Monday, April 30, 2012

1004.5568 (J. A. McLaughlin et al.)

Review article: MHD wave propagation near coronal null points of
magnetic fields

J. A. McLaughlin, A. W. Hood, I. De Moortel

1008.1378 (Christophe Garban et al.)

Pivotal, cluster and interface measures for critical planar percolation    [PDF]

Christophe Garban, Gábor Pete, Oded Schramm

1010.4341 (Shiwu Yang)

Global solutions of nonlinear wave equations in time dependent
inhomogeneous media

Shiwu Yang

1110.2091 (Stephen Casey)

Kastor-Traschen Black Holes, Null Geodesics and Conformal Circles    [PDF]

Stephen Casey

1110.3524 (A. Gorsky et al.)

Random ballistic growth and diffusion in symmetric spaces    [PDF]

A. Gorsky, S. Nechaev, R. Santachiara, G. Schehr

1112.1936 (A. Borowiec et al.)

N=1/2 Deformations of Chiral Superspaces from New Quantum Poincare and
Euclidean Superalgebras

A. Borowiec, J. Lukierski, M. Mozrzymas, V. N. Tolstoy

1112.5862 (Swanhild Bernstein et al.)

Generalized splines for Radon transform on compact Lie groups with
applications to crystallography

Swanhild Bernstein, Svend Ebert, Isaac Z. Pesenson

1204.6033 (N. N. Bogolubov et al.)

Modern Classical Electrodynamics and Electromagnetic Radiation - Vacuum
Field Theory Aspects

N. N. Bogolubov, A. K. Prykarpatsky

1204.6056 (Mireille Bossy et al.)

Local existence of analytical solutions to an incompressible Lagrangian
stochastic model in a periodic domain

Mireille Bossy, Joaquin Fontbona, Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin, Jean-François Jabir

1204.6064 (Howard S. Cohl et al.)

Eigenfunction expansions for a fundamental solution of Laplace's
equation on $\R^3$ in parabolic and elliptic cylinder coordinates

Howard S. Cohl, Hans Volkmer

1204.6115 (Marcin Daszkiewicz)

Twist deformation of doubly enlarged Newton-Hooke Hopf algebra    [PDF]

Marcin Daszkiewicz

1204.6144 (Roberto Franzosi CNR)

Geometric Microcanonical Thermodynamics for Systems with First Integrals    [PDF]

Roberto Franzosi CNR

1204.6158 (G. P. Bystrai et al.)

Self-organization in the tornado: the new approach in the tornado

G. P. Bystrai, I. A Lykov

1204.6161 (Pierre Collet et al.)

Trees of nuclei and bounds on the number of triangulations of the 3-ball    [PDF]

Pierre Collet, Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Maher Younan

1204.6194 (Ł. T. Stȩpień)

The existence of Bogomolny decomposition for baby Skyrme models    [PDF]

Ł. T. Stȩpień

1204.6217 (Manuel de León et al.)

On the Hamilton-Jacobi Theory for Singular Lagrangian Systems    [PDF]

Manuel de León, Juan Carlos Marrero, David Martín de Diego, Miguel Vaquero

1204.6229 (Metod Saniga et al.)

Finite Geometry Behind the Harvey-Chryssanthacopoulos Four-Qubit Magic

Metod Saniga, Michel Planat

1204.6244 (Faouzi Ammar et al.)

Cohomology of Hom-Lie superalgebras and q-deformed Witt superalgebra    [PDF]

Faouzi Ammar, Abdenacer Makhlouf, Nejib Saadoui

1204.6263 (Dorothea Bahns et al.)

The effective theory of strings    [PDF]

Dorothea Bahns, Katarzyna Rejzner, Jochen Zahn

1204.6307 (N. Grosjean et al.)

On the form factors of local operators in the lattice sine-Gordon model    [PDF]

N. Grosjean, J. M. Maillet, G. Niccoli

Friday, April 27, 2012

1007.2224 (Volker Betz et al.)

Spatial random permutations and Poisson-Dirichlet law of cycle lengths    [PDF]

Volker Betz, Daniel Ueltschi

1201.0888 (Florian Loebbert)

Recursion Relations for Long-Range Integrable Spin Chains with Open
Boundary Conditions

Florian Loebbert

1204.5757 (Mark Fannes et al.)

Fermionic Markov Chains    [PDF]

Mark Fannes, Jeroen Wouters

1204.5766 (Michael Nieves et al.)

Propagation of Slepyan's crack in a non-uniform elastic lattice    [PDF]

Michael Nieves, Alexander Movchan, Ian Jones, Gennady Mishuris

1204.5784 (Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo)

Quantum particle on a Mobius strip, coherent states and projection

Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo

1204.5790 (D. Rubeni et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in Bose-Einstein condensates from a Bethe
ansatz perspective

D. Rubeni, A. Foerster, E. Mattei, I. Roditi

1204.5842 (A. Borowiec et al.)

