Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6347 (Vadim Gorin)

From Alternating Sign Matrices to the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble    [PDF]

Vadim Gorin

1306.6366 (Alexander Odesskii)

A simple construction of integrable Whitham type hierarchies    [PDF]

Alexander Odesskii

1306.6381 (Bryan W. Roberts)

Comment on Ashtekar: Generalization of Wigner's Principle    [PDF]

Bryan W. Roberts

1306.6382 (Bryan W. Roberts)

Three Merry Roads to T-Violation    [PDF]

Bryan W. Roberts

1306.6389 (M. Assis et al.)

Hard hexagon partition function for complex fugacity    [PDF]

M. Assis, J. L. Jacobsen, I. Jensen, J-M. Maillard, B. M. McCoy

1306.6442 (Francesco Biscani et al.)

The Stark problem in the Weierstrassian formalism    [PDF]

Francesco Biscani, Dario Izzo

1306.6448 (Dario Izzo et al.)

Solution of the constant radial acceleration problem using Weierstrass
elliptic and related functions

Dario Izzo, Francesco Biscani

1306.6450 (H. C. Peñate-Rodríguez et al.)

On non-dissipative and dissipative qubit manifolds    [PDF]

H. C. Peñate-Rodríguez, P. Bargueño, G. Rojas-Lorenzo, S. Miret-Artés

1306.6452 (V. Kontis et al.)

Markov semigroups with hypocoercive-type generator in Infinite
Dimensions I: Ergodicity and Smoothing

V. Kontis, M. Ottobre, B. Zegarlinski

1306.6453 (V. Kontis et al.)

Markov semigroups with hypocoercive-type generator in Infinite
Dimensions II: Applications

V. Kontis, M. Ottobre, B. Zegarlinski

1306.6500 (Oriane Blondel)

Tracer diffusion at low temperature in kinetically constrained models    [PDF]

Oriane Blondel

1306.6519 (Klaus Fredenhagen et al.)

Construction of KMS States in Perturbative QFT and Renormalized
Hamiltonian Dynamics

Klaus Fredenhagen, Falk Lindner

1306.6525 (S. N. Filippov et al.)

Bipartite entanglement-annihilating maps: necessary and sufficient

S. N. Filippov, M. Ziman

1306.6540 (Everton M. C. Abreu et al.)

Analytical and numerical analysis of a rotational invariant D=2 harmonic
oscillator in the light of different noncommutative phase-space

Everton M. C. Abreu, Mateus V. Marcial, Albert C. R. Mendes, Wilson Oliveira

1306.6572 (Vladimir Y. Chernyak et al.)

Stochastic Optimal Control as Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics:
Calculus of Variations over Density and Current

Vladimir Y. Chernyak, Michael Chertkov, Joris Bierkens, Hilbert J. Kappen

1306.6576 (Vladislav Kargin)

On the largest Lyapunov exponent for products of Gaussian matrices    [PDF]

Vladislav Kargin

1306.6589 (Alberto De Sole et al.)

Dirac reduction for Poisson vertex algebras    [PDF]

Alberto De Sole, Victor G. Kac, Daniele Valeri

1306.6592 (Alberto De Sole)

On classical finite and affine W-algebras    [PDF]

Alberto De Sole