Friday, May 31, 2013

0609530 (Paul M. N. Feehan et al.)

Witten's conjecture for many four-manifolds of simple type    [PDF]

Paul M. N. Feehan, Thomas G. Leness

1108.3769 (Micho Durdevich et al.)

Dunkl Operators as Covariant Derivatives in a Quantum Principal Bundle    [PDF]

Micho Durdevich, Stephen Bruce Sontz

1111.4060 (Lluis Masanes et al.)

Entanglement and the three-dimensionality of the Bloch ball    [PDF]

Lluis Masanes, Markus P. Mueller, David Perez-Garcia, Remigiusz Augusiak

1201.0222 (Dorian Goldman et al.)

The $\mathbf Γ$-limit of the two-dimensional Ohta-Kawasaki energy.
I. Droplet density

Dorian Goldman, Cyrill B. Muratov, Sylvia Serfaty

1305.6972 (Jeffrey S Hazboun et al.)

Lorentz connection from a conformal gauge theory of Euclidean space    [PDF]

Jeffrey S Hazboun, James T Wheeler

1305.6986 (Stephen Bruce Sontz)

A Reproducing Kernel and Toeplitz Operators in the Quantum Plane    [PDF]

Stephen Bruce Sontz

1305.6987 (Jeffrey Schenker)

How large is large? Estimating the critical disorder for the Anderson

Jeffrey Schenker

1305.6991 (Jian Zhou)

Solution of W-Constraints for R-Spin Intersection Numbers    [PDF]

Jian Zhou

1305.7059 (Fabio Ciolli et al.)

QED Representation for the Net of Causal Loops    [PDF]

Fabio Ciolli, Giuseppe Ruzzi, Ezio Vasselli

1305.7107 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

Twofold Transition in PT-Symmetric Coupled Oscillators    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, Mariagiovanna Gianfreda

1305.7129 (Guy Bouchitte et al.)

Resonant effects in random dielectric structures    [PDF]

Guy Bouchitte, Christophe Bourel, Luigi Manca

1305.7156 (Y. Y. Atas et al.)

Joint probability densities of level spacing ratios in random matrices    [PDF]

Y. Y. Atas, E. Bogomolny, O. Giraud, P. Vivo, E. Vivo

1305.7160 (Eva-Maria Graefe et al.)

Mean-field approximation for a Bose-Hubbard dimer with complex
interaction strength

Eva-Maria Graefe, Chiara Liverani

1305.7184 (B Ransingh)

Defining relations and flip Dynkin superdiagrams    [PDF]

B Ransingh

1305.7189 (B Ransingh)

Splints of root systems on Lie Superalgebras    [PDF]

B Ransingh

1305.7193 (Vincent Knibbeler et al.)

The laminations of a crystal near an anti-continuum limit    [PDF]

Vincent Knibbeler, Blaz Mramor, Bob Rink

1305.7208 (Oleg Szehr)

Eigenvalue estimates for the resolvent of a non-normal matrix    [PDF]

Oleg Szehr

Thursday, May 30, 2013

1201.3295 (Christopher J. Fewster)

Endomorphisms and automorphisms of locally covariant quantum field

Christopher J. Fewster

1305.6625 (M. B. Hastings)

Classifying Quantum Phases With The Torus Trick    [PDF]

M. B. Hastings

1305.6636 (Antonio Degasperis et al.)

Rational solitons of wave resonant interaction models    [PDF]

Antonio Degasperis, Sara Lombardo

1305.6647 (David Damanik et al.)

Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle with Fibonacci Verblunsky
Coefficients, II. Applications

David Damanik, Paul Munger, William N. Yessen

1305.6658 (Dong Eui Chang et al.)

On the Self-Recovery Phenomenon in the Process of Diffusion    [PDF]

Dong Eui Chang, Soo Jeon

1305.6681 (Matteo Parsani et al.)

Large eddy simulation of a muffler with the high-order spectral
difference method

Matteo Parsani, Michael Bilka, Chris Lacor

1305.6685 (M. I. Qadir et al.)

Multiple fluxon analogues and dark solitons in linearly coupled
Bose-Einstein condensates

M. I. Qadir, H. Susanto, P. C. Matthews

1305.6755 (V. Kleptsyn et al.)

Josephson effect and slow-fast systems    [PDF]

V. Kleptsyn, O. Romaskevich, I. Schurov

1305.6808 (Chong-Sun Chu et al.)

Instanton String and M-Wave in Multiple M5-Branes System    [PDF]

Chong-Sun Chu, Hiroshi Isono

1305.6888 (Benoît Descamps et al.)

Asymptotically Decreasing Lieb-Robinson Velocity for a Class of
Dissipative Quantum Dynamics

Benoît Descamps, Frank Verstraete

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

0906.2077 (Mehmet Onder et al.)

On the Developable Mannheim Offsets of Timelike Ruled Surfaces    [PDF]

Mehmet Onder, H. Hüseyin Uğurlu

1101.1479 (Sunder Sethuraman et al.)

Large deviations for the current and tagged particle in 1D
nearest-neighbor symmetric simple exclusion

Sunder Sethuraman, S. R. S. Varadhan

1305.0500 (J. S. Dowker)

Central differences, Euler numbers and symbolic methods    [PDF]

J. S. Dowker

1305.6331 (Giampaolo Cicogna et al.)

Dynamical systems and σ-symmetries    [PDF]

Giampaolo Cicogna, Giuseppe Gaeta, Sebastian Walcher

1305.6337 (S. V. Borodachov et al.)

Low complexity methods for discretizing manifolds via Riesz energy

S. V. Borodachov, D. P. Hardin, E. B. Saff

1305.6378 (Alexander J. Silenko)

Scalar particle in general inertial and gravitational fields and
conformal invariance revisited

Alexander J. Silenko

1305.6382 (Pinaki Patra et al.)

Quantum Restoration of Broken Symmetry in one Dimensional Loop Space    [PDF]

Pinaki Patra, Tanmay Mandal, Jyoti Prasad Saha

1305.6386 (Aparna Saha et al.)

