Thursday, December 6, 2012

0804.3429 (Yan Chen et al.)

Characterizing symmetry breaking patterns in a lattice by dual vortex
degree of freedoms

Yan Chen, Jinwu Ye

0904.0640 (Qusay S. A. Al-Zamil)

Hankel Determinant structure of the Rational Solutions for Fifth
Painlevé Equation

Qusay S. A. Al-Zamil

1109.0590 (Naohisa Ogawa)

Diffusion in Curved Tube    [PDF]

Naohisa Ogawa

1212.0894 (Francois Delduc et al.)

Generalized sine-Gordon models and quantum braided groups    [PDF]

Francois Delduc, Marc Magro, Benoit Vicedo

1212.0917 (Wei Zhong et al.)

Fisher information under decoherence in Bloch representation    [PDF]

Wei Zhong, Zhe Sun, Jian Ma, Xiaoguang Wang, Franco Nori

1212.0943 (R. Nityananda et al.)

Light beams with general direction and polarization: global description
and geometric phase

R. Nityananda, S. Sridhar

1212.0958 (Michael Maziashvili et al.)

A few comments about the Planck-length deformed quantization    [PDF]

Michael Maziashvili, Luka Megrelidze

1212.0968 (Yui Kuramochi et al.)

Simultaneous continuous measurement of photon counting and homodyne
detection on a free photon field

Yui Kuramochi, Yu Watanabe, Masahito Ueda

1212.1012 (A. Pushkarev et al.)

Quasibreathers in MMT model    [PDF]

A. Pushkarev, V. E. Zakharov

1212.1014 (V. V. Kudryashov et al.)

Rashba spin-orbit interaction in a circular quantum ring in the presence
of a magnetic field

V. V. Kudryashov, A. V. Baran

1212.1069 (V. E. Zakharov et al.)

New wind input term consistent with experimental, theoretical and
numerical considerations

V. E. Zakharov, D. Resio, A. Pushkarev

1212.1086 (Henrik Ueberschaer)

Quantum Chaos for point scatterers on flat tori    [PDF]

Henrik Ueberschaer

1212.1090 (Luca Vitagliano)

On the Strong Homotopy Associative Algebra of a Foliation    [PDF]

Luca Vitagliano

1212.1109 (Chaobin Liu et al.)

A weak limit theorem for quantum walks on the half-line    [PDF]

Chaobin Liu, Nelson Petulante

1212.1134 (Maxim Derevyagin)

On the relation between Darboux transformations and polynomial mappings    [PDF]

Maxim Derevyagin

1212.1144 (Henry O. Jacobs et al.)

On the use of Lie groupoids in fluid-structure interactions    [PDF]

Henry O. Jacobs, Joris Vankerschaver