Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1102.3831 (Jean Bricmont et al.)

Diffusion in Energy Conserving Coupled Maps    [PDF]

Jean Bricmont, Antti Kupiainen

1109.4994 (Norman Margolus)

The maximum average rate of state change    [PDF]

Norman Margolus

1109.5215 (Robert Oeckl)

The Schrödinger representation and its relation to the holomorphic
representation in linear and affine field theory

Robert Oeckl

1112.3285 (Jean-Christophe Wallet)

Connes distance by examples: Homothetic spectral metric spaces    [PDF]

Jean-Christophe Wallet

1112.4034 (D. A. Stone et al.)

Searching for confined modes in graphene channels: the variable phase

D. A. Stone, C. A. Downing, M. E. Portnoi

1209.1631 (Mario J. Pinheiro)

A Variational Method in Out of Equilibrium Physical Systems    [PDF]

Mario J. Pinheiro

1209.1652 (Les Hatton)

Power-laws and the Conservation of Information in discrete token
systems: Part 2 The role of defect

Les Hatton

1209.1715 (Masataka Kanki)

Integrability of discrete equations modulo a prime    [PDF]

Masataka Kanki

1209.1731 (Konrad Waldorf)

Spin structures on loop spaces that characterize string manifolds    [PDF]

Konrad Waldorf

1209.1735 (Yulia Karpeshina et al.)

Multiscale Analysis in Momentum Space for Quasi-periodic Potential in
Dimension Two

Yulia Karpeshina, Roman Shterenberg

1209.1758 (Gabor Csanyi et al.)

Nonsmooth geometry and collapse of flexible structures under smooth

Gabor Csanyi, Gabor Domokos

1209.1813 (D. M. Appleby et al.)

Galois Automorphisms of a Symmetric Measurement    [PDF]

D. M. Appleby, Hulya Yadsan-Appleby, Gerhard Zauner

1209.1823 (Hasan R. Karadayi et al.)

A Brief Note On The Definition of Signature    [PDF]

Hasan R. Karadayi, Meltem Gungormez

1209.1825 (A. G. Ramm)

Large-time behavior of the weak solution to 3D Navier-Stokes equations    [PDF]

A. G. Ramm

1209.1841 (Domenico Marinucci et al.)

On Nonlinear Functionals of Random Spherical Eigenfunctions    [PDF]

Domenico Marinucci, Igor Wigman

1209.1847 (Nuno Costa Dias et al.)

A global, dynamical formulation of quantum confined systems    [PDF]

Nuno Costa Dias, João Nuno Prata

1209.1849 (Nuno Costa Dias et al.)

A pseudo-differential calculus on non-standard symplectic space;
spectral and regularity results in modulation spaces

Nuno Costa Dias, Maurice de Gosson, Franz Luef, João Nuno Prata

1209.1850 (Nuno Costa Dias et al.)

Quantum mechanics in phase space: The Schrödinger and the Moyal

Nuno Costa Dias, Maurice de Gosson, Franz Luef, João Nuno Prata

1209.1852 (Nuno Costa Dias et al.)

Dimensional Extension of Pseudo-Differential Operators: Properties and
Spectral Results

Nuno Costa Dias, Maurice A. de Gosson, João Nuno Prata

1209.1857 (Maria Bruna et al.)

Diffusion of multiple species with excluded-volume effects    [PDF]

Maria Bruna, S. Jonathan Chapman

1209.1878 (Mehmet Koca et al.)

Affine A4, Quaternions, and Decagonal Quasicrystals    [PDF]

Mehmet Koca, Nazife O. Koca, Ramazan Koc

1209.1913 (Chikashi Arita et al.)

Matrix product solution to an inhomogeneous multi-species TASEP    [PDF]

Chikashi Arita, Kirone Mallick

1209.1969 (Alessandro Spallicci et al.)

Towards a self-consistent orbital evolution for EMRIs    [PDF]

Alessandro Spallicci, Patxi Ritter, Sylvain Jubertie, Stèphane Cordier, Sofiane Aoudia

1209.1975 (S. Farhang-Sardroodi et al.)

Two dimensional Nambu sigma model    [PDF]

S. Farhang-Sardroodi, A. Rezaei-Aghdam

1209.1997 (Markus Lazar)

The fundamentals of non-singular dislocations in the theory of gradient
elasticity: dislocation loops and straight dislocations

Markus Lazar

1209.2019 (Phil Broadbridge et al.)

Solutions of Helmholtz and Schrödinger equations with side condition
and nonregular separation of variables

Phil Broadbridge, Claudia M. Chanu, W. Miller Jr

1209.2021 (Ludwik Dabrowski et al.)

Dirac operator on spinors and diffeomorphisms    [PDF]

Ludwik Dabrowski, Giacomo Dossena

1209.2059 (Gilles Pisier)

Quantum Expanders and Geometry of Operator Spaces    [PDF]

Gilles Pisier