Bicrossproduct construction versus Weyl-Heisenberg algebra    [PDF]

A. Borowiec, A. Pachoł

1204.5898 (K. J. Oyewumi)

Approximate Spin and Pseudospin Solutions of the Dirac equation with
Rosen-Morse Potential including a Coulomb Tensor Interaction

K. J. Oyewumi

1204.5900 (Tomasz Komorowski et al.)

Passive tracer in a flow corresponding to a two dimensional stochastic
Navier Stokes equations

Tomasz Komorowski, Szymon Peszat, Tomasz Szarek

1204.5902 (A. G. Nikitin)

Superintegrability and supersymmetry of Schrdinger-Pauli equations for
neutral particles

A. G. Nikitin

1204.5935 (A. C. D. van Enter)

On the prevalence of non-Gibbsian states in mathematical physics    [PDF]

A. C. D. van Enter

1204.5950 (K. Andrzejewski et al.)

Nonrelativistic conformal groups and their dynamical realizations    [PDF]

K. Andrzejewski, J. Gonera, P. Maslanka

1204.5953 (Philip J. Aston)

Is Radioactive Decay Really Exponential?    [PDF]

Philip J. Aston

1204.6003 (Gabriel Tellez et al.)

Expanded Vandermonde powers and sum rules for the two-dimensional
one-component plasma

Gabriel Tellez, Peter J. Forrester

1204.6031 (Amit Einav)

A Counter Example to Cercignani's Conjecture for the $d$ Dimensional Kac

Amit Einav

Thursday, April 26, 2012

1011.2722 (A. Santi et al.)

Super-Poincare' algebras, space-times and supergravities (I)    [PDF]

A. Santi, A. Spiro

1107.2964 (Bergfinnur Durhuus et al.)

Generic Ising Trees    [PDF]

Bergfinnur Durhuus, George M. Napolitano

1107.5572 (I. V. Gapyak et al.)

On Rigorous Derivation of the Enskog Kinetic Equation    [PDF]

I. V. Gapyak, V. I. Gerasimenko

1110.0766 (Zacharias Roupas)

Phase Space Geometry and Chaotic Attractors in Dissipative Nambu

Zacharias Roupas

1110.6376 (Walter Grimus et al.)

Finite flavour groups of fermions    [PDF]

Walter Grimus, Patrick Otto Ludl

1111.1252 (Christopher L. Duston)

Topspin Networks in Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Christopher L. Duston

1204.5506 (Marcelo Gonzales et al.)

Pure and entangled N=4 linear supermultiplets and their one-dimensional

Marcelo Gonzales, Kevin Iga, Sadi Khodaee, Francesco Toppan

1204.5534 (Yoshiyuki Kabashima et al.)

First eigenvalue/eigenvector in sparse random symmetric matrices:
influences of degree fluctuation

Yoshiyuki Kabashima, Hisanao Takahashi

1204.5549 (Denis Sidorov)

Solution to the Volterra integral equations of the first kind with
piecewise continuous kernels in class of Sobolev-Schwartz distributions

Denis Sidorov

1204.5566 (Hideki Omori et al.)

Deformation Expression for Elements of Algebras (VI) --Vacuum
representation of Heisenberg algebra--

Hideki Omori, Yoshiaki Maeda, Naoya Miyazaki, Akira Yoshioka

1204.5601 (D. P. Almond et al.)

The Origin of Power-Law Emergent Scaling in Large Binary Networks    [PDF]

D. P. Almond, C. J. Budd, M. A. Freitag, G. W. Hunt, N. J. McCullen, N. D. Smith

1204.5609 (Dmitry K. Gridnev)

Comment on the article "On the Existence of the N-Body Efimov Effect" by
X. P. Wang

Dmitry K. Gridnev

1204.5610 (Stefan Berceanu)

A convenient coordinatization of Siegel-Jacobi domains    [PDF]

Stefan Berceanu

1204.5629 (Makoto Katori)

Reciprocal Time Relation of Noncolliding Brownian Motion with Drift    [PDF]

Makoto Katori

1204.5660 (Ioannis Anapolitanos et al.)

Multipolarons in a Constant Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Ioannis Anapolitanos, Marcel Griesemer

1204.5729 (Florin Diacu et al.)

On the stability of tetrahedral relative equilibria in the positively
curved 4-body problem

Florin Diacu, Regina Martinez, Ernesto Perez-Chavela, Carles Simo

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1009.5615 (Robert Oeckl)

Holomorphic quantization of linear field theory in the general boundary

Robert Oeckl

1103.4175 (Hao Xu)

An explicit formula for the Berezin star product    [PDF]

Hao Xu

1109.1192 (Kunji Nakayama)

Sheaves in Quantum Topos Induced by Quantization    [PDF]

Kunji Nakayama

1111.4239 (Karl Liechty)

Nonintersecting Brownian motions on the half-line and discrete Gaussian
orthogonal polynomials

Karl Liechty

1201.3607 (A. S. Trushechkin)

Derivation of the particle dynamics from kinetic equations    [PDF]

A. S. Trushechkin

1204.5387 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Nonholonomic Clifford and Finsler Structures, Non-Commutative Ricci
Flows, and Mathematical Relativity

Sergiu I. Vacaru

1204.5228 (Hiroyuki Shima)

Persistent current in quantum torus knots    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Shima

1204.5278 (Umar Islambekov et al.)

