with higher order time

K. Andrzejewski, J. Gonera, P. Kosinski

1211.3590 (A. V. Razumov)

Monodromy operators for higher rank    [PDF]

A. V. Razumov

1211.3664 (Matthias Toggweiler et al.)

A novel adaptive time stepping variant of the Boris-Buneman integrator
for the simulation of particle accelerators with space charge

Matthias Toggweiler, Andreas Adelmann, Peter Arbenz, Jianjun J. Yang

1211.3696 (Alessia Berti et al.)

A thermodynamically consistent Ginzburg-Landau model for superfluid
transition in liquid helium

Alessia Berti, Valeria Berti

1211.3716 (Jeremy Quastel et al.)

Diffusivity of lattice gases    [PDF]

Jeremy Quastel, Benedek Valkó

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1211.3178 (Alexander I. Nesterov et al.)

Non-Hermitian Quantum Annealing in the Transverse Ising Model    [PDF]

Alexander I. Nesterov, Juan Carlos Beas Zepeda, Gennady P. Berman

1211.3186 (O. Blondeau-Fournier et al.)

From Macdonald polynomials to their hyperoctahedral extension: the
superspace bridge

O. Blondeau-Fournier, L. Lapointe, P. Mathieu

1211.3219 (A. V. Tsiganov)

On generalized nonholonomic Chaplygin sphere problem    [PDF]

A. V. Tsiganov

1211.3312 (Joseph Désiré Bukweli et al.)

$(q;l,λ)$-deformed Heisenberg algebra: coherent states, their
statistics and geometry

Joseph Désiré Bukweli, Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou

1211.3336 (Nabile Boussaid et al.)

On spectral stability of the nonlinear Dirac equation    [PDF]

Nabile Boussaid, Andrew Comech

1211.3351 (Felix Finster)

The Continuum Limit of a Fermion System Involving Neutrinos: Weak and
Gravitational Interactions

Felix Finster

1211.3368 (Yen Lee Loh)

Accurate Calculation of Off-Diagonal Green Functions on Anisotropic
Hypercubic Lattices

Yen Lee Loh

1211.3373 (J. D. Bukweli-Kyemba et al.)

On generalized oscillator algebras and their associated coherent states    [PDF]

J. D. Bukweli-Kyemba, M. N. Hounkonnou

1211.3388 (V. Adanhounme et al.)

Nonlinear spinor field equations in gravitational theory: spherical
symmetric soliton-like solutions

V. Adanhounme, A. Adomou, F. P. Codo, M. N. Hounkonnou

1211.3393 (Wojciech Dybalski et al.)

Towards asymptotic completeness of two-particle scattering in local
relativistic QFT

Wojciech Dybalski, Christian Gérard

1211.3395 (Layan El-Hajj et al.)

Intersection bounds for nodal sets of planar Neumann eigenfunctions with
interior analytic curves

Layan El-Hajj, John A. Toth

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1107.3662 (Io Kawaguchi et al.)

Hybrid classical integrability in squashed sigma models    [PDF]

Io Kawaguchi, Kentaroh Yoshida

1109.1963 (Tobias Fritz)

Velocity Polytopes of Periodic Graphs and a No-Go Theorem for Digital

Tobias Fritz

1211.3037 (V. P. Maslov et al.)

Unbounded Probability Theory and Its Applications    [PDF]

V. P. Maslov, T. V. Maslova

1211.2831 (Peter Morgan)

Nonlinear Wightman fields    [PDF]

Peter Morgan

1211.2857 (Mark D. Gould et al.)

Invariants and reduced matrix elements associated with the Lie
superalgebra gl(m|n)

Mark D. Gould, Phillip S. Isaac, Jason L. Werry

1211.2890 (Ashwin S. Pande)

Topological T-duality, Automorphisms and Classifying Spaces    [PDF]

Ashwin S. Pande

1211.2912 (Takeo Kojima)

Diagonalization of transfer matrix of supersymmetry
$u_q(\hat{sl}(m+1|n+1))$ chain with a boundary

Takeo Kojima

1211.2919 (Manuel F. Ranada)

A new approach to the higher-order superintegrability of the
Tremblay-Turbiner-Winternitz system

Manuel F. Ranada

1211.2957 (Ian Marquette et al.)

New families of superintegrable systems from Hermite and Laguerre
exceptional orthogonal polynomials

Ian Marquette, Christiane Quesne

1211.2965 (D. Chicherin et al.)

Baxter operators with deformed symmetry    [PDF]

D. Chicherin, S. Derkachov, D. Karakhanyan, R. Kirschner

1211.2994 (Nasser Boroojerdian)

Geometrization of Mass in General Relativity    [PDF]

Nasser Boroojerdian

1211.3001 (M. C. B. AbdallaL. Holender et al.)

Plane waves in noncommutative fluids    [PDF]

M. C. B. AbdallaL. Holender, M. A. Santos, I. V. Vancea

1211.3005 (Sander Dommers et al.)

Ising critical exponents on random trees and graphs    [PDF]

Sander Dommers, Cristian Giardinà, Remco van der Hofstad

1211.3030 (Alessandro Giuliani et al.)

Universal finite size corrections and the central charge in non solvable
Ising models

Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro

1211.3040 (Tomohiro Amemiya et al.)

Asymmetric Cloaking Theory Based on Finsler Geometry ~ How to design
Harry Potter's invisibility cloak with a scientific method ~

Tomohiro Amemiya, Daisuke Nishiyama, Masato Taki

1211.3075 (Allan P. Fordy et al.)

Recursive Procedures for Krall-Sheffer Operators    [PDF]

Allan P. Fordy, Michael J. Scott

1211.3083 (Z. Bradshaw et al.)

j-ωEnstrophy Cascades in Physical Scales of 3D Incompressible

Z. Bradshaw, Z. Grujić

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1004.2471 (Fiammetta Battaglia et al.)

