Friday, February 22, 2013

1112.2613 (Mikkel H. Brynildsen et al.)

On the Verdet constant and Faraday rotation for graphene-like materials    [PDF]

Mikkel H. Brynildsen, Horia D. Cornean

1302.5408 (Stefan C. Mancas et al.)

Weierstrass solutions for dissipative BBM equation    [PDF]

Stefan C. Mancas, Greg Spradlin, Harihar Khanal

1302.5138 (Ricardo Schiappa et al.)

The Resurgence of Instantons: Multi-Cuts Stokes Phases and the Painleve
II Equation

Ricardo Schiappa, Ricardo Vaz

1302.5143 (Satoshi Nawata et al.)

Multiplicity-free quantum 6j-symbols for U_q(sl_N)    [PDF]

Satoshi Nawata, P. Ramadevi, Zodinmawia

1302.5144 (Satoshi Nawata et al.)

Colored HOMFLY Polynomials from Chern-Simons theory    [PDF]

Satoshi Nawata, P. Ramadevi, Zodinmawia

1302.5150 (Shigeki Matsutani et al.)

Measuring Agglomeration of Agglomerated Particles Pictures    [PDF]

Shigeki Matsutani, Yoshiyuki Shimosako

1302.5176 (Ngoc T. Do et al.)

Quantum graph spectra of a graphyne structure    [PDF]

Ngoc T. Do, Peter Kuchment

1302.5205 (Jan Naudts et al.)

The exponential family in abstract information theory    [PDF]

Jan Naudts, Ben Anthonis

1302.5216 (Serkan Karaçuha et al.)

Integral Calculus on Quantum Exterior Algebras    [PDF]

Serkan Karaçuha, Christian Lomp

1302.5253 (Giovanni Collini et al.)

Tunnelling black-hole radiation with $φ^3$ self-interaction: one-loop
computation for Rindler Killing horizons

Giovanni Collini, Valter Moretti, Nicola Pinamonti

1302.5269 (Pavel Exner et al.)

Resonances on hedgehog manifolds    [PDF]

Pavel Exner, Jiri Lipovsky

1302.5270 (Siegfried Beckus et al.)

Spectrum of Lebesgue measure zero for Jacobi matrices of quasicrystals    [PDF]

Siegfried Beckus, Felix Pogorzelski

1302.5314 (Clifford H. Taubes)

Magnetic bag like solutions to the SU(2) monopole equations on R^3    [PDF]

Clifford H. Taubes

1302.5336 (M. E. Shirokov)

On equalities in two entropic inequalities    [PDF]

M. E. Shirokov

1302.5362 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

Remarks on the Aharonov-Casher dynamics in a CPT-odd Lorentz-violating

F. M. Andrade, E. O. Silva

1302.5387 (Etienne Le Masson)

Pseudo-differential calculus on homogeneous trees    [PDF]

Etienne Le Masson

1302.5390 (S. A. R. Horsley et al.)

The cutoff-dependence of the Casimir force within an inhomogeneous

S. A. R. Horsley, W. M. R. Simpson

1302.5398 (Ignacio Gomez et al.)

A Quantum Version of The Spectral Decomposition Theorem of Dynamical
Systems, Quantum Chaos Hierarchy: Ergodic, Mixing and Exact

Ignacio Gomez, Mario Castagnino

1302.5400 (S. E. Derkachov et al.)

3j-symbol for the modular double of SL_q(2,R) revisited    [PDF]

S. E. Derkachov, L. D. Faddeev

1302.5409 (Jean Bourgain et al.)

Almost sure global well posedness for the radial nonlinear Schrödinger
equation on the unit ball II: the 3D case

Jean Bourgain, Aynur Bulut

1302.5412 (A. M. Scarfone)

Entropic Forms and Related Algebras    [PDF]

A. M. Scarfone