Monday, September 17, 2012

1209.3296 (J. F. van Diejen et al.)

Discrete harmonic analysis on a Weyl alcove    [PDF]

J. F. van Diejen, E. Emsiz
We introduce a representation of the double affine Hecke algebra at $q=1$ in terms of difference-reflection operators and use it to construct an explicit integrable discrete Laplacian on the Weyl alcove corresponding to an element in the center. The Laplacian in question is to be viewed as an integrable discretization of the conventional Laplace operator on Euclidian space perturbed by a delta-potential supported on the reflection hyperplanes of the affine Weyl group. The Bethe Ansatz method is employed to show that our discrete Laplacian and its commuting integrals are diagonalized by a finite-dimensional basis of periodic Macdonald spherical functions.
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