Thursday, February 7, 2013

1302.1320 (Raquel Caseiro et al.)

Symplectic Geometry of the Aomoto-Forrester system    [PDF]

Raquel Caseiro, Jean-Pierre Françoise, Ryu Sasaki
This article is devoted to the study of a general class of Hamiltonian systems which extends the Calogero systems with external quadratic potential associated to any root system. The interest for such a class comes from a previous article of Aomoto and Forrester. We consider first the one-degree of freedom case and compute the Birkhoff series defined near each of its stationary points. In general, the analysis of the system motivates finding some expression for the inverses of a rational map introduced by Aomoto and Forrester. We derive here some diagrammatic expansion series for these inverses.
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