Inverse variational problem for non-standard Lagrangians    [PDF]

Aparna Saha, B Talukdar

1305.6412 (Herbert Spohn)

Nonlinear fluctuating hydrodynamics for anharmonic chains    [PDF]

Herbert Spohn

1305.6517 (J. A. Rojas Quintero et al.)

Covariant formulation for the optimal control of jointed arm robots: an
alternative to Pontryagin's principle

J. A. Rojas Quintero, C. Vallée, J. P. Gazeau, P. Seguin

1305.6545 (Gilad Gour)

General symmetric informationally complete measurements exist in all

Gilad Gour

1305.6556 (Io Kawaguchi et al.)

Schrodinger Sigma Models and Jordanian Twists    [PDF]

Io Kawaguchi, Takuya Matsumoto, Kentaroh Yoshida

1305.6569 (David Aristoff et al.)

Mathematical Analysis of Temperature Accelerated Dynamics    [PDF]

David Aristoff, Tony Lelièvre

1305.6600 (Brendan Guilfoyle et al.)

Marginally trapped surfaces in spaces of oriented geodesics    [PDF]

Brendan Guilfoyle, Nikos Georgiou

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1305.5841 (Mikhail Feigin et al.)

The quantum angular Calogero-Moser model    [PDF]

Mikhail Feigin, Olaf Lechtenfeld, Alexios Polychronakos

1305.5839 (M. Owaidat)

On the uniform tiling with electrical resistors    [PDF]

M. Owaidat

1305.5931 (Madhavan Venkatesh)

Loop Variable Representation of Classical Higher Dimensional Gravity and
the Hilbert Space Grassmannian

Madhavan Venkatesh

1305.5952 (Nadav Yesha)

Uniform distribution for the perturbed eigenfunctions of a point
scatterer on the three-dimensional torus

Nadav Yesha

1305.5974 (Luis J. Boya)

Introduction to Sporadic Groups for physicists    [PDF]

Luis J. Boya

1305.5997 (Hamid Reza Salimi Moghaddam)

On the left invariant Randers and Matsumoto metrics of Berwald type on
3-dimensional Lie groups

Hamid Reza Salimi Moghaddam

1305.6040 (Toshiyuki Kobayashi et al.)

Branching laws for Verma modules and applications in parabolic geometry.

Toshiyuki Kobayashi, Bent\Orsted, Petr Somberg, Vladimir Soucek

1305.6048 (K. V. Antipin et al.)

Haag's Theorem in the Theories with Non-physical Particles    [PDF]

K. V. Antipin, M. N. Mnatsakanova, Yu. S. Vernov

1305.6087 (Pinaki Patra et al.)

Lorentz Invariant CPT Violating Effects for a Class of Gauge-invariant
Nonlocal Thirring Models

Pinaki Patra, Jyoti Prasad Saha

1305.6105 (Boris Hanin)

Pairing of Zeros and Critical Points for Random Meromorphic Functions on
Riemann Surfaces

Boris Hanin

1305.6124 (Milivoje Lukic et al.)

Wigner-von Neumann type perturbations of periodic Schrödinger

Milivoje Lukic, Darren C. Ong

1305.6185 (Ludwik Dabrowski et al.)

Dirac operator on noncommutative principal circle bundles    [PDF]

Ludwik Dabrowski, Andrzej Sitarz, Alessandro Zucca

1305.6221 (Rémi Rhodes et al.)

Gaussian multiplicative chaos and applications: a review    [PDF]

Rémi Rhodes, Vincent Vargas

1305.6267 (Andrey E. Mironov et al.)

On the Spectral Curve of the Halphen Operator    [PDF]

Andrey E. Mironov, Dafeng Zuo

1305.6270 (Stefano Chesi et al.)

Vortex Loops and Majorana Fermions    [PDF]

Stefano Chesi, Arthur Jaffe, Daniel Loss, Fabio L. Pedrocchi

1305.6272 (A. Ballesteros et al.)

From constants of motion to superposition rules for Lie-Hamilton systems    [PDF]

A. Ballesteros, J. F. Cariñena, F. J. Herranz, J. de Lucas, C. Sardón

1305.6276 (J. F. Cariñena et al.)

Dirac--Lie systems and Schwarzian equations    [PDF]

J. F. Cariñena, J. Grabowski, J. de Lucas, C. Sardón

1305.6307 (Bruno G. da Costa et al.)

Generalized space and linear momentum operators in quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Bruno G. da Costa, Ernesto P. Borges

Monday, May 27, 2013

1006.1338 (Ivan Corwin et al.)

Crossover distributions at the edge of the rarefaction fan    [PDF]

Ivan Corwin, Jeremy Quastel

1010.4691 (H. Duminil-Copin et al.)

Sharp metastability threshold for an anisotropic bootstrap percolation

H. Duminil-Copin, A. C. D. Van Enter

1106.4057 (Tiago Fonseca)

On some polynomials enumerating Fully Packed Loops configurations,
evaluation at negative values

Tiago Fonseca

1305.5583 (Bikashkali Midya)

Some Solvable Quantum Mechanical Models and Their Symmetries    [PDF]

Bikashkali Midya

1305.5591 (Kristan Temme)

Lower bounds to the spectral gap of Davies generators    [PDF]

Kristan Temme

1305.5616 (Thomas Trogdon et al.)

A numerical dressing method for the nonlinear superposition of solutions
of the KdV equation

Thomas Trogdon, Bernard Deconinck

1305.5658 (G. V. Efimov)

Elastic scattering and path integral    [PDF]

G. V. Efimov

1305.5666 (Xin-Xing Chen et al.)

Range-Renewal Speed and Entropy for I.I.D Models    [PDF]

Xin-Xing Chen, Jian-Sheng Xie, Jiangang Ying

1305.5686 (Maciej Blaszak et al.)

Integrable quantum Stäckel systems    [PDF]

Maciej Blaszak, Ziemowit Domanski, Artur Sergyeyev, Blazej M. Szablikowski

1305.5689 (Peter Levay et al.)

