Thursday, February 7, 2013

1004.1595 (Jean-Philippe Michel)

Conformal geometry of the supercotangent and spinor bundles    [PDF]

Jean-Philippe Michel

1106.0082 (Alberto De Sole et al.)

The variational Poisson cohomology    [PDF]

Alberto De Sole, Victor G. Kac

1212.6263 (Lauren K. Williams)

Cluster algebras: an introduction    [PDF]

Lauren K. Williams

1302.1205 (S. Zippilli et al.)

Surface Entanglement in Quantum Spin Networks    [PDF]

S. Zippilli, S. M. Giampaolo, F. Illuminati

1302.1211 (Shuang Cong et al.)

Quantum Lyapunov Control Based on the Average Value of an Imaginary
Mechanical Quantity

Shuang Cong, Fangfang Meng, Sen Kuang

1302.1215 (Scipio Cuccagna et al.)

The asymptotic stability of solitons in the cubic NLS equation on the

Scipio Cuccagna, Dmitry E. Pelinovsky

1302.1260 (Ralph M. Kaufmann et al.)

Geometry of the momentum space: From wire networks to quivers and

Ralph M. Kaufmann, Sergei Khlebnikov, Birgit Wehefritz--Kaufmann

1302.1301 (Olga S Rozanova)

Exact solutions with singularities to ideal hydrodynamics of inelastic

Olga S Rozanova

1302.1309 (Christos Efthymiopoulos et al.)

The speed of Arnold diffusion    [PDF]

Christos Efthymiopoulos, Mirella Harsoula

1302.1316 (Julio Guerrero et al.)

The Quantum Arnold Transformation and the Ermakov-Pinney equation    [PDF]

Julio Guerrero, Francisco F. López-Ruiz

1302.1320 (Raquel Caseiro et al.)

Symplectic Geometry of the Aomoto-Forrester system    [PDF]

Raquel Caseiro, Jean-Pierre Françoise, Ryu Sasaki

1302.1333 (Vicent Gimeno et al.)

Geometric approach to non-relativistic Quantum Dynamics of mixed states    [PDF]

Vicent Gimeno, Jose Sotoca

1302.1350 (Mihai Caleap)

Scattering of antiplane elastic waves by two-dimensional periodic arrays
of cracks

Mihai Caleap

1302.1377 (Jacek Szmigielski et al.)

Shock creation and Painlevé property of colliding peakons in the
Degasperis-Procesi Equation

Jacek Szmigielski, Lingjun Zhou

1302.1420 (D. J. Lee)

Calculation of the electrostatic energy of formed of two charged helices
on rods in a generalized braid geometry

D. J. Lee

1302.1478 (Piotr Garbaczewski et al.)

Levy flights and nonlocal quantum dynamics    [PDF]

Piotr Garbaczewski, Vladimir Stephanovich

1302.1507 (R. L. Mkrtchyan)

Nonperturbative universal Chern-Simons theory    [PDF]

R. L. Mkrtchyan