Thursday, March 7, 2013

1101.0471 (M. Hortacsu)

Heun Functions and their uses in Physics    [PDF]

M. Hortacsu

1111.4735 (Ji Oon Lee)

Rate of Convergence Towards Semi-Relativistic Hartree Dynamics    [PDF]

Ji Oon Lee

1303.1202 (Matthew B. Hastings et al.)

On Metaplectic Modular Categories and their applications    [PDF]

Matthew B. Hastings, Chetan Nayak, Zhenghan Wang

1303.1215 (Luca Biferale et al.)

On the Global Regularity of a Helical-decimated Version of the 3D
Navier-Stokes Equations

Luca Biferale, Edriss S. Titi

1303.1297 (A. G. Nikitin)

Superintegrable systems with spin invariant with respect to the rotation

A. G. Nikitin

1303.1326 (Jørgen E. Andersen et al.)

Enumeration of RNA complexes via random matrix theory    [PDF]

Jørgen E. Andersen, Leonid O. Chekhov, R. C. Penner, Christian M. Reidys, Piotr Sułkowski

1303.1327 (Giulio Cottone et al.)

A Novel Exact Representation of Stationary Colored Gaussian Processes
(Fractional Differential Approach)

Giulio Cottone, Mario Di Paola, Roberta Santoro

1303.1352 (Quang Sang Phan)

Spectral monodromy of non selfadjoint operators    [PDF]

Quang Sang Phan

1303.1389 (Nils Carqueville et al.)

A toolkit for defect computations in Landau-Ginzburg models    [PDF]

Nils Carqueville, Daniel Murfet

1303.1393 (A. Vourdas)

Quantum mechanics on profinite groups and partial order    [PDF]

A. Vourdas

1303.1396 (Benjamin Basso et al.)

Space-time S-matrix and Flux-tube S-matrix at Finite Coupling    [PDF]

Benjamin Basso, Amit Sever, Pedro Vieira

1303.1408 (José M. M. Senovilla)

Junction conditions for F(R)-gravity, and their consequences    [PDF]

José M. M. Senovilla

1303.1416 (O. Costin et al.)

Analytical approximation of Blasius' similarity solution with rigorous
error bounds

O. Costin, S. Tanveer

1303.1428 (H. Quevedo et al.)

Representation invariant Geometrothermodynamics: applications to
ordinary thermodynamic systems

H. Quevedo, F. Nettel, C. S. Lopez-Monsalvo, A. Bravetti