Grassmannian Connection Between Three- and Four-Qubit Observables,
Mermin's Contextuality and Black Holes

Peter Levay, Michel Planat, Metod Saniga

1305.5699 (Marco Falconi)

Mean field limit of bosonic systems in partially factorized states and
their linear combinations

Marco Falconi

1305.5746 (Miguel Escobedo et al.)

On the Theory of Weak Turbulence for the Nonlinear Schrödinger

Miguel Escobedo, Juan J. L. Velázquez

1305.5775 (Kohei Iwaki et al.)

Stokes Matrices for the Quantum Cohomologies of Orbifold Projective

Kohei Iwaki, Atsushi Takahashi

1305.5808 (Burak Tevfik Kaynak et al.)

Compact submanifolds supporting singular interactions    [PDF]

Burak Tevfik Kaynak, O. Teoman Turgut

1305.5809 (Euihun Joung et al.)

A Calculus for Higher Spin Interactions    [PDF]

Euihun Joung, Massimo Taronna, Andrew Waldron

1305.5816 (Thomas Trogdon et al.)

Dispersive and soliton perturbations of finite-genus solutions of the
KdV equation: computational results

Thomas Trogdon, Bernard Deconinck

Friday, May 24, 2013

1109.4348 (Oleg Szehr et al.)

Decoupling with unitary approximate two-designs    [PDF]

Oleg Szehr, Frédéric Dupuis, Marco Tomamichel, Renato Renner

1305.3030 (Kohei Motegi et al.)

Vertex models, TASEP and Grothendieck polynomials    [PDF]

Kohei Motegi, Kazumitsu Sakai

1305.5317 (M. V. Popov et al.)

Quasi-Gasdynamic Approach for Numerical Solution of Magnetohydrodynamic

M. V. Popov, T. G. Elizarova, S. D. Ustyugov

1305.5323 (Alessandro Giuliani et al.)

Realization of stripes and slabs in two and three dimensions    [PDF]

Alessandro Giuliani, Elliott H. Lieb, Robert Seiringer

1305.5470 (Laura Gioia Andrea Keller et al.)

Embedded surfaces of arbitrary genus minimizing the Willmore energy
under isoperimetric constraint

Laura Gioia Andrea Keller, Andrea Mondino, Tristan Rivière

1305.5477 (Yaman Güçlü et al.)

A high order cell-centered semi-Lagrangian scheme for multi-dimensional
kinetic simulations of neutral gas flows

Yaman Güçlü, William N. G. Hitchon

1305.5492 (Mark Greenfield et al.)

Type III sigma-spectral triples and quantum statistical mechanical

Mark Greenfield, Matilde Marcolli, Kevin Teh

1305.5497 (Natalie E. Firsova)

Conductivity low-energy asymptotics for monolayer graphene    [PDF]

Natalie E. Firsova

1305.5501 (Alexei Borodin et al.)

Nearest neighbor Markov dynamics on Macdonald processes    [PDF]

Alexei Borodin, Leonid Petrov

1305.5526 (Christophe Garban et al.)

The scaling limits of near-critical and dynamical percolation    [PDF]

Christophe Garban, Gábor Pete, Oded Schramm

Thursday, May 23, 2013

1105.3665 (Mario Ullrich)

Comparison of Swendsen-Wang and Heat-Bath Dynamics    [PDF]

Mario Ullrich

1305.2171 (Marcel Bischoff et al.)

Integrable QFT and Longo-Witten endomorphisms    [PDF]

Marcel Bischoff, Yoh Tanimoto

1305.4961 (Alessandro Gondolo et al.)

Characterization and Synthesis of Rayleigh Damped Elastodynamic Networks    [PDF]

Alessandro Gondolo, Fernando Guevara Vasquez

1305.4988 (John C. Baez et al.)

Quantum Techniques for Studying Equilibrium in Chemical Reaction

John C. Baez, Brendan Fong

1305.4990 (Abraham A. Ungar)

On the Study of Hyperbolic Triangles and Circles by Hyperbolic
Barycentric Coordinates in Relativistic Hyperbolic Geometry

Abraham A. Ungar

1305.5021 (W. H. Klink et al.)

Loop prolongations and three-cocycles in simulated magnetic fields from
rotating reference frames

W. H. Klink, S. Wickramasekara

1305.5040 (Jean-François Bercher)

Some properties of generalized Fisher information in the context of
nonextensive thermostatistics

Jean-François Bercher

1305.5045 (Delia Ionescu-Kruse)

A new two-component system modelling shallow-water waves    [PDF]

Delia Ionescu-Kruse

1305.5049 (Luca Mezincescu et al.)

Equivalence of 3D Spinning String and Superstring    [PDF]

Luca Mezincescu, Alasdair J. Routh, Paul K. Townsend

1305.5127 (Wojciech De Roeck et al.)

Asymptotic localization of energy in non-disordered oscillator chains    [PDF]

Wojciech De Roeck, François Huveneers

1305.5135 (Gerhard Bräunlich et al.)

Translation-invariant quasi-free states for fermionic systems and the
BCS approximation

Gerhard Bräunlich, Christian Hainzl, Robert Seiringer

1305.5146 (David Applebaum et al.)

Second quantisation for skew convolution products of measures in Banach

David Applebaum, Jan van Neerven

1305.5184 (Stan Gudder)

An Approach to Discrete Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Stan Gudder

1305.5219 (Xuwen Chen et al.)

Approach to Equilibrium of a Body Colliding Specularly and Diffusely
with a Sea of Particles

Xuwen Chen, Walter Strauss

1305.5244 (Newton da Costa et al.)

A formal framework for the study of the notion of undefined particle
number in quantum mechanics

Newton da Costa, Federico Holik

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1111.5130 (Katarzyna Rejzner)

Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism in locally covariant field theory    [PDF]

Katarzyna Rejzner

1201.3726 (Łukasz Rudnicki et al.)

The Shannon-entropy-based uncertainty relation for $D$-dimensional
central potentials

Łukasz Rudnicki, Pablo Sánchez-Moreno, Jesús S. Dehesa

1305.4503 (Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu Lam et al.)