Lieb-Robinson Bounds for the Toda Lattice    [PDF]

Umar Islambekov, Robert Sims, Gerald Teschl

1204.5283 (Dariusz Chruściński et al.)

Indecomposable optimal entanglement witnesses in C4 {\otimes} C4    [PDF]

Dariusz Chruściński, Filip A. Wudarski

1204.5297 (Massimo Campanino et al.)

Type transition of simple random walks on randomly directed regular

Massimo Campanino, Dimitri Petritis

1204.5308 (Suhyoung Choi)

The topological and geometrical finiteness of complete flat Lorentzian
3-manifolds with free fundamental groups

Suhyoung Choi

1204.5323 (Dongfen Bian et al.)

Optimal convergence rates for the three-dimensional turbulent flow

Dongfen Bian, Boling Guo

1204.5346 (Vladimir S. Gerdjikov et al.)

On the 3-wave Equations with Constant Boundary Conditions    [PDF]

Vladimir S. Gerdjikov, Georgi G. Grahovski

1204.5435 (Xueke Pu)

Dispersive Limit of the Euler-Poisson System in Higher Dimensions    [PDF]

Xueke Pu

1204.5460 (Mehmet Emre Tasgin)

Testing the reliability of a velocity definition in dispersive medium    [PDF]

Mehmet Emre Tasgin

1204.5463 (Andreas Frommer et al.)

Deflation and Flexible SAP-Preconditioning of GMRES in Lattice QCD

Andreas Frommer, Andrea Nobile, Paul Zingler

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1007.0136 (Aleksey Kostenko et al.)

Weyl-Titchmarsh Theory for Schroedinger Operators with Strongly Singular

Aleksey Kostenko, Alexander Sakhnovich, Gerald Teschl

1106.1450 (Marius Ionescu et al.)

Derivations and Dirichlet forms on fractals    [PDF]

Marius Ionescu, Luke G. Rogers, Alexander Teplyaev

1108.1385 (Christian Duval et al.)

Quantization via Deformation of Prequantization    [PDF]

Christian Duval, Mark J. Gotay

1109.2416 (Eric Cances et al.)

A mathematical formulation of the random phase approximation for

Eric Cances, Gabriel Stoltz

1109.4537 (Maciej Dunajski et al.)

SU(2) solutions to self-duality equations in eight dimensions    [PDF]

Maciej Dunajski, Moritz Hoegner

1109.4582 (Zeev Rudnick et al.)

Statistics of wave functions for a point scatterer on the torus    [PDF]

Zeev Rudnick, Henrik Ueberschaer

1109.5919 (A. M. Semikhatov)

Fusion in the entwined category of Yetter--Drinfeld modules of a rank-1
Nichols algebra

A. M. Semikhatov

1110.1327 (Romain Vasseur et al.)

The puzzle of bulk conformal field theories at central charge c=0    [PDF]

Romain Vasseur, Azat M. Gainutdinov, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Hubert Saleur

1110.3946 (Jerome Blackman et al.)

Why Probability appears in Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Jerome Blackman, Wu-Teh Hsiang

1110.5247 (Leonid Polterovich)

Quantum unsharpness and symplectic rigidity    [PDF]

Leonid Polterovich

1110.5469 (Stefan Berceanu)

Consequences of the fundamental conjecture for the motion on the
Siegel-Jacobi disk

Stefan Berceanu

1112.4382 (Frank Ferrari et al.)

Simple matrix models for random Bergman metrics    [PDF]

Frank Ferrari, Semyon Klevtsov, Steve Zelditch

1201.2316 (Alexander I. Nesterov et al.)

Modeling of Low and High Frequency Noise by Slow and Fast Fluctuators    [PDF]

Alexander I. Nesterov, Gennady P. Berman

1204.4752 (Joshua Abramson)

Structure of shocks in Burgers turbulence with Lévy noise initial data    [PDF]

Joshua Abramson

1204.4754 (Kristopher L. Kuhlman)

Review of Inverse Laplace Transform Algorithms for Laplace-Space
Numerical Approaches

Kristopher L. Kuhlman

1204.4796 (Amitabha Chakrabarti et al.)

New classes of spin chains from $(S\hat{O}_{(q)}(N)$,
$S\hat{p}_{(q)}(N))$ Temperley-Lieb algebras: Data transmission and (q, N)
parametrized entanglement entropies

Amitabha Chakrabarti, Anirban Chakraborti, Esteban Guevara Hidalgo

1204.4823 (V. G. Kupriyanov)

General form of quantum mechanics with noncommutative coordinates    [PDF]

V. G. Kupriyanov

1204.4830 (Dariusz Chruściński et al.)

Geometry of entanglement witnesses parameterized by SO(3) group    [PDF]

Dariusz Chruściński, Filip A. Wudarski

1204.4845 (Diederik Aerts et al.)

