Monday, July 15, 2013

1305.1975 (Tuan Minh Le)

Infinite Volume Limit for Correlation functions in the Dipole Gas    [PDF]

Tuan Minh Le

1307.3280 (G. Berkolaiko et al.)

Combinatorial theory of the semiclassical evaluation of transport
moments II: Algorithmic approach for moment generating functions

G. Berkolaiko, J. Kuipers

1307.3288 (Gerardo Adesso et al.)

Genuine tripartite nonlocality of Gaussian states    [PDF]

Gerardo Adesso, Samanta Piano

1307.3363 (Simona Rota Nodari et al.)

Renormalized energy equidistribution and local charge balance in 2D
Coulomb systems

Simona Rota Nodari, Sylvia Serfaty

1307.3368 (Andrey Nikolaev)

Kato perturbation expansion in classical mechanics and explicit
expression for Deprit generator

Andrey Nikolaev

1307.3376 (Snorre Harald Christiansen)

Exact formulas for the approximation of connections and curvature    [PDF]

Snorre Harald Christiansen

1307.3382 (Mingjie Li et al.)

The limit to rarefaction wave with vacuum for 1D compressible fluids
with temperature-dependent viscosities

Mingjie Li, Teng Wang, Yi Wang

1307.3384 (Yutaka Shikano)

From Discrete Time Quantum Walk to Continuous Time Quantum Walk in Limit

Yutaka Shikano

1307.3470 (E. G. Ekomasov et al.)

Excitation of high-amplitude localized nonlinear waves as a result of
interaction of kink with attractive impurity in sine-Gordon equation

E. G. Ekomasov, A. M. Gumerov, R. R. Murtazin, A. E. Ekomasov, S. V. Dmitriev

1307.3478 (Wolfgang Bock et al.)

The Hamiltonian Path Integrand for the Charged Particle in a Constant
Magnetic field as White Noise Distribution

Wolfgang Bock, Martin Grothaus

1307.3496 (P. Kalita et al.)

Attractors for Navier-Stokes flows with multivalued and nonmonotone
subdifferential boundary conditions

P. Kalita, G. Ɓukaszewicz

1307.3524 (Pablo Arrighi et al.)

The Dirac equation as a quantum walk: higher dimensions, observational

Pablo Arrighi, Marcelo Forest, Vincent Nesme