Tuesday, December 11, 2012

0904.2104 (Anilesh Mohari)

Translation invariant pure state and its split property    [PDF]

Anilesh Mohari

1201.5708 (Alexander Selem)

Anomalous Currents on Closed Surfaces: Extended Proximity, Partial
Quantization, and Qubits

Alexander Selem

1212.1725 (Michael Tsamparlis)

Geometrization of Lie and Noether symmetries with applications in

Michael Tsamparlis

1212.1727 (Vincent Bruneau et al.)

Dirichlet and Neumann Eigenvalues for Half-Plane Magnetic Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Vincent Bruneau, Pablo Miranda, Georgi Raikov

1212.1736 (Olaf Hohm et al.)

Towards an invariant geometry of double field theory    [PDF]

Olaf Hohm, Barton Zwiebach

1212.1748 (Andrey Melnikov)

A new method for solving completely integrable PDEs    [PDF]

Andrey Melnikov

1212.1773 (Vladimir A. Vladimirov)

Dumbbell micro-robot driven by flow oscillations    [PDF]

Vladimir A. Vladimirov

1212.1774 (Igor Chueshov et al.)

On interaction of an elastic wall with a Poiseuille type flow    [PDF]

Igor Chueshov, Iryna Ryzhkova

1212.1782 (M. O. Katanaev)

On geometric interpretation of the Berry phase    [PDF]

M. O. Katanaev

1212.1794 (Yidan Wang et al.)

Two-mode squeezed states in the q-deformed Pegg-Barnett Fock space    [PDF]

Yidan Wang, Leong Chuan Kwek

1212.1820 (Maryna Nesterenko)

S-expansions of three-dimensional Lie algebras    [PDF]

Maryna Nesterenko

1212.1826 (Andrea Altomani et al.)

Classification of maximal transitive prolongations of super-Poincaré

Andrea Altomani, Andrea Santi

1212.1844 (Cristian C Lalescu et al.)

Synchronization of Chaos in Fully-Developed Turbulence    [PDF]

Cristian C Lalescu, Charles Meneveau, Gregory L Eyink

1212.1861 (Jia-wen Deng et al.)

General PT-Symmetric Matrices    [PDF]

Jia-wen Deng, Uwe Guenther, Qing-hai Wang

1212.1862 (Guofeng Zhang et al.)

On the response of quantum linear systems to single photon input fields    [PDF]

Guofeng Zhang, Matthew R. James

1212.1865 (M. O. Katanaev)

On geometric interpretation of the Aharonov-Bohm effect    [PDF]

M. O. Katanaev

1212.1870 (Allal Ghanmi et al.)

Construction of concrete orthonormal basis for (L^2,Γ,χ)-theta
functions associated to discrete subgroups of rank one in (C,+)

Allal Ghanmi, Ahmed Intissar

1212.1903 (Mostafa Sabri)

Some abstract Wegner estimates with applications    [PDF]

Mostafa Sabri

1212.1907 (Oran Gannot)

Quasinormal modes for AdS--Schwarzschild black holes: exponential
convergence to the real axis

Oran Gannot

1212.1944 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

Effects of quantum deformation on the spin-1/2 Aharonov-Bohm problem    [PDF]

F. M. Andrade, E. O. Silva

1212.1952 (Yoko Shigyo)

On Addition Formulae of KP, mKP and BKP hierarchies    [PDF]

Yoko Shigyo

1212.1971 (Gennadiy Burlak et al.)

Time-Frequency Integrals and the Stationary Phase Method in Problems of
Waves Propagation from Moving Sources

Gennadiy Burlak, Vladimir Rabinovich

1212.1972 (Robert J. Ducharme)

A Solution Technique for Quantum Mechanical Differential Equations Using
Multiple Complex Planes

Robert J. Ducharme

1212.1989 (Igor V. Ovchinnikov)

Topological field theory of dynamical systems. II    [PDF]

Igor V. Ovchinnikov

1212.1990 (D. P. San-Roman-Alerigi et al.)

On a pragmatic approach optical analogues of gravitational attractors    [PDF]

D. P. San-Roman-Alerigi, A. B. Slimane, T. K. Ng, M. Alsunaidi, B. S. Ooi

1212.2053 (Gilles Pisier)

Random Matrices and Subexponential Operator Spaces    [PDF]

Gilles Pisier

1212.2092 (B. Bagchi et al.)

A generalized non-Hermitian Pais-Uhlenbeck quantum Hamiltonian, its
Hermitian equivalence and position-dependent mass correspondence

B. Bagchi, A. Ghose Choudhury, Partha Guha

1212.2097 (David Li-Bland et al.)

Moduli spaces for quilted surfaces and Poisson structures    [PDF]

David Li-Bland, Pavol Ševera

1212.2122 (B. Bagchi et al.)

CPT-conserved effective mass Hamiltonians through first and higher order
charge operator C in a supersymmetric framework

B. Bagchi, A. Banerjee, A. Ganguly

1212.2179 (M. Alvarez-Ramírez et al.)

The stability of the triangular libration points for the plane circular
restricted three-body problem with light pressure

M. Alvarez-Ramírez, J. K. Formiga, R. V. de Moraes, J. E. F. Skea, T. J. Stuchi

1212.2199 (Sergey Igonin)

Higher jet prolongation Lie algebras and Backlund transformations for
(1+1)-dimensional PDEs

Sergey Igonin