Quantum Model Theory (QMod): Modeling Contextual Emergent Entangled
Interfering Entities

Diederik Aerts, Sandro Sozzo

1204.4875 (Olena Vaneeva)

Group classification of variable coefficient KdV-like equations    [PDF]

Olena Vaneeva

1204.4876 (Guangqing Bi et al.)

New Relativistic Wave Equations for Two-Particle Systems    [PDF]

Guangqing Bi, Yuekai Bi

1204.4888 (Martin Norgren)

On the spectral domain approach to long-range propagation of
high-frequency waves along a strip conductor above a PEC surface

Martin Norgren

1204.4901 (Diederik Aerts et al.)

Entanglement of Conceptual Entities in Quantum Model Theory (QMod)    [PDF]

Diederik Aerts, Sandro Sozzo

1204.4941 (J. A. Hanna)

Rotating strings    [PDF]

J. A. Hanna

1204.4956 (Feng-Yu Wang et al.)

Heat Kernel for Fractional Diffusion Operators with Perturbations    [PDF]

Feng-Yu Wang, Xicheng Zhang

1204.5025 (M. Chaichian et al.)

Extended Poincaré supersymmetry in three dimensions and supersymmetric

M. Chaichian, A. Tureanu, R. B. Zhang

1204.5054 (Gabriel Álvarez et al.)

Phase structure and critical processes of spectral curves in large N

Gabriel Álvarez, Luis Martínez Alonso, Elena Medina

1204.5067 (Fusheng Deng et al.)

Fermionic gluing principle of the topological vertex    [PDF]

Fusheng Deng, Jian Zhou

1204.5069 (Bing-Nan Lu et al.)

The pseudospin symmetry in single particle resonant states    [PDF]

Bing-Nan Lu, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1204.5071 (S. Baskal et al.)

Lorentz Group in Ray and Polarization Optics    [PDF]

S. Baskal, Y. S. Kim

1204.5078 (Robin Hillier)

On Super-KMS Functionals for Graded-Local Conformal Nets    [PDF]

Robin Hillier

1204.5087 (Pierre-Louis Giscard et al.)

The walk-sum method for simulating quantum many-body systems    [PDF]

Pierre-Louis Giscard, Martin Kiffner, Dieter Jaksch

1204.5117 (Charles F. Dunkl et al.)

Clustering properties of rectangular Macdonald polynomials    [PDF]

Charles F. Dunkl, Jean-Gabriel Luque

1204.5123 (Martin Könenberg et al.)

The mass shell in the semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz model    [PDF]

Martin Könenberg, Oliver Matte

1204.5143 (Bernhelm Booss-Bavnbek et al.)

Unity in Major Themes - Convergence vs. Arbitrariness in the Development
of Mathematics

Bernhelm Booss-Bavnbek, Philip J. Davis

1204.5149 (Hari K. Kunduri et al.)

Extremal Sasakian horizons    [PDF]

Hari K. Kunduri, James Lucietti

Monday, April 23, 2012

1010.1642 (Seiya Nishiyama et al.)

A new description of motion of the Fermionic SO(2N+2) top in the
classical limit under the quasi-anticommutation relation approximation

Seiya Nishiyama, Joao Da Providencia, Constanca Providencia

1101.0502 (Marius Beceanu)

Structure of wave operators in R^3    [PDF]

Marius Beceanu

1109.1431 (Christoph Boeckle et al.)

Asymptotics of solutions for a basic case of fluid structure interaction    [PDF]

Christoph Boeckle, Peter Wittwer

1109.3894 (B. J. Falaye et al.)

Exact Solution of Schrödinger Equation for Three Physical Potentials
Using Nikiforov-Uvarov Method

B. J. Falaye, K. J. Oyewumi, M. Abbas

1109.4310 (Dominic C. Wadkin-Snaith et al.)

Quantum gray solitons in confining potentials    [PDF]

Dominic C. Wadkin-Snaith, Dimitri M. Gangardt

1112.4225 (Zhi-Yong Zhang)

Approximate homotopy series solutions of perturbed PDEs via approximate
symmetry method

Zhi-Yong Zhang

1201.5163 (Ivan G. Avramidi et al.)

Thermal Yang-Mills Theory In the Einstein Universe    [PDF]

Ivan G. Avramidi, Samuel Collopy

1204.4474 (Sergey Fedoruk et al.)

Nahm equations in supersymmetric mechanics    [PDF]

Sergey Fedoruk, Evgeny Ivanov, Olaf Lechtenfeld

1204.4482 (Max R. Atkin et al.)

FZZT Brane Relations in the Presence of Boundary Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Max R. Atkin, Stefan Zohren

1204.4503 (Paul Cuff et al.)

Glauber Dynamics for the mean-field Potts Model    [PDF]

Paul Cuff, Jian Ding, Oren Louidor, Eyal Lubetzky, Yuval Peres, Allan Sly

1204.4505 (David Ridout et al.)

Standard Modules, Induction and the Temperley-Lieb Algebra    [PDF]

David Ridout, Yvan Saint-Aubin

1204.4567 (Mehmet Koca et al.)

