Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1011.5930 (Thomas Lam et al.)

Box-Basket-Ball Systems    [PDF]

Thomas Lam, Pavlo Pylyavskyy, Reiho Sakamoto

1105.3368 (Ayush Choure et al.)

Random Walks, Electric Networks and The Transience Class problem of

Ayush Choure, Sundar Vishwanathan

1112.5294 (Johann Foerster et al.)

Matrix algorithm for solving Schroedinger equations with
position-dependent mass or complex optical potentials

Johann Foerster, Alejandro Saenz, Ulli Wolff

1206.1764 (Tepper L. Gill et al.)

Constructive Analysis in Infinitely many variables    [PDF]

Tepper L. Gill, Gogi R. Pantsulaia, Woodford W. Zachary

1206.5808 (L. A. Ferreira et al.)

The concept of quasi-integrability for modified non-linear Schrodinger

L. A. Ferreira, G. Luchini, Wojtek J. Zakrzewski

1206.5822 (Andrew M. Childs et al.)

A framework for bounding nonlocality of state discrimination    [PDF]

Andrew M. Childs, Debbie Leung, Laura Mancinska, Maris Ozols

1206.5823 (Andrew J. Hanson et al.)

Geometry of Discrete Quantum Computing    [PDF]

Andrew J. Hanson, Gerardo Ortiz, Amr Sabry

1206.5886 (Shengmao Zhu)

Colored HOMFLY polynomial via skein theory    [PDF]

Shengmao Zhu

1206.5890 (D. U. Matrasulov et al.)

Time-dependent quantum graph    [PDF]

D. U. Matrasulov, J. R. Yusupov, K. K. Sabirov, Z. A. Sobirov

1206.5899 (M. A. Jivulescu et al.)

Exact treatment of operator difference equations with nonconstant
noncommutative coefficients

M. A. Jivulescu, A. Messina

1206.5955 (Jianqing Yu et al.)

On the Witten Rigidity Theorem for String$^c$ Manifolds    [PDF]

Jianqing Yu, Bo Liu

1206.5963 (Hajime Nagoya et al.)

Symmetries of quantum Lax equations for the Painlevé equations    [PDF]

Hajime Nagoya, Yasuhiko Yamada

1206.5969 (V. L. Mironov et al.)

Sedeonic theory of massless fields    [PDF]

V. L. Mironov, S. V. Mironov, S. A. Korolev

1206.5978 (C. V. Sukumar)

Lax hierarchy, Solitons, Sumrules and a dual Lax hierarchy    [PDF]

C. V. Sukumar

1206.5979 (C. V. Sukumar)

Parametric evolution, addition of boundstates and generalised Lax

C. V. Sukumar

1206.5984 (Dorian Goldman)

Uniqueness results for critical points of a non-local isoperimetric
problem via curve shortening

Dorian Goldman

1206.5987 (A. G. Ramm)

Inverse scattering problem for the Maxwell's equations    [PDF]

A. G. Ramm

1206.5990 (A. G. Ramm)

Spectral properties of Schrödinger-type operators and large-time
behavior of the solutions to the corresponding wave equation

A. G. Ramm

1206.6000 (Miloslav Znojil)

Quantum catastrophes: a case study    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil

1206.6009 (Roman Kotecký et al.)

Nonlinear elastic free energies and gradient Young-Gibbs measures    [PDF]

Roman Kotecký, Stephan Luckhaus

1206.6020 (Sebastiano de Franciscis et al.)

Spatiotemporal sine-Wiener Bounded Noise and its effect on
Ginzburg-Landau model

Sebastiano de Franciscis, Alberto d'Onofrio

1206.6040 (T. Ootsuka)

New covariant Lagrange formulation for field theories    [PDF]

T. Ootsuka

1206.6045 (Michel Bauer et al.)

Repeated quantum non-demolition measurements: convergence and
continuous-time limit

Michel Bauer, Tristan Benoist, Denis Bernard

1206.6083 (Sergey Kshevetskii et al.)

Study of internal wave breaking dependence on stratification    [PDF]

Sergey Kshevetskii, Sergey Leble