Monday, September 17, 2012

1201.0417 (Min-Ru Chen et al.)

Infinite-dimensional 3-algebra and integrable system    [PDF]

Min-Ru Chen, Shi-Kun Wang, Ke Wu, Wei-Zhong Zhao

1209.3032 (Alessandro Giuliani)

The nematic phase of a system of long hard rods - ICMP12 talk, Aalborg,
August 2012

Alessandro Giuliani

1209.3068 (G. T. von Nessi et al.)

A Unified Method for Inference of Tokamak Equilibria and Validation of
Force-Balance Models Based on Bayesian Analysis

G. T. von Nessi, M. J. Hole

1209.3078 (Xiaosen Han et al.)

Existence Theorems for Vortices in the
Aharony--Bergman--Jaferis--Maldacena Model

Xiaosen Han, Yisong Yang

1209.3096 (Changxing Miao et al.)

The Defocusing Energy-Critical Wave Equation with a Cubic Convolution    [PDF]

Changxing Miao, junyong Zhang, Jiqiang Zheng

1209.3146 (F. Catoni et al.)

The Initial Value Problem for Wave Equation and a Poisson-like Integral
in Hyperbolic Plane

F. Catoni, P. Zampetti

1209.3178 (Martin Venker)

Particle Systems with Repulsion Exponent β and Random Matrices    [PDF]

Martin Venker

1209.3185 (Richard Kollár et al.)

Graphical Krein Signature Theory and Evans-Krein Functions    [PDF]

Richard Kollár, Peter D. Miller

1209.3207 (Jean-Claude Guillot)

Spectral theory of a mathematical model in Quantum Field Theory for any

Jean-Claude Guillot

1209.3252 (Razvan Gurau)

A review of the 1/N expansion in random tensor models    [PDF]

Razvan Gurau

1209.3254 (Xiaoxiao Zhao et al.)

Nonplanar Periodic Solutions for Spatial Restricted 3-Body and 4-Body

Xiaoxiao Zhao, Shiqing Zhang

1209.3262 (Rui Vilela Mendes)

Stochastic solutions with derivatives and non-polynomial terms: The
scrape-off layer equations

Rui Vilela Mendes

1209.3263 (Rui Vilela Mendes)

Stochastic solutions of nonlinear PDE's and an extension of

Rui Vilela Mendes

1209.3265 (Alexander Moroz)

On the spectrum of a class of quantum models    [PDF]

Alexander Moroz

1209.3291 (J. F. van Diejen et al.)

Unitary representations of affine Hecke algebras related to Macdonald
spherical functions

J. F. van Diejen, E. Emsiz

1209.3294 (J. F. van Diejen et al.)

A discrete Fourier transform associated with the affine Hecke algebra    [PDF]

J. F. van Diejen, E. Emsiz

1209.3296 (J. F. van Diejen et al.)

Discrete harmonic analysis on a Weyl alcove    [PDF]

J. F. van Diejen, E. Emsiz