Radii of the E8 Gosset Circles as the Mass Excitations in the Ising

Mehmet Koca, Nazife Ozdes Koca

1204.4569 (Marianna Euler et al.)

Invariance of the Kaup-Kupershmidt equation and triangular
auto-Bäcklund transformations

Marianna Euler, Norbert Euler

1204.4599 (Steffen Schmidt et al.)

Generation of families of spectra in PT-symmetric quantum mechanics and
scalar bosonic field theory

Steffen Schmidt, S. P. Klevansky

1204.4654 (Ctirad Klimcik)

On Poisson geometry and supersymmetric sigma models    [PDF]

Ctirad Klimcik

1204.4674 (Hilary Greaves et al.)

The CPT theorem    [PDF]

Hilary Greaves, Teruji Thomas

1204.4681 (Dietrich Ryter)

A revised analysis of the exit problem at weak noise, and a simpler
computation of the quasipotential with two variables

Dietrich Ryter

1204.4705 (J D Bukweli Kyemba et al.)

Characterization of $({\cal R},p,q)-$deformed Rogers-Szegö
polynomials: associated quantum algebras, deformed Hermite polynomials and
relevant properties

J D Bukweli Kyemba, M N Hounkonnou

Friday, April 20, 2012

1102.2107 (L. Ortíz)

Thermal state on a cylindrical spacetime    [PDF]

L. Ortíz

1109.1410 (Marius de Leeuw et al.)

The Bound State S-matrix of the Deformed Hubbard Chain    [PDF]

Marius de Leeuw, Takuya Matsumoto, Vidas Regelskis

1109.6376 (V. P. Nair)

The Quantum Effective Action, Wave Functions and Yang-Mills (2+1)    [PDF]

V. P. Nair

1110.4171 (U. D. Jentschura et al.)

Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Dynamics of Tachyonic Spin-1/2 Particles    [PDF]

U. D. Jentschura, B. J. Wundt

1110.5097 (Albert Fannjiang)

Absolute Uniqueness of Phase Retrieval with Random Illumination    [PDF]

Albert Fannjiang

1111.5222 (Stephan Korden)

Deriving the Rosenfeld Functional from the Virial Expansion    [PDF]

Stephan Korden

1112.1633 (K. V. Khmelnytskaya et al.)

Eigenvalue problems, spectral parameter power series, and modern

K. V. Khmelnytskaya, V. V. Kravchenko, H. C. Rosu

1112.4986 (Alexander Grigor'yan et al.)

Negative eigenvalues of two-dimensional Schrödinger operators    [PDF]

Alexander Grigor'yan, Nikolai Nadirashvili

1204.4006 (Bulat Suleimanov)

"Quantization" of higher hamiltonian analogues of the Painleve I and
Painleve II equations with two degrees of freedom

Bulat Suleimanov

1204.4272 (A. I. Machavariani)

Conformal transformations and doubling of the particle states    [PDF]

A. I. Machavariani

1204.4280 (Winston J. Fairbairn et al.)

Crochets de Poisson, theories de jauge et quantification    [PDF]

Winston J. Fairbairn, Catherine Meusburger

1204.4290 (Chao-Guang Huang et al.)

Geometries with the second Poincaré symmetry    [PDF]

Chao-Guang Huang, Yu Tian, Xiao-Ning Wu, Zhan Xu, Bin Zhou

1204.4296 (Klaus Morawetz)

Charged catenary    [PDF]

Klaus Morawetz

1204.4324 (Stjepan Meljanac et al.)

Kappa-deformation of Heisenberg algebra and coalgebra; generalized
Poincare algebras and R-matrix

Stjepan Meljanac, Andjelo Samsarov, Rina Strajn

1204.4386 (Imre Ferenc Barna et al.)

Heat conduction: hyperbolic self-similar shock-waves in solids    [PDF]

Imre Ferenc Barna, Robert Kersner

1204.4397 (Michael et al.)

Smooth solutions for a ${p}$-system of mixed type    [PDF]

Michael, Bialy

1204.4403 (A. V. Bondarenko et al.)

Minimal $N$-Point Diameters and $f$-Best-Packing Constants in $R^d$    [PDF]

A. V. Bondarenko, D. P. Hardin, E. B. Saff

1204.4420 (Micaela Fedele et al.)

Rigorous Results on the Bipartite Mean-Field Model    [PDF]

Micaela Fedele, Francesco Unguendoli

1204.4430 (Steven Delvaux)

Non-intersecting squared Bessel paths at a hard-edge tacnode    [PDF]

Steven Delvaux

1204.4445 (Antonio Auffinger et al.)

Universality for directed polymers in thin rectangles    [PDF]

Antonio Auffinger, Jinho Baik, Ivan Corwin

Thursday, April 19, 2012

1008.0509 (Yuji Kodama et al.)

Quasi-periodic and periodic solutions of the Toda lattice via the
hyperelliptic sigma function

Yuji Kodama, Shigeki Matsutani, Emma Previato

1201.2519 (Sergio Doplicher et al.)