Stochastic perturbation of integrable systems: a window to weakly
chaotic systems

Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu Lam, Jorge Kurchan

1305.4638 (David Baraglia et al.)

Higgs bundles and (A,B,A)-branes    [PDF]

David Baraglia, Laura P. Schaposnik

1305.4716 (Shu Nakamura)

A Remark on the Mourre Theory for Two Body Schrödinger operators    [PDF]

Shu Nakamura

1305.4726 (Jie Xu et al.)

From microscopic theory to macroscopic theory: symmetries and order
parameters of rigid molecules

Jie Xu, Pingwen Zhang

1305.4759 (Martin Hallnäs et al.)

A recursive construction of joint eigenfunctions for the hyperbolic
nonrelativistic Calogero-Moser Hamiltonians

Martin Hallnäs, Simon Ruijsenaars

1305.4777 (K. Andrzejewski et al.)

Unitary representations of N-conformal Galilei group    [PDF]

K. Andrzejewski, J. Gonera

1305.4816 (J. Bouttier et al.)

A note on irreducible maps with several boundaries    [PDF]

J. Bouttier, E. Guitter

1305.4838 (Michael M. Kay)

On the Quantization of Special Kähler Manifolds    [PDF]

Michael M. Kay

1305.4850 (David Borthwick)

Distribution of resonances for hyperbolic surfaces    [PDF]

David Borthwick

1305.4869 (J. Kocinski et al.)

The Infinitesimal-Operator Algebras of Continuous Groups with Antilinear

J. Kocinski, M. Wierzbicki

1305.4870 (Christian Saemann et al.)

Six-Dimensional Superconformal Field Theories from Principal 3-Bundles
over Twistor Space

Christian Saemann, Martin Wolf

1305.4875 (G. Berkolaiko et al.)

Combinatorial theory of the semiclassical evaluation of transport
moments I: Equivalence with the random matrix approach

G. Berkolaiko, J. Kuipers

1305.4880 (Rémi Carles et al.)

Higher order Schrodinger and Hartree-Fock equations    [PDF]

Rémi Carles, Emmanuel Moulay

1305.4895 (Tayeb Jamali et al.)

Fractional Gaussian noise: a random-matrix-theory inspired perspective    [PDF]

Tayeb Jamali, Hamed Saberi, G. R. Jafari

1305.4902 (R. Bedoya et al.)

Complex $Γ$-convergence and magnetic Dirichlet Laplacian in bounded
thin tubes

R. Bedoya, C. R. de Oliveira, A. A. Verri

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1011.2870 (Wahb Ettoumi et al.)

Linear theory and violent relaxation in long-range systems: a test case    [PDF]

Wahb Ettoumi, Marie-Christine Firpo

1105.5181 (Rupert L. Frank et al.)

Refined Semiclassical Asymptotics for Fractional Powers of the Laplace

Rupert L. Frank, Leander Geisinger

1109.2776 (J. Beltrán et al.)

Tunneling of the Kawasaki dynamics at low temperatures in two dimensions    [PDF]

J. Beltrán, C. Landim

1208.5734 (Vladimir V. Kornyak)

Classical and Quantum Discrete Dynamical Systems    [PDF]

Vladimir V. Kornyak

1305.2425 (Emil Prodan et al.)

The non-commutative n-th Chern number    [PDF]

Emil Prodan, Bryan Leung, Jean Bellissard

1305.2613 (Andre LeClair)

An electrostatic depiction of the validity of the Riemann Hypothesis    [PDF]

Andre LeClair

1305.3912 (Elliott H. Lieb et al.)

The entropy concept for non-equilibrium states    [PDF]

Elliott H. Lieb, Jakob Yngvason

1305.3894 (Tomasz Maciazek et al.)

How many invariant polynomials are needed to decide local unitary
equivalence of qubit states?

Tomasz Maciazek, Michał Oszmaniec, Adam Sawicki

1305.3930 (Manuele Santoprete)

Gravitational and harmonic oscillator potentials on surfaces of

Manuele Santoprete

1305.4279 (V. Fleurov et al.)

Soliton in a Well. Dynamics and Tunneling    [PDF]

V. Fleurov, A. Soffer

1305.4286 (Lior Falach)

Application of Geometric measure Theory in Continuum Mechanics: The
Configuration Space, Principle of Virtual Power and Cauchy's Stress Theory
for Rough Bodies

Lior Falach

1305.4400 (M. D'Ovidio et al.)

Fractional gradient and its application to the fractional advection

M. D'Ovidio, R. Garra

1305.4404 (Karen Yagdjian)

Semilinear Hyperbolic Equations in Curved Spacetime    [PDF]

Karen Yagdjian

1305.4409 (Vojkan Jaksic et al.)

Entropic fluctuations of quantum dynamical semigroups    [PDF]

Vojkan Jaksic, Claude-Alain Pillet, Matthias Westrich

1305.4410 (Horia D. Cornean et al.)

On the steady state correlation functions of open interacting systems    [PDF]

Horia D. Cornean, Claude-Alain Pillet, Valeriu Moldoveanu

1305.4412 (Makoto Katori)

Determinantal Martingales and Noncolliding Diffusion Processes    [PDF]

Makoto Katori

1305.4424 (E. Martínez-Pascual)

Refined algebraic quantisation in a system with nonconstant gauge
invariant structure functions

E. Martínez-Pascual

1305.4449 (Jesus S. Dehesa et al.)

Relative Fisher information of discrete classical orthogonal polynomials    [PDF]

Jesus S. Dehesa, Pablo Sánchez-Moreno, Rafael J. Yáñez

1305.4463 (Luisa Fermo et al.)

Fundamental diagrams for kinetic equations of traffic flow    [PDF]

Luisa Fermo, Andrea Tosin

1305.4473 (N. P. Landsman)

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Systems: Emergence or

N. P. Landsman

1305.4518 (Maciej Blaszak et al.)

