Thursday, May 3, 2012

1004.1828 (Marco Bertola et al.)

Universality for the focusing nonlinear Schroedinger equation at the
gradient catastrophe point: Rational breathers and poles of the tritronquee
solution to Painleve I

Marco Bertola, Alexander Tovbis

1008.1003 (David E. Evans et al.)

The Nakayama automorphism of the almost Calabi-Yau algebras associated
to SU(3) modular invariants

David E. Evans, Mathew Pugh

1205.0020 (Magnus Goffeng et al.)

Noncommutative deformation of the Ward metric    [PDF]

Magnus Goffeng, Olaf Lechtenfeld

1205.0022 (Marc P. Bellon et al.)

Higher loop corrections to a Schwinger--Dyson equation    [PDF]

Marc P. Bellon, Fidel A. Schaposnik

1205.0027 (Ignatios Antoniadis et al.)

Differential geometry construction of anomalies and topological
invariants in various dimensions

Ignatios Antoniadis, George Savvidy

1205.0061 (Nandor Simanyi)

Singularities and nonhyperbolic manifolds do not coincide    [PDF]

Nandor Simanyi

1205.0077 (M. Kaminaga et al.)

A Note on the Analyticity of Density of States    [PDF]

M. Kaminaga, M. Krishna, S. Nakamura

1205.0119 (Kevin Coulembier)

On a class of tensor product representations for the orthosymplectic

Kevin Coulembier

1205.0135 (Mustafa Sarisaman)

Euclidean Pseudoduality and Boundary Conditions in Sigma Models    [PDF]

Mustafa Sarisaman

1205.0150 (E. M. Ovsiyuk et al.)

Quasi-plane waves for spin 1 field in Lobachevsky space and a
generalized helicity operator

E. M. Ovsiyuk, K. V. Kazmerchuk

1205.0152 (Masud Chaichian et al.)

Lorentz invariant CPT violation    [PDF]

Masud Chaichian, Kazuo Fujikawa, Anca Tureanu

1205.0168 (Manuel de León et al.)

A Hamilton-Jacobi Theory for Singular Lagrangian Systems in the Skinner
and Rusk Setting

Manuel de León, David Martín de Diego, Miguel Vaquero

1205.0196 (Zhituo Wang)

Constructive Renormalization of 2-dimensional Grosse-Wulkenhaar Model    [PDF]

Zhituo Wang

1205.0200 (Paul Benioff)

Local Availability of mathematics and number scaling: Effects on quantum

Paul Benioff

1205.0222 (Gerardo Adesso et al.)

Continuous variable methods in relativistic quantum information:
Characterisation of quantum and classical correlations of scalar field modes
in noninertial frames

Gerardo Adesso, Sammy Ragy, Davide Girolami

1205.0234 (Andre LeClair et al.)

Quantum Bose and Fermi gases with large negative scattering length in
the 2-body S-matrix approximation

Andre LeClair, Edgar Marcelino, Andre Nicolai, Itzhak Roditi

1205.0251 (Tommaso Tufarelli et al.)

Quantumness of correlations and entanglement are different resources    [PDF]

Tommaso Tufarelli, Davide Girolami, Ruggero Vasile, Sougato Bose, Gerardo Adesso

1205.0286 (Hans Christianson et al.)

Quantum ergodic restriction for Cauchy data: Interior QUE and restricted

Hans Christianson, John Toth, Steve Zelditch

1205.0319 (Marcin Daszkiewicz)

N-enlarged Galilei Hopf algebra and its twist deformations    [PDF]

Marcin Daszkiewicz

1205.0324 (Karl-Henning Rehren et al.)

Multilocal fermionization    [PDF]

Karl-Henning Rehren, Gennaro Tedesco

1205.0368 (Zhongyi Huang et al.)

A time-splitting spectral scheme for the Maxwell-Dirac system    [PDF]

Zhongyi Huang, Shi Jin, Peter Markowich, Christof Sparber, Chunxiong Zheng

1205.0385 (N. Gurappa et al.)

Solving Linear Differential Equations: A Novel Approach    [PDF]

N. Gurappa, Abhijit Sen, Rajneesh Atre, Prasanta K. Panigrahi

1205.0389 (M. Maio)

Superembedding methods for 4d N-extended SCFTs    [PDF]

M. Maio

1205.0392 (Michael Baake et al.)

A comment on the relation between diffraction and entropy    [PDF]

Michael Baake, Uwe Grimm

1205.0393 (Zhongyi Huang et al.)

A Bloch decomposition based split-step pseudo spectral method for
quantum dynamics with periodic potentials

Zhongyi Huang, Shi Jin, Peter Markowich, Christof Sparber

1205.0401 (Hugo Duminil-Copin et al.)

Self-avoiding walk is sub-ballistic    [PDF]

Hugo Duminil-Copin, Alan Hammond

1205.0403 (Yann Bernard et al.)

On the Structure of Minimizers of Causal Variational Principles in the
Non-Compact and Equivariant Settings

Yann Bernard, Felix Finster

1205.0437 (Patrice Brault et al.)

A spatio-temporal Gaussian-Conical wavelet with high aperture
selectivity for motion and speed analysis

Patrice Brault, Jean-Pierre Antoine

1205.0443 (R. Jackiw et al.)

Conformal Blocks for the 4-Point Function in Conformal Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

R. Jackiw, S. -Y. Pi

1205.0455 (Airton Deppman)

Self-consistency in non-extensive thermodynamics of highly excited
hadronic states

Airton Deppman

1205.0460 (Tamas Palmai et al.)

The inverse scattering problem at fixed energy based on the Marchenko
equation for an auxiliary Sturm-Liouville operator

Tamas Palmai, Barnabas Apagyi

1205.0465 (Harald Grosse et al.)

Self-dual noncommutative φ^4-theory in four dimensions is a
non-perturbatively solvable and non-trivial quantum field theory

Harald Grosse, Raimar Wulkenhaar

1205.0469 (Norbert Noutchegueme et al.)

Einstein-Maxwell-Massive Scalar Field System in 3+1 formulation on
Bianchi Spacetimes type I-VIII

Norbert Noutchegueme, Alexis Nangue

1205.0500 (Hernando Quevedo)

Matching conditions in relativistic astrophysics    [PDF]

Hernando Quevedo

1205.0512 (Pavel Exner)

Solvable models of resonances and decays    [PDF]

Pavel Exner