On Quantum Spacetime and the horizon problem    [PDF]

Sergio Doplicher, Gerardo Morsella, Nicola Pinamonti

1204.3911 (P. Calabrese et al.)

Quantum Quench in the Transverse Field Ising chain I: Time evolution of
order parameter correlators

P. Calabrese, F. H. L. Essler, M. Fagotti

1204.3938 (Lincoln Chayes et al.)

An aggregation equation with degenerate diffusion: qualitative property
of solutions

Lincoln Chayes, Inwon Kim, Yao Yao

1204.3953 (A. Morozov)

Faces of matrix models    [PDF]

A. Morozov

1204.4030 (Akifumi Sako et al.)

Explicit Formulae for Noncommutative Deformations of CP^N and CH^N    [PDF]

Akifumi Sako, Toshiya Suzuki, Hiroshi Umetsu

1204.4039 (J. de Haro et al.)

Sudden singularities in semiclassical gravity    [PDF]

J. de Haro, J. Amoros, E. Elizalde

1204.4040 (Alessandro Giuliani et al.)

The scaling limit of the energy correlations in non integrable Ising

Alessandro Giuliani, Rafael L. Greenblatt, Vieri Mastropietro

1204.4080 (David M. A. Bullock)

Klein-Gordon Solutions on Non-Globally Hyperbolic Standard Static

David M. A. Bullock

1204.4081 (Tsubasa Ichikawa et al.)

Equation of State for One-Dimensional Attractive δ-Bose Gas in Weak
Coupling Regime

Tsubasa Ichikawa, Izumi Tsutsui, Nobuhiro Yonezawa

1204.4105 (S. A. Fedoruk et al.)

Real and complex supersymmetric d=1 sigma models with torsions    [PDF]

S. A. Fedoruk, E. A. Ivanov, A. V. Smilga

1204.4109 (Christian Korff)

Quantum cohomology via vicious and osculating walkers    [PDF]

Christian Korff

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1111.0787 (Jan Dereziński et al.)

On the energy-momentum spectrum of a homogeneous Fermi gas    [PDF]

Jan Dereziński, Krzysztof A. Meissner, Marcin Napiórkowski

1111.2547 (Michael Lashkevich)

Resonances in sinh- and sine-Gordon models and higher equations of
motion in Liouville theory

Michael Lashkevich

1204.3652 (M. R. Bazrafkan et al.)

Combinatorial Approach to Boson Anti-Normal Ordering Problem    [PDF]

M. R. Bazrafkan, F. Shähandeh, E. Nahvifard

1204.3653 (F. Shähandeh et al.)

s-Parameterized Fock Space Projectors Gained via General Ordering

F. Shähandeh, M. R. Bazrafkan M. Ashrafi

1204.3676 (Yue-Jun Peng et al.)

Long-time behaviors and stability of entropy solutions for linearly
degenerate hyperbolic systems of rich type

Yue-Jun Peng, Yong-Fu Yang

1204.3693 (P. L. Robinson)

Bosonic kernels    [PDF]

P. L. Robinson

1204.3714 (Noriaki Ikeda)

Lectures on AKSZ Topological Field Theories for Physicists    [PDF]

Noriaki Ikeda

1204.3725 (Hideo Kubo)

Almost global existence for nonlinear wave equations in an exterior
domain in two space dimensions

Hideo Kubo

1204.3784 (Victor M. Buchstaber et al.)

Ordinary differential equations associated with the heat equation    [PDF]

Victor M. Buchstaber, Elena Yu. Bunkova

1204.3790 (Dirk Kreimer et al.)

Field diffeomorphisms and the algebraic structure of perturbative

Dirk Kreimer, Andrea Velenich

1204.3847 (J. S. Dowker)

Discrete eigenproblems    [PDF]

J. S. Dowker

1204.3848 (Stephan Stieberger et al.)

Maximally Helicity Violating Disk Amplitudes, Twistors and
Transcendental Integrals

Stephan Stieberger, Tomasz R. Taylor

1204.3865 (Nguyen Tien Zung)

Action-Angle variables on Dirac manifolds    [PDF]

Nguyen Tien Zung

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1010.4022 (Vladimir Kazakov et al.)

Baxter's Q-operators and operatorial Backlund flow for quantum
(super)-spin chains

Vladimir Kazakov, Sebastien Leurent, Zengo Tsuboi

1011.5561 (Robert M. Strain)

Optimal time decay of the non cut-off Boltzmann equation in the whole

Robert M. Strain

1104.5066 (Davide Guzzetti)

Poles Distribution of PVI Transcendents close to a Critical Point
(summer 2011)

Davide Guzzetti

1105.4403 (Yarema A. Prykarpatsky et al.)

A vertex operator representation of solutions to the Gurevich-Zybin
hydrodynamical equation

Yarema A. Prykarpatsky, Denis Blackmore, Jolanta Golenia, Anatoliy K. Prykarpatsky

1106.1393 (Martin Könenberg et al.)