Canonical quantization of classical mechanics in curvilinear
coordinates. Invariant quantization procedure

Maciej Blaszak, Ziemowit Domanski

1305.4526 (Andrzej Okolow)

Variables suitable for constructing quantum states for the Teleparallel
Equivalent of General Relativity I

Andrzej Okolow

1305.4566 (B. Bagchi et al.)

On Quantized Lienard Oscillator and Momentum Dependent Mass    [PDF]

B. Bagchi, A. Ghose Choudhury, P. Guha

1305.4568 (A. A. Kutsenko)

Wave propagation in periodic lattices with defects of smaller dimension    [PDF]

A. A. Kutsenko

1305.4596 (Leszek Hadasz et al.)

Self-dual Continuous Series of Representations for U_q(sl(2)) and

Leszek Hadasz, Michal Pawelkiewicz, Volker Schomerus

1305.4598 (Arthemy V. Kiselev et al.)

Non-Abelian Lie algebroids over jet spaces    [PDF]

Arthemy V. Kiselev, Andrey O. Krutov

1305.4619 (Sanjib Dey et al.)

Bohmian quantum trajectories from coherent states    [PDF]

Sanjib Dey, Andreas Fring

Monday, May 20, 2013

1305.3961 (Peter C. Gibson)

The combinatorics of scattering in layered media    [PDF]

Peter C. Gibson

1305.3974 (M. Avendaño-Camacho et al.)

Higher order corrections to adiabatic invariants of generalized
slow-fast Hamiltonian systems

M. Avendaño-Camacho, J. A. Vallejo, Yu. Vorobiev

1305.4010 (Darryl D. Holm et al.)

Matrix G-Strands    [PDF]

Darryl D. Holm, Rossen I. Ivanov

1305.4026 (Ziemowit Domanski et al.)

On equivalence of star-products in arbitrary canonical coordinates    [PDF]

Ziemowit Domanski, Maciej Blaszak

1305.4057 (Andrey Mikhailov)

The functional mechanics: evolution of the moments of distribution
function and the Poincare recurrence theorem

Andrey Mikhailov

1305.4100 (C. Briot et al.)

Yangians and W-algebras    [PDF]

C. Briot, E. Ragoucy

1305.4106 (Jens Bolte et al.)

Heat kernel asymptotics for magnetic Schrödinger operators    [PDF]

Jens Bolte, Stefan Keppeler

1305.4117 (Yu Nakayama)

Holographic interpretation of renormalization group approach to singular
perturbations in non-linear differential equations

Yu Nakayama

Sunday, May 19, 2013

1003.3019 (Nicolae Strungaru)

On the Bragg Diffraction Spectra of a Meyer Set    [PDF]

Nicolae Strungaru

1102.2544 (K. Scharnhorst)

Entanglement capabilities of the spin representation of (3+1)D-conformal

K. Scharnhorst

1103.1371 (Alexander Fribergh et al.)

Phase transition for the speed of the biased random walk on the
supercritical percolation cluster

Alexander Fribergh, Alan Hammond

1105.3565 (Vladimir V. Bytev et al.)

HYPERDIRE: HYPERgeometric functions DIfferential REduction: MATHEMATICA
based packages for differential reduction of generalized hypergeometric
functions pFq, F1,F2,F3,F4

Vladimir V. Bytev, Mikhail Yu. Kalmykov, Bernd A. Kniehl

1201.5054 (Yuri N. Fedorov et al.)

The motion of the 2D hydrodynamic Chaplygin sleigh in the presence of

Yuri N. Fedorov, Luis C. García-Naranjo, Joris Vankerschaver

1305.3167 (Marián Fecko)

On p-form vortex-lines equations on extended phase space    [PDF]

Marián Fecko

1305.3170 (Roberto Paroni et al.)

On variational dimension reduction in structure mechanics    [PDF]

Roberto Paroni, Paolo Podio-Guidugli

1305.3175 (W. Sarlet et al.)

A generalization of Szebehely's inverse problem of dynamics    [PDF]

W. Sarlet, T. Mestdag, G. Prince

1305.3191 (Alain Albouy et al.)

Some Problems on the Classical N-Body Problem    [PDF]

Alain Albouy, Hildeberto E. Cabral, Alan A. Santos

1305.3201 (J. C. Eilbeck et al.)

Periods of second kind differentials of (n,s)-curves    [PDF]

J. C. Eilbeck, K. Eilers, V. Z. Enolski

1305.3292 (Andrew J. Hanson et al.)

Discrete Quantum Theories    [PDF]

Andrew J. Hanson, Gerardo Ortiz, Amr Sabry, Yu-Tsung Tai

1305.3300 (Adam Szereszewski et al.)

Towards conformally flat isothermic metrics    [PDF]

Adam Szereszewski, Antoni Sym

1305.3302 (Z. -H. Ma et al.)

A New Multilevel Method for Electrostatic Problems through Hierarchical
Loop Basis

Z. -H. Ma, W. C. Chew, Y. M. Wu, L. J. Jiang

1305.3322 (Arnab Kar et al.)

A Hierarchical Finite Element Method for Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

Arnab Kar, Fred Moolekamp, S. G. Rajeev

1305.3326 (Laurent Freidel et al.)

A Discrete and Coherent Basis of Intertwiners    [PDF]

Laurent Freidel, Jeff Hnybida

1305.3330 (Håkon Hoel et al.)

How accurate is Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics for crossings of
potential surfaces ?

Håkon Hoel, Ashraful Kadir, Petr Plecháč, Mattias Sandberg, Anders Szepessy

1305.3342 (Julio Andrade)

Hilbert-Pólya Conjecture, Zeta-Functions and Bosonic Quantum Field

Julio Andrade

1305.3397 (Thierry Bodineau et al.)

The Brownian motion as the limit of a deterministic system of

Thierry Bodineau, Isabelle Gallagher, Laure Saint-Raymond

1305.3451 (Stoil Donev et al.)

A nonlinear relativistic approach to mathematical representation of
vacuum electromagnetism based on extended Lie derivative

Stoil Donev, Maria Tashkova

1305.3477 (D. H. Delphenich)

The use of the teleparallelism connection in continuum mechanics    [PDF]

D. H. Delphenich

1305.3523 (Felix Thiel et al.)

