Tuesday, July 3, 2012

0909.4472 (Virginia V. Fernandez et al.)

Gravitation as a Plastic Distortion of the Lorentz Vacuum    [PDF]

Virginia V. Fernandez, Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr

1009.2975 (Christopher L. Rogers)

2-plectic geometry, Courant algebroids, and categorified prequantization    [PDF]

Christopher L. Rogers

1106.3562 (Hidemaro Suwa et al.)

Geometric Allocation Approach for Transition Kernel of Markov Chain    [PDF]

Hidemaro Suwa, Synge Todo

1106.4171 (Pieter Naaijkens)

Haag duality and the distal split property for cones in the toric code    [PDF]

Pieter Naaijkens

1109.5459 (Jean Bellissard et al.)

Scattering theory for lattice operators in dimension $d\geq 3$    [PDF]

Jean Bellissard, Hermann Schulz-Baldes

1112.4959 (Laurent Marin et al.)

Scattering zippers and their spectral theory    [PDF]

Laurent Marin, Hermann Schulz-Baldes

1201.4812 (Hermann Schulz-Baldes et al.)

Orbital polarization and magnetization for independent particles in
disordered media

Hermann Schulz-Baldes, Stefan Teufel