Ground states of semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz and no-pair Hamiltonians
in QED at critical Coulomb coupling

Martin Könenberg, Oliver Matte

1106.4888 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Metric Compatible or Noncompatible Finsler-Ricci Flows    [PDF]

Sergiu I. Vacaru

1107.1979 (Nickolay Sh. Izmailian et al.)

Finite-size corrections for logarithmic representations in critical
dense polymers

Nickolay Sh. Izmailian, Philippe Ruelle, Chin-Kun Hu

1108.2614 (S. A. H. Cardona)

Approximate Hermitian-Yang-Mills structures and semistability for Higgs
bundles. I: Generalities and the one-dimensional case

S. A. H. Cardona

1110.5136 (Subir Ghosh et al.)

"Stringy" Coherent States Inspired By Generalized Uncertainty Principle    [PDF]

Subir Ghosh, Pinaki Roy

1111.6788 (Dmitry K. Gridnev)

Zero Energy Bound States and Resonances in Three--Particle Systems    [PDF]

Dmitry K. Gridnev

1111.7086 (Tamas Palmai)

Regularization of multi-soliton form factors in sine-Gordon model    [PDF]

Tamas Palmai

1204.3109 (Dariusz Chruściński et al.)

Exposed positive maps in M_4(C)    [PDF]

Dariusz Chruściński, Gniewomir Sarbicki

1204.3163 (V. A. Malyshev et al.)

Dynamics of Phase Boundary with Particle Annihilation    [PDF]

V. A. Malyshev, A. D. Manita

1204.3188 (Jukka Kiukas et al.)

Characterization of informational completeness for covariant phase space

Jukka Kiukas, Pekka Lahti, Jussi Schultz, Reinhard F. Werner

1204.3225 (Peter J. Forrester et al.)

Asymptotics of spacing distributions 50 years later    [PDF]

Peter J. Forrester, Mark J. Sorrell

1204.3262 (A. O. Barvinsky et al.)

Zero modes, gauge fixing, monodromies, $ζ$-functions and all that    [PDF]

A. O. Barvinsky, D. V. Nesterov

1204.3269 (Mehdi Jafari et al.)

Spherical Cyclic Motions in Euclidean Space E3    [PDF]

Mehdi Jafari, Yusuf Yayli

1204.3281 (Sergio A. Hojman et al.)

Dynamics determines geometry    [PDF]

Sergio A. Hojman, J. Gamboa, F. Mendez

1204.3314 (Stephen Clark et al.)

Boundary Data Maps and Krein's Resolvent Formula for Sturm-Liouville
Operators on a Finite Interval

Stephen Clark, Fritz Gesztesy, Roger Nichols, Maxim Zinchenko

1204.3347 (Idrish Huet et al.)

Polarization Tensors for the fuzzy Grassmannians $Gr_{2;n}^F$ and
Grassmannian harmonics on $Gr_{2;n}$

Idrish Huet, Sean Murray

1204.3380 (Juergen Geiser et al.)

Multiple Iterative Splitting method for Higher order and
Integro-differental equations

Juergen Geiser, Thomas Zacher

1204.3383 (Huseyin Akcay et al.)

Analytical Solutions of Schrödinger Equation for the diatomic
molecular potentials with any angular momentum

Huseyin Akcay, Ramazan Sever

1204.3434 (M. H. Al-Hashimi et al.)

Self-adjoint Extensions for Confined Electrons:from a Particle in a
Spherical Cavity to the Hydrogen Atom in a Sphere and on a Cone

M. H. Al-Hashimi, U. -J. Wiese

1204.3456 (Bela M. Mulder)

Microtubules Interacting with a Boundary: Mean Length and Mean
First-Passage Times

Bela M. Mulder

1204.3479 (H. Babujian et al.)

The Nested Off-shell Bethe ansatz and O(N) Matrix Difference Equations    [PDF]

H. Babujian, A. Foerster, M. Karowski

1204.3489 (Martin Fürst et al.)

Semi- and Non-relativistic Limit of the Dirac Dynamics with External

Martin Fürst, Max Lein

1204.3572 (Gennady P. Berman et al.)

A Discrete Two-Dimensional Model of a Loaded Cantilever Influenced by
Time-Dependent Forces

Gennady P. Berman, Vyacheslav N. Gorshkov, Vasily V. Kuzmenko, Umar Mohideen

1204.3577 (Boris Kruglikov et al.)

SDiff(2) and uniqueness of the Plebañski equation    [PDF]

Boris Kruglikov, Oleg Morozov

Monday, April 16, 2012

1005.4089 (Timothy D. Andersen)

An SO(4,1) group theory of quantum gravity    [PDF]

Timothy D. Andersen

1006.2956 (Mark Adler et al.)

The Dyson Brownian minor process    [PDF]

Mark Adler, Eric Nordenstam, Pierre van Moerbeke

1102.0184 (Giulio Bonelli et al.)

Vertices, Vortices & Interacting Surface Operators    [PDF]

Giulio Bonelli, Alessandro Tanzini, Jian Zhao

1104.3926 (Thiago Prudencio)

No-cloning theorem in thermofield dynamics    [PDF]

Thiago Prudencio

1107.4365 (Alistair Savage)

Classification of irreducible quasifinite modules over map Virasoro

Alistair Savage

1110.5083 (Davide Girolami et al.)