Disentangling sources of anomalous diffusion    [PDF]

Felix Thiel, Franziska Flegel, Igor M. Sokolov

1305.3535 (Pierre Schapira)

Hyperbolic systems and propagation on causal manifolds    [PDF]

Pierre Schapira

1305.3562 (Sergey V. Zuev)

Non-limit integration of differential equations. General solution for
van der Pol equation

Sergey V. Zuev

1305.3572 (Darryl D. Holm et al.)

Relative Geodesics in the Special Euclidean Group    [PDF]

Darryl D. Holm, Lyle Noakes, Joris Vankerschaver

1305.3591 (Erasmo Recami et al.)

On a Time-Space Operator (and other Non-Selfadjoint Operators) for
Observables in QM and QFT

Erasmo Recami, Michel Zamboni-Rached, Ignazio Licata

1305.3618 (K. C. Lewis et al.)

A Model for Tracking Fronts of Stress-Induced Permeability Enhancement    [PDF]

K. C. Lewis, Satish Karra, Sharad Kelkar

1305.3627 (Alexei Borodin et al.)

General beta Jacobi corners process and the Gaussian Free Field    [PDF]

Alexei Borodin, Vadim Gorin

1305.3641 (Jan Dereziński et al.)

Excitation spectrum of interacting bosons in the mean-field
infinite-volume limit

Jan Dereziński, Marcin Napiórkowski

1305.3642 (Omar Gamel et al.)

Constructing Quantum Circuits for Simple Periodic Functions    [PDF]

Omar Gamel, Daniel F. V. James

1305.3660 (Michał Oszmaniec et al.)

Geometry and topology of CC and CQ states    [PDF]

Michał Oszmaniec, Piotr Suwara, Adam Sawicki

1305.3664 (Bogdan Mielnik)

Quantum Operations: technical or fundamental challenge?    [PDF]

Bogdan Mielnik

1305.3677 (J. V. Beltrán et al.)

Quillen superconnections and connections on supermanifolds    [PDF]

J. V. Beltrán, J. Monterde, J. A. Vallejo

1305.3704 (Beniamino Cappelletti Montano et al.)

A survey on cosymplectic geometry    [PDF]

Beniamino Cappelletti Montano, Antonio De Nicola, Ivan Yudin

1305.3711 (Jesus S. Dehesa et al.)

Information-theoretic-based spreading measures of orthogonal polynomials    [PDF]

Jesus S. Dehesa, A. Guerrero, Pablo Sánchez-Moreno

1305.3724 (Yoshimasa Kurihara et al.)

Thermodynamics for Trajectories of a Mass Point    [PDF]

Yoshimasa Kurihara, Nhi My Uyen Quach

1305.3738 (Thierry Harge)

Borel summation of the semi-classical expansion of the partition
function associated to the Schrödinger equation

Thierry Harge

1305.3739 (Antoine Levitt)

Solutions of the multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock equations    [PDF]

Antoine Levitt

1305.3785 (Sergey Dobrokhotov et al.)

The semiclassical Maupertuis-Jacobi correspondence for quasi-periodic
Hamiltonian flows: stable and unstable spectra

Sergey Dobrokhotov, Michel Rouleux

1305.3788 (Manuele Santoprete et al.)

Motion in a symmetric potential on the hyperbolic plane    [PDF]

Manuele Santoprete, Jürgen Scheurle, Sebastian Walcher

1305.3805 (Gerhard Bräunlich et al.)

On contact interactions as limits of short-range potentials    [PDF]

Gerhard Bräunlich, Christian Hainzl, Robert Seiringer

1305.3855 (Shengda Hu et al.)

On the Topology of the double spherical pendulum    [PDF]

Shengda Hu, Eduardo Leandro, Manuele Santoprete

1305.3874 (A. S. Yurkov)

On the flexoelectric deformations of finite size bodies    [PDF]

A. S. Yurkov

Thursday, May 9, 2013

1012.5245 (Chao-Zhong Wu)

$R$-matrices and Hamiltonian Structures for Certain Lax Equations    [PDF]

Chao-Zhong Wu

1305.1674 (Michael Lashkevich et al.)

On form factors and Macdonald polynomials    [PDF]

Michael Lashkevich, Yaroslav Pugai

1305.1689 (Mohammad-Ali Miri et al.)

Supersymmetry-generated complex optical potentials with real spectra    [PDF]

Mohammad-Ali Miri, Matthias Heinrich, Demetrios N. Christodoulides

1305.1693 (Atushi Tanaka et al.)

Exotic quantum holonomy and non-Hermitian degeneracies in two-body
Lieb-Liniger model

Atushi Tanaka, Nobuhiro Yonezawa, Taksu Cheon

1305.1697 (Arvind Ayyer et al.)

Directed nonabelian sandpile models on trees    [PDF]

Arvind Ayyer, Anne Schilling, Benjamin Steinberg, Nicolas M. Thiery

1305.1720 (Frank Hansen)

Convexity of the residual entropy    [PDF]

Frank Hansen

1305.1722 (Norio Konno et al.)

One-dimensional quantum walks via generating function and the CGMV

Norio Konno, Etsuo Segawa

1305.1749 (Chul Ki Ko et al.)

The generator and quantum Markov semigroup for quantum walks    [PDF]

Chul Ki Ko, Hyun Jae Yoo

1305.1759 (G. Dimarco et al.)

Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta schemes for the Boltzmann-Poisson system
for semiconductors

G. Dimarco, L. Pareschi, V. Rispoli

1305.1792 (Arthur Jaffe et al.)

Reflection Positivity for Majorana Fermions    [PDF]

Arthur Jaffe, Fabio L. Pedrocchi

1305.1838 (Jingzhi Li et al.)

Locating Multiple Multi-scale Electromagnetic Scatterers by A Single
Far-field Measurement

Jingzhi Li, Hongyu Liu, Qi Wang

1305.1843 (Christian Seifert et al.)

