Thursday, December 13, 2012

1010.0418 (Rudolf Ahlswede et al.)

Quantum capacity under adversarial quantum noise: arbitrarily varying
quantum channels

Rudolf Ahlswede, Igor Bjelakovic, Holger Boche, Janis Noetzel

1108.0163 (Taha Sochi)

Newtonian Flow in Converging-Diverging Capillaries    [PDF]

Taha Sochi

1112.4137 (Shigeki Matsutani)

Sigma functions for a space curve (3, 4, 5) type with an appendix by J.

Shigeki Matsutani

1212.2644 (A. Donev et al.)

Low Mach Number Fluctuating Hydrodynamics of Diffusively Mixing Fluids    [PDF]

A. Donev, A. J. Nonaka, Y. Sun, T. Fai, A. L. Garcia, J. B. Bell

1212.2674 (David Damanik et al.)

On the Existence of Global Solutions for the KdV Equation with
Quasi-Periodic Initial Data

David Damanik, Michael Goldstein

1212.2680 (Sang Pyo Kim et al.)

Matrix Operator Approach to Quantum Evolution Operator and Geometric

Sang Pyo Kim, Jewan Kim, Kwang Sup Soh

1212.2713 (Richard Montgomery et al.)

Keplerian Dynamics on the Heisenberg Group and Elsewhere    [PDF]

Richard Montgomery, Corey Shanbrom

1212.2729 (Michel Planat et al.)

Distinguished three-qubit 'magicity' via automorphisms of the split
Cayley hexagon

Michel Planat, Metod Saniga, Frederic Holweck

1212.2731 (Keith Burghardt et al.)

Adinkra Isomorphisms and `Seeing' Shapes with Eigenvalues    [PDF]

Keith Burghardt, S. James Gates Jr

1212.2741 (C. Adam et al.)

Lifshitz field theories with SDiff symmetries    [PDF]

C. Adam, C. Naya, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski

1212.2746 (Gunnar Pruessner et al.)

Doppler synchronization of pulsating phases by time delay    [PDF]

Gunnar Pruessner, Seng Cheang, Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen

1212.2774 (Reiho Sakamoto)

Ultradiscrete Soliton Systems and Combinatorial Representation Theory    [PDF]

Reiho Sakamoto

1212.2801 (Giuseppe Ruzzi et al.)

The C(X)-algebra of a net and index theory    [PDF]

Giuseppe Ruzzi, Ezio Vasselli

1212.2813 (N. V. Nair et al.)

On late-time stability of time domain integral equations for

N. V. Nair, A. J. Pray, B. Shanker

1212.2818 (Geoffrey B. Campbell)

Ramanujan and Eckford Cohen totients from Visible Point Identities    [PDF]

Geoffrey B. Campbell

1212.2867 (Demetrios Christodoulou et al.)

Compressible Flow and Euler's Equations    [PDF]

Demetrios Christodoulou, Shuang Miao

1212.2905 (Francesco Guerra)

Fluctuations and thermodynamic variables in mean field spin glass models    [PDF]

Francesco Guerra

1212.2907 (N. A. Sinitsyn)

Landau-Zener Transitions in Chains    [PDF]

N. A. Sinitsyn

1212.2913 (Francesco Guerra)

Functional order parameters for the quenched free energy in mean field
spin glass models

Francesco Guerra

1212.2919 (Francesco Guerra)

About the overlap distribution in mean field spin glass models    [PDF]

Francesco Guerra

1212.2945 (Max Dohse)

Classical Klein-Gordon solutions, symplectic structures and isometry
actions on AdS spacetimes

Max Dohse

1212.2951 (Todd Kapitula et al.)

The Krein Matrix: General Theory and Concrete Applications in Atomic
Bose-Einstein Condensates

Todd Kapitula, Panayotis Kevrekidis, Dong Yan

1212.2956 (Paul Chleboun et al.)

Time scale separation in the low temperature East model: Rigorous

Paul Chleboun, Alessandra Faggionato, Fabio Martinelli