Monday, July 23, 2012

1106.2377 (Florian Beyer et al.)

Smooth Gowdy symmetric generalized Taub-NUT solutions    [PDF]

Florian Beyer, Jörg Hennig

1106.3615 (Xiao-Jun Yang)

A generalized model for Yang-Fourier transforms in fractal space    [PDF]

Xiao-Jun Yang

1108.5349 (Marco Tomamichel et al.)

The Link between Entropic Uncertainty and Nonlocality    [PDF]

Marco Tomamichel, Esther Hänggi

1109.2754 (M. Rafie-Rad et al.)

Matsumoto metrics of constant flag curvature are trivial    [PDF]

M. Rafie-Rad, B. Rezaei

1205.3209 (Ricardo A. Mosna et al.)

Breaking the Rules for Topological Defects: Smectic Order on Conical

Ricardo A. Mosna, Daniel A. Beller, Randall D. Kamien

1207.4801 (Andrew N. Norris et al.)

Source amplitudes for active exterior cloaking    [PDF]

Andrew N. Norris, Feruza A. Amirkulova, William J. Parnell

1207.4869 (E. Brüning et al.)

Edge of the Wedge Theorem for Tempered Ultrahyperfunctions    [PDF]

E. Brüning, S. Nagamachi

1207.4877 (Alessandro Sergi et al.)

Non-Hermitian quantum dynamics of a two-level system and models of
dissipative environments

Alessandro Sergi, Konstantin G. Zloshchastiev

1207.4878 (G. Borot et al.)

Loop models on random maps via nested loops: case of domain symmetry
breaking and application to the Potts model

G. Borot, J. Bouttier, E. Guitter

1207.4985 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Supersymmetry, shape invariance and the Legendre equations    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, Ashok Das

1207.4987 (Norio Konno et al.)

The square and cube of the transition matrix of the discrete-time
quantum walk on a graph

Norio Konno, Iwao Sato

1207.4990 (P. Deift et al.)

Toeplitz matrices and Toeplitz determinants under the impetus of the
Ising model. Some history and some recent results

P. Deift, A. Its, I. Krasovsky

1207.4997 (Antoni Ferragut et al.)

Analytic integrability of the Bianchi Class A cosmological models with
0<= k<1

Antoni Ferragut, Jaume Llibre, Chara Pantazi

1207.4998 (Fedele Lizzi et al.)

Noncommutative Field Theory: Numerical Analysis with the Fuzzy Disc    [PDF]

Fedele Lizzi, Bernardino Spisso

1207.5002 (Yurij Yaremko)

Self-force via energy-momentum and angular momentum balance equations    [PDF]

Yurij Yaremko

1207.5005 (Pierre-Philippe Dechant)

A Clifford algebraic framework for Coxeter group theoretic computations    [PDF]

Pierre-Philippe Dechant

1207.5021 (A. Prados et al.)

Nonlinear driven diffusive systems with dissipation: fluctuating

A. Prados, A. Lasanta, Pablo I. Hurtado

1207.5027 (Les Hatton)

Power-Laws and the Conservation of Information in discrete token
systems: Part 1 General Theory

Les Hatton

1207.5035 (Alexei Borodin et al.)

From duality to determinants for q-TASEP and ASEP    [PDF]

Alexei Borodin, Ivan Corwin, Tomohiro Sasamoto

1207.5038 (Alan Lai et al.)

Spectral action for a one-parameter family of Dirac-type operators on
SU(2) and its inflation model

Alan Lai, Kevin Teh