Wednesday, August 8, 2012

0806.2431 (Yusuke Sasano)

Polynomial Hamiltonian system in two variables with
$W({A}^{(1)}_1)$-symmetry and the second Painlevé hierarchy

Yusuke Sasano

1007.0109 (Alessandra Faggionato et al.)

Universality in one-dimensional hierarchical coalescence processes    [PDF]

Alessandra Faggionato, Fabio Martinelli, Cyril Roberto, Cristina Toninelli

1007.1948 (H. Azri et al.)

Geometrical Origin of the Cosmological Constant    [PDF]

H. Azri, A. Bounames

1104.0153 (Folkmar Bornemann)

On the Scaling Limits of Determinantal Point Processes with Kernels
Induced by Sturm-Liouville Operators

Folkmar Bornemann

1112.1203 (Juergen Geiser et al.)

Adaptive Particle in Cell: Balanced Discretization and weighted Shape

Juergen Geiser, Julia Duras, Ralf Schneider, Konstantin Matyash, David Tskhakaya, O. Kalentyev

1112.1716 (Jean Bourgain et al.)

Bounds on the density of states for Schr\" odinger operators    [PDF]

Jean Bourgain, Abel Klein

1208.1360 (Vladimir F. Kovalev et al.)

Nonlinear acoustic waves in channels with variable cross sections    [PDF]

Vladimir F. Kovalev, Oleg V. Rudenko

1208.1374 (Liang Chang et al.)

Tau function of the CKP hierarchy and non-linearizable Virasoro

Liang Chang, Chao-Zhong Wu

1208.1403 (Anton Galajinsky et al.)

Dynamical realization of l-conformal Galilei algebra and oscillators    [PDF]

Anton Galajinsky, Ivan Masterov

1208.1425 (J. A. Sánchez-Monroy et al.)

Energy operator for non-relativistic and relativistic quantum mechanics

J. A. Sánchez-Monroy, Jhon Morales, Eduardo Zambrano

1208.1428 (Klaus Fredenhagen et al.)

Perturbative algebraic quantum field theory    [PDF]

Klaus Fredenhagen, Katarzyna Rejzner

1208.1449 (Benoit Collins et al.)

Low entropy output states for products of random unitary channels    [PDF]

Benoit Collins, Motohisa Fukuda, Ion Nechita

1208.1481 (Nils Carqueville et al.)

Adjunctions and defects in Landau-Ginzburg models    [PDF]

Nils Carqueville, Daniel Murfet

1208.1486 (Chiara Esposito et al.)

Uniqueness of the Momentum map    [PDF]

Chiara Esposito, Ryszard Nest

1208.1502 (Adrian P. Gentle)

A cosmological solution of Regge calculus    [PDF]

Adrian P. Gentle