A weak Gordon type condition for absence of eigenvalues of
one-dimensional Schrödinger operators

Christian Seifert, Hendrik Vogt

1305.1858 (Shibao Shan et al.)

On Rogue wave in the Kundu-DNLS equation    [PDF]

Shibao Shan, Chuanzhong Li, Jingsong He

1305.1859 (Shakoor Pooseh et al.)

A discrete time method to the first variation of fractional order
variational functionals

Shakoor Pooseh, Ricardo Almeida, Delfim F. M. Torres

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1002.2566 (M. V. Altaisky)

Quantum field theory without divergences    [PDF]

M. V. Altaisky

1103.3695 (Sebastian Haeseler et al.)

Laplacians on infinite graphs: Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions    [PDF]

Sebastian Haeseler, Matthias Keller, Daniel Lenz, Radosław Wojciechowski

1103.4048 (Chao-Zhong Wu et al.)

A Class of Infinite-dimensional Frobenius Manifolds and Their

Chao-Zhong Wu, Dingdian Xu

1105.2814 (Joseph G. Conlon et al.)

A strong central limit theorem for a class of random surfaces    [PDF]

Joseph G. Conlon, Thomas Spencer

1112.1629 (Peter A. B. Pleasants et al.)

Entropy and diffraction of the $k$-free points in $n$-dimensional

Peter A. B. Pleasants, Christian Huck

1305.1310 (Yoav Kallus)

Statistical mechanics of the lattice sphere packing problem    [PDF]

Yoav Kallus

1305.1360 (Marcelo Epstein et al.)

A unified geometric treatment of material defects    [PDF]

Marcelo Epstein, Reuven Segev

1305.1404 (Kenneth Taliaferro et al.)

Positive Semidefiniteness and Global Well-Posedness of Solutions to the
Gross-Pitaevskii Hierarchy

Kenneth Taliaferro, Thomas Chen

1305.1416 (Petarpa Boonserm et al.)

Regge-Wheeler equation, stability, and greybody factors for dirty black

Petarpa Boonserm, Tritos Ngampitipan, Matt Visser

1305.1463 (Henning Bostelmann)

Relativistische Materie in zwei Raum-Zeit-Dimensionen    [PDF]

Henning Bostelmann

1305.1472 (Lin Zhang)

Quantum fidelity between unitary orbits    [PDF]

Lin Zhang

1305.1481 (C. G. Raab)

Generalization of Risch's Algorithm to Special Functions    [PDF]

C. G. Raab

1305.1506 (Piotr Migdał et al.)

Entanglement classes of permutation-symmetric qudit states: symmetric
operations suffice

Piotr Migdał, Javier Rodriguez-Laguna, Maciej Lewenstein

1305.1532 (V. Balandin et al.)

Relations between Projected Emittances and Eigenemittances    [PDF]

V. Balandin, W. Decking, N. Golubeva

1305.1566 (Leonardo Castellani)

Chern-Simons supergravities, with a twist    [PDF]

Leonardo Castellani

1305.1567 (Serban T. Belinschi et al.)

Almost one bit violation for the additivity of the minimum output

Serban T. Belinschi, Benoit Collins, Ion Nechita

1305.1580 (Richard J. Szabo et al.)

q-deformations of two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory: Classification,
categorification and refinement

Richard J. Szabo, Miguel Tierz

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1101.5113 (Johan Noldus)

Foundations of a theory of quantum gravity    [PDF]

Johan Noldus

1106.4702 (B. G. Giraud et al.)

Concavity Theorems for Energy Surfaces    [PDF]

B. G. Giraud, S. Karataglidis

1205.3724 (B. Ransingh et al.)

Iwasawa decomposition and Vogan diagrams of some hyperbolic Kac-Moody

B. Ransingh, K. C. Pati

1301.5525 (Frédéric Faure et al.)

Band structure of the Ruelle spectrum of contact Anosov flows    [PDF]

Frédéric Faure, Masato Tsujii

1305.0659 (Maria Vittoria Gargiulo et al.)

Doubling of the Algebra and Neutrino Mixing within Noncommutative
Spectral Geometry

Maria Vittoria Gargiulo, Mairi Sakellariadou, Giuseppe Vitiello

1305.0838 (Diego Alberici et al.)

Solution of the monomer-dimer model on locally tree-like graphs.
Rigorous results

Diego Alberici, Pierluigi Contucci

1305.0962 (Juan Manuel Burgos)

Two-dimensional Minkowski causal automorphisms and conformal maps    [PDF]

Juan Manuel Burgos

1305.0970 (Q. H. Liu)

Geometric momentum for a particle constrained on a curved hypersurface    [PDF]

Q. H. Liu

1305.1008 (Yulong Fu et al.)

Proof of a Conjecture on the Genus Two Free Energy Associated to the A_n

Yulong Fu, Si-Qi Liu, Youjin Zhang, Chunhui Zhou

1305.1009 (Denis Borisov et al.)

Homogenization and uniform resolvent convergence for elliptic operators
in a strip perforated along a curve

Denis Borisov, Giuseppe Cardone, Tiziana Durante

1305.1025 (Maurice A. de Gosson)

Symplectic and Hamiltonian Deformations of Gabor Frames    [PDF]

Maurice A. de Gosson

1305.1030 (Chao-Zhong Wu et al.)

Infinite-dimensional Frobenius Manifolds Underlying the Toda Lattice

Chao-Zhong Wu, Dafeng Zuo

1305.1034 (Ivan Kryven et al.)

Predicting multidimensional distributive properties of hyperbranched
polymer resulting from AB2 polymerization with substitution, cyclization and

Ivan Kryven, Piet D. Iedema

1305.1039 (Leander Geisinger)

Convergence of the density of states and delocalization of eigenvectors
on random regular graphs

Leander Geisinger

1305.1063 (Richard Montgomery)

MICZ-Kepler = dynamics on the cone over the rotation group    [PDF]

Richard Montgomery

1305.1092 (Antal A. Járai et al.)

