Wednesday, June 26, 2013

0611008 (P. Pedram et al.)

Optimized basis expansion as an extremely accurate technique for solving
time-independent Schrodinger equation

P. Pedram, M. Mirzaei, S. S. Gousheh

1112.4576 (Sikarin Yoo-Kong et al.)

Discrete-time Ruijsenaars-Schneider system and Lagrangian 1-form

Sikarin Yoo-Kong, Frank Nijhoff

1305.3438 (Giovanni Gallavotti)

Aspects of Lagrange's Mechanics and their Legacy    [PDF]

Giovanni Gallavotti

1306.5374 (AbdoulAhad Validi)

Low-Rank Separated Representation Surrogates of High-Dimensional
Stochastic Functions: Application in Bayesian Inference

AbdoulAhad Validi

1306.5977 (Maxwell Hutchinson et al.)

Enumeration of octagonal tilings    [PDF]

Maxwell Hutchinson, Michael Widom

1306.5784 (Alcides Garat)

The Monopole and the Coulomb field as duals within the unifying
Reissner-Nordstrom geometry

Alcides Garat

1306.5803 (G. E. Hahne)

Feynman's Path Integral to Ostrogradsky's Hamiltonian for Lagrangians
with second derivatives

G. E. Hahne

1306.5837 (Tomas Lungenstrass et al.)

A Trace Formula for Long-Range Perturbations of the Landau Hamiltonian    [PDF]

Tomas Lungenstrass, Georgi Raikov

1306.5854 (J. Fernando Barbero G. et al.)

Hamiltonian treatment of linear field theories in the presence of
boundaries: a geometric approach

J. Fernando Barbero G., Jorge Prieto, Eduardo J. S. Villaseñor

1306.5869 (Giampaolo Cicogna)

Symmetry Classification of quasi-linear PDE's. II: an exceptional case    [PDF]

Giampaolo Cicogna

1306.5886 (Levent Alpoge et al.)

Maass waveforms and low-lying zeroes    [PDF]

Levent Alpoge, Nadine Amersi, Geoffrey Iyer, Oleg Lazarev, Steven J. Miller, Liyang Zhang

1306.5905 (D. Gandolfo et al.)

New Phase transitions of the Ising model on Cayley trees    [PDF]

D. Gandolfo, F. H. Haydarov, U. A. Rozikov, J. Ruiz

1306.5920 (Salman Beigi)

Quantum Rényi Divergence Satisfies Data Processing Inequality    [PDF]

Salman Beigi

1306.5965 (Gianluca Calcagni)

Relativistic particle in multiscale spacetimes    [PDF]

Gianluca Calcagni

1306.5969 (Marian Fecko)

On symmetries and conserved quantities in Nambu mechanics    [PDF]

Marian Fecko

1306.5971 (Evgeny E. Bukzhalev et al.)

Asymptotic solutions in f(R)-gravity    [PDF]

Evgeny E. Bukzhalev, Mikhail M. Ivanov, Alexey V. Toporensky

1306.5992 (Andrew M. Childs et al.)

Interpolatability distinguishes LOCC from separable von Neumann

Andrew M. Childs, Debbie Leung, Laura Mancinska, Maris Ozols

1306.6004 (Benjamin Hoffman)

A logical treatment of special relativity, with and without
faster-than-light observers

Benjamin Hoffman

1306.6005 (Leonardo Colombo)

Lagrange-Poincaré reduction for optimal control of underactuated
mechanical systems

Leonardo Colombo

1306.6062 (Batu Gûneysu et al.)

Generalized Schrödinger semigroups on infinite graphs    [PDF]

Batu Gûneysu, Ognjen Milatovic, Francoise Truc