Monday, September 17, 2012

1209.3032 (Alessandro Giuliani)

The nematic phase of a system of long hard rods - ICMP12 talk, Aalborg,
August 2012

Alessandro Giuliani
In this talk I consider a two-dimensional lattice model for liquid crystals consisting of long rods interacting via purely hard core interactions, with two allowed orientations defined by the underlying lattice. I report a rigorous proof of the existence of a nematic phase: by this I mean that at intermediate densities the system exhibits orientational order, either horizontal or vertical, but no positional order. The proof is based on a two-scales cluster expansion: first the system is coarse-grained on a scale comparable with the rods' length; then the resulting effective theory is re-expressed as a contours' model, which can be treated by Pirogov-Sinai methods. The talk is based on joint work with Margherita Disertori.
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