Electrical resistance of the low dimensional critical branching random

Antal A. Járai, Asaf Nachmias

1305.1113 (Nicolai Reshetikhin et al.)

Reflection quantum Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations and Bethe vectors    [PDF]

Nicolai Reshetikhin, Jasper Stokman, Bart Vlaar

1305.1180 (Giulio G. Giusteri et al.)

Nonlinear free fall of one-dimensional rigid bodies in hyperviscous

Giulio G. Giusteri, Alfredo Marzocchi, Alessandro Musesti

1305.1217 (T. Imamura et al.)

On the equal time two-point distribution of the one-dimensional KPZ
equation by replica

T. Imamura, T. Sasamoto, H. Spohn

1305.1228 (Anton A. Kutsenko)

Periodic lattice with defects    [PDF]

Anton A. Kutsenko

1305.1246 (Francesco D'Andrea et al.)

Anti-selfdual Connections On The Quantum Projective Plane: Instantons    [PDF]

Francesco D'Andrea, Giovanni Landi

1305.1257 (Hugo Duminil-Copin et al.)

On the probability that self-avoiding walk ends at a given point    [PDF]

Hugo Duminil-Copin, Alexander Glazman, Alan Hammond, Ioan Manolescu

1305.1264 (Ehab Malkawi)

Transformation Property of the Caputo Fractional Differential Operator
in Two Dimensional Space

Ehab Malkawi

Monday, May 6, 2013

1111.3586 (Yue Chen et al.)

Resonance and Double Negative Behavior in Metamaterials    [PDF]

Yue Chen, Robert P. Lipton

1305.0658 (Dorje C. Brody)

Complex extension of Wigner's theorem    [PDF]

Dorje C. Brody

1305.0666 (Hjalmar Rosengren)

Special polynomials related to the supersymmetric eight-vertex model. I.
Behaviour at cusps

Hjalmar Rosengren

1305.0687 (Jakob Ablinger)

Computer Algebra Algorithms for Special Functions in Particle Physics    [PDF]

Jakob Ablinger

1305.0701 (B. Chetverushkin et al.)

Novel Kinetic 3D MHD Algorithm for High Performance Parallel Computing

B. Chetverushkin, N. D'Ascenzo, V. Saveliev

1305.0707 (Giulio G. Giusteri et al.)

Steady free fall of one-dimensional bodies in a hyperviscous fluid at
low Reynolds number

Giulio G. Giusteri, Alfredo Marzocchi, Alessandro Musesti

1305.0726 (Lun Zhang)

A note on limiting mean distribution of singular values for products of
two Wishart random matrices

Lun Zhang

1305.0773 (Claude Bardos et al.)

Non-uniqueness for the Euler equations: the effect of the boundary    [PDF]

Claude Bardos, László Székelyhidi Jr., Emil Wiedemann

1305.0776 (Magnus Bordewich et al.)

Mixing of the Glauber dynamics for the ferromagnetic Potts model    [PDF]

Magnus Bordewich, Catherine Greenhill, Viresh Patel

1305.0784 (Carla Recchia et al.)

Semiclassical wave-packets emerging from interaction with an environment    [PDF]

Carla Recchia, Alessandro Teta

1305.0800 (Qi Lu)

Observability Estimate and State Observation Problems for Stochastic
Hyperbolic Equations

Qi Lu

Friday, May 3, 2013

1109.1344 (Chengming Bai et al.)

Lie 2-bialgebras    [PDF]

Chengming Bai, Yunhe Sheng, Chenchang Zhu

1305.0059 (Boris Gutkin et al.)

Clustering of periodic orbits and ensembles of truncated unitary

Boris Gutkin, Vladimir Al. Osipov

1305.0071 (Andrei Mikhailov et al.)

Cohomology ring of the BRST operator associated to the sum of two pure

Andrei Mikhailov, Albert Schwarz, Renjun Xu

1305.0139 (Nathanael Berestycki et al.)

Condensation of a two-dimensional random walk and the Wulff crystal    [PDF]

Nathanael Berestycki, Ariel Yadin

1305.0154 (Rémi Rhodes et al.)

Spectral dimension of Liouville quantum gravity    [PDF]

Rémi Rhodes, Vincent Vargas

1305.0161 (Francesco Mainardi)

On some properties of the Mittag-Leffler function E_α(-t^α),
completely monotone for t > 0 with 0 < α< 1

Francesco Mainardi

1305.0176 (Jean Bourgain)

A lower bound for the Lyapounov exponents of the random Schrodinger
operator on a strip

Jean Bourgain

1305.0217 (Markus B. Fröb)

Fully renormalized stress tensor correlator in flat space    [PDF]

Markus B. Fröb

1305.0228 (Jorge L. deLyra)

On the Sums of Inverse Even Powers of Zeros of Regular Bessel Functions    [PDF]

Jorge L. deLyra

1305.0332 (Atsushi Mori)

Volume term of work of critical nucleus formation in terms of chemical
potential difference relative to equilibrium one

Atsushi Mori

1305.0380 (Sylvain Carpentier et al.)

Some remarks on non-commutative principal ideal rings    [PDF]

Sylvain Carpentier, Alberto De Sole, Victor G. Kac

1305.0383 (Madhavan Venkatesh)

An Algebraic Topological Construct of Classical Loop Gravity and the
prospect of Higher Dimensions

Madhavan Venkatesh

1305.0399 (Sergey L. Yakovlev et al.)

On Green's functions for Hamiltonians with potentials possessing
singularity at the origin: application to the zero-range potential formalism

Sergey L. Yakovlev, Vitaliy A. Gradusov

1305.0402 (Oscar M. Perdomo)

Constant Speed Ramps    [PDF]

Oscar M. Perdomo

1305.0468 (Maurizio Fagotti et al.)

Stationary behaviour of observables after a quantum quench in the
spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ chain

Maurizio Fagotti, Fabian H. L. Essler

1305.0469 (Marianne Leitner)

CFTs on Riemann Surfaces of genus $ g\geq 1$: Dependence on moduli    [PDF]

Marianne Leitner