Monday, November 26, 2012

1211.5139 (Sebastian Franco et al.)

New Directions in Bipartite Field Theories    [PDF]

Sebastian Franco, Daniele Galloni, Rak-Kyeong Seong
We perform a detailed investigation of Bipartite Field Theories (BFTs), a general class of 4d N=1 gauge theories which are defined by bipartite graphs. This class of theories is considerably expanded by identifying a new way of assigning gauge symmetries to graphs. A new procedure is introduced in order to determine the toric Calabi-Yau moduli spaces of BFTs. For graphs on a disk, we show that the matroid polytope for the corresponding cell in the Grassmannian coincides with the toric diagram of the BFT moduli space. A systematic BFT prescription for determining graph reductions is presented. We illustrate our ideas in infinite classes of BFTs and introduce various operations for generating new theories from existing ones. Particular emphasis is given to theories associated to non-planar graphs.
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