Ammann Tilings in Symplectic Geometry    [PDF]

Fiammetta Battaglia, Elisa Prato

1107.1167 (Gaëtan Borot et al.)

Asymptotic expansion of beta matrix models in the one-cut regime    [PDF]

Gaëtan Borot, Alice Guionnet

1107.5588 (A. B. Goncharov et al.)

Dimers and cluster integrable systems    [PDF]

A. B. Goncharov, R. Kenyon

1109.0595 (Zachary Slepian)

The Average Projected Area Theorem - Generalization to Higher Dimensions    [PDF]

Zachary Slepian

1112.2819 (Roberto Zucchini)

AKSZ models of semistrict higher gauge theory    [PDF]

Roberto Zucchini

1112.5937 (Corneliu Sochichiu)

Dirac lattice    [PDF]

Corneliu Sochichiu

1207.1582 (Laurent Chevillard et al.)

Gaussian multiplicative Chaos for symmetric isotropic matrices    [PDF]

Laurent Chevillard, Rémi Rhodes, Vincent Vargas

1211.2173 (Zoltan Kadar et al.)

Simulating continuous quantum systems by mean field fluctuations    [PDF]

Zoltan Kadar, Michael Keyl, Robert Matjeschk, Geza Toth, Zoltan Zimboras

1211.2240 (Nikita Nekrasov et al.)

Seiberg-Witten geometry of four dimensional N=2 quiver gauge theories    [PDF]

Nikita Nekrasov, Vasily Pestun

1211.2246 (Hajnal Andréka et al.)

A note on "Einstein's special relativity beyond the speed of light" by
James M. Hill and Barry J. Cox

Hajnal Andréka, Judit X. Madarász, István Németi, Gergely Székely

1211.2250 (Johannes Kellendonk et al.)

Meyer sets, topological eigenvalues, and Cantor fiber bundles    [PDF]

Johannes Kellendonk, Lorenzo Sadun

1211.2257 (Rudolf Hanel et al.)

Generalized entropies and logarithms and their duality relations    [PDF]

Rudolf Hanel, Stefan Thurner, Murray Gell-Mann

1211.2285 (Antonio C. Gutierrez-Pineres et al.)

A static axisymmetric exact solution of $f(R)$-gravity    [PDF]

Antonio C. Gutierrez-Pineres, Cesar S. Lopez-Monsalvo

1211.2302 (Vincent Bouchard et al.)

Think globally, compute locally    [PDF]

Vincent Bouchard, Bertrand Eynard

1211.2331 (Gregory W. Moore)

Four-dimensional N=2 Field Theory and Physical Mathematics    [PDF]

Gregory W. Moore

1211.2333 (Vincenzo Fioriti et al.)

Predicting the sources of an outbreak with a spectral technique    [PDF]

Vincenzo Fioriti, Marta Chinnici

1211.2342 (Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov et al.)

On Combinations of Concepts:CHSH Inequalities Do Not Tell Us Much in the
Absence of Marginal Selectivity

Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov, Janne V. Kujala

1211.2343 (H. Najar et al.)

On the spectrum of the Schrodinger Operator with Aharonov-Bohm Magnetic
Field in quantum waveguide with Neumann window

H. Najar, M. Rayssi

1211.2363 (Gabriel Pascu)

Atlas of Coordinate Charts on de Sitter Spacetime    [PDF]

Gabriel Pascu

1211.2391 (Alberto De Sole et al.)

Non-local Poisson structures and applications to the theory of
integrable systems II

Alberto De Sole, Victor G. Kac

1211.2392 (Yves Grandati)

A short proof of the Gaillard-Matveev theorem based on shape invariance

Yves Grandati

1211.2397 (P. E. G. Assis)

A(2|1) spectral equivalences and nonlocal integrals of motion    [PDF]

P. E. G. Assis

1211.2408 (Zouhair Mouayn)

Spin coherent states with monopole harmonics on the Riemann sphere for
the Kravchuk oscillator

Zouhair Mouayn

1211.2413 (Ehsan Hatefi)

Shedding light on new Wess-Zumino couplings with their corrections to
all orders in alpha-prime

Ehsan Hatefi

1211.2415 (Andrea Posilicano)

Markovian Extensions of Symmetric Second Order Elliptic Differential

Andrea Posilicano

1211.2438 (Henri Sulku)

Explicit Correlation Bounds for Expanding Circle Maps Using the Coupling

Henri Sulku

1211.2451 (Bertrand Duplantier et al.)

The Coefficient Problem and Multifractality of Whole-Plane SLE and LLE    [PDF]

Bertrand Duplantier, Nguyen Thi Phuong Chi, Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga, Michel Zinsmeister

1211.2461 (Vincent X. Genest et al.)

Bispectrality of the Complementary Bannai-Ito polynomials    [PDF]

Vincent X. Genest, Luc Vinet, Alexei Zhedanov

1211.2464 (A. Dvurečenskij et al.)

The lexicographic product of po-groups and $n$-perfect pseudo effect

A. Dvurečenskij, J. Krňávek

1211.2469 (Ko Sanders)

A note on spacelike and timelike compactness    [PDF]

Ko Sanders

1211.2477 (Roland Bauerschmidt et al.)

Structural stability of a dynamical system near a non-hyperbolic fixed

Roland Bauerschmidt, David C. Brydges, Gordon Slade

1211.2534 (Jipeng Cheng et al.)

On the squared eigenfunction symmetry of the Toda lattice hierarchy    [PDF]

Jipeng Cheng, Jingsong He

1211.2541 (David Krejcirik et al.)