Wednesday, September 19, 2012

0810.0866 (Zuhe Zhang)

The enumeration of independent sets on some lattices    [PDF]

Zuhe Zhang

1003.2964 (L. Brightmore et al.)

A matrix model with a singular weight and Painleve' III    [PDF]

L. Brightmore, F. Mezzadri, M. Y. Mo

1105.3163 (Huai-Dong Cao et al.)

On Bach-flat gradient shrinking Ricci solitons    [PDF]

Huai-Dong Cao, Qiang Chen

1205.1474 (Edward Belbruno)

On the Regularizability of the Big Bang Singularity    [PDF]

Edward Belbruno

1209.3212 (Daniel Han-Kwan)

From Vlasov-Poisson to Korteweg-de Vries and Zakharov-Kuznetsov    [PDF]

Daniel Han-Kwan

1209.3576 (Gabriel Riviere)

Remarks on quantum ergodicity    [PDF]

Gabriel Riviere

1209.3774 (JJ. Fernandez-Melgarejo et al.)

Maximal Nine Dimensional Supergravity, General gaugings and the
Embedding Tensor

JJ. Fernandez-Melgarejo, T. Ortin, E. Torrente-Lujan

1209.3806 (Gui-Qiang Chen et al.)

Well-Posedness of Transonic Characteristic Discontinuities in
Two-Dimensional Steady Compressible Euler Flows

Gui-Qiang Chen, Vaibhav Kukreja, Hairong Yuan

1209.3812 (Kevin Teh et al.)

Dirac spectrum and spectral action of SU(3)    [PDF]

Kevin Teh, Alan Lai

1209.3841 (Hyungjin Huh et al.)

Low regularity solutions to the Chern-Simons-Dirac and the
Chern-Simons-Higgs equations in the Lorenz gauge

Hyungjin Huh, Sung-Jin Oh

1209.3845 (Jemal Guven et al.)

Confining spheres within hyperspheres    [PDF]

Jemal Guven, José Antonio Santiago, Pablo Vázquez-Montejo

1209.3885 (Anna Dall'Acqua et al.)

Real analyticity of solutions to Schrödinger equations involving a
fractional Laplacian and other Fourier multipliers

Anna Dall'Acqua, Søren Fournais, Thomas Østergaard Sørensen, Edgardo Stockmeyer

1209.3894 (Sergei M. Kuzenko)

Prepotentials for N=2 conformal supergravity in three dimensions    [PDF]

Sergei M. Kuzenko

1209.3898 (Andrea Cadarso et al.)

Entanglement, fractional magnetization and long-range interactions    [PDF]

Andrea Cadarso, Mikel Sanz, Michael M. Wolf, J. Ignacio Cirac, David Perez-Garcia

1209.3931 (A. A. Kutsenko et al.)

Shear surface waves in phononic crystals    [PDF]

A. A. Kutsenko, A. L. Shuvalov

1209.3939 (Yves Gaspar et al.)

Gravity and Complexity    [PDF]

Yves Gaspar, Giovanni Acquaviva

1209.3959 (Stefano Romano)

4-dimensional Frobenius manifolds and Painleve' VI    [PDF]

Stefano Romano

1209.3971 (Zhi-Wei Huang et al.)

NumExp: Numerical epsilon expansion of hypergeometric functions    [PDF]

Zhi-Wei Huang, Jueping Liu

1209.3983 (Anatoly N. Kochubei)

Fractional-Hyperbolic Systems    [PDF]

Anatoly N. Kochubei

1209.3997 (George Jorjadze et al.)

On particle type string solutions in AdS_3 x S^3    [PDF]

George Jorjadze, Zurab Kepuladze, Luka Megrelidze

1209.4003 (D. Iglesias-Ponte et al.)

Poly-Poisson structures    [PDF]

D. Iglesias-Ponte, J. C. Marrero, M. Vaquero

1209.4025 (Blanca Ayuso de Dios et al.)

High order and energy preserving discontinuous Galerkin methods for the
Vlasov-Poisson system

Blanca Ayuso de Dios, Soheil Hajian

1209.4035 (Christoph Temmel)

Sufficient conditions for absolute convergence of hardcore cluster

Christoph Temmel

1209.4046 (Robert Seiringer et al.)

Disordered Bose Einstein Condensates with Interaction    [PDF]

Robert Seiringer, Jakob Yngvason, Valentin A. Zagrebnov

1209.4048 (Antonio Manuel Moya)

Duality Mappings and Metric Extensor    [PDF]

Antonio Manuel Moya

1209.4053 (Peter Hinow)

A nonsmooth program for jamming hard spheres    [PDF]

Peter Hinow

1209.4075 (Fanny Kassel et al.)

Discrete spectrum for non-Riemannian locally symmetric spaces. I.
Construction and stability

Fanny Kassel, Toshiyuki Kobayashi