Observable measure of bipartite quantum correlations    [PDF]

Davide Girolami, Gerardo Adesso

1204.2612 (Brian Marcus et al.)

Computing bounds for entropy of stationary Z^d Markov random fields    [PDF]

Brian Marcus, Ronnie Pavlov

1204.2870 (John R. Klauder)

Enhanced Quantization: A Primer    [PDF]

John R. Klauder

1204.2871 (Naruhiko Aizawa et al.)

Highest weight representations and Kac determinants for a class of
conformal Galilei algebras with central extension

Naruhiko Aizawa, Phillip S. Isaac, Yuta Kimura

1204.2893 (Philippe Gravejat et al.)

Construction of the Pauli-Villars-regulated Dirac vacuum in
electromagnetic fields

Philippe Gravejat, Christian Hainzl, Mathieu Lewin, Eric Séré

1204.2956 (Maurice A. de Gosson)

The Optimal Gaussian State Associated with Joint Position-Momentum

Maurice A. de Gosson

1204.2977 (Raphael Blumenfeld et al.)

Inter-dependence of the volume and stress ensembles and equipartition in
statistical mechanics of granular systems

Raphael Blumenfeld, Joe F. Jordan, Sam F. Edwards

1204.2998 (Gebhard Gruebl et al.)

Reaching Fleming's dicrimination bound    [PDF]

Gebhard Gruebl, Laurin Ostermann

1204.3018 (Giacomo Dimarco et al.)

Towards an ultra efficient kinetic scheme. Part I: basics on the BGK

Giacomo Dimarco, Raphaël Loubere

1204.3023 (Marek Smaczynski et al.)

Extremal spacings of random unitary matrices    [PDF]

Marek Smaczynski, Tomasz Tkocz, Marek Kus, Karol Zyczkowski

1204.3035 (Habib Ammari et al.)

Target Identification Using Dictionary Matching of Generalized
Polarization Tensors

Habib Ammari, Thomas Boulier, Josselin Garnier, Wenja Jing, Hyœnbæ Kang, Han Wang

1204.3062 (Kay Kirkpatrick et al.)

Asymptotics of the mean-field Heisenberg model    [PDF]

Kay Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Meckes

1204.3067 (A. M. Gavrilik et al.)

Exact expressions for the intercepts of r-particle momentum correlation
functions in μ-Bose gas model

A. M. Gavrilik, Yu. A. Mishchenko

1204.3086 (Silvius Klein)

Localization for quasi-periodic Schrödinger operators with dynamics
defined by the skew-shift and potential in a Gevrey-class

Silvius Klein

Friday, April 13, 2012

1104.1369 (A. Stoyanovsky)

Algebraic geometry and generalized hypergeometric functions    [PDF]

A. Stoyanovsky

1107.1813 (Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen et al.)

The Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev invariants of finite order mapping tori II    [PDF]

Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Benjamin Himpel

1109.6811 (Martin Hairer)

Solving the KPZ equation    [PDF]

Martin Hairer

1111.1649 (Jia-Ming Liou et al.)

Moduli Spaces and Grassmannian    [PDF]

Jia-Ming Liou, Albert Schwarz

1111.2732 (Nikolaj Kuntner et al.)

On Poisson geometries related to noncommutative emergent gravity    [PDF]

Nikolaj Kuntner, Harold Steinacker

1112.1860 (Dmitry S. Kaparulin et al.)

Lagrange Anchor and Characteristic Symmetries of Free Massless Fields    [PDF]

Dmitry S. Kaparulin, Simon L. Lyakhovich, Alexey A. Sharapov

1112.5738 (E. M. Subag et al.)

Strong contraction of the representations of the three dimensional Lie

E. M. Subag, E. M. Baruch, J. L. Birman, A. Mann

1204.2550 (Gianluca Calcagni)

Diffusion in quantum gravity    [PDF]

Gianluca Calcagni

1204.2586 (Young-Ju Lee et al.)

A Scalable Auxiliary Space Preconditioner for High-Order Finite Element

Young-Ju Lee, Wei Leng, Chen-Song Zhang

1204.2603 (Farrukh Mukhamedov)

Existence of $P$-adic quasi Gibbs measure for countable state Potts
model on the Cayley tree

Farrukh Mukhamedov

1204.2607 (Pierre Le Doussal et al.)

The KPZ equation with flat initial condition and the directed polymer
with one free end

Pierre Le Doussal, Pasquale Calabrese

1204.2639 (S. Dobrokhotov et al.)

Functions of noncommuting operators in an asymptotic problem for a 2D
wave equation with variable velocity and localized right-hand side

S. Dobrokhotov, D. Minenkov, V. Nazaikinskii, B. Tirozzi

1204.2654 (Michael Duetsch et al.)

On the assertion that PCT violation implies Lorentz non-invariance    [PDF]

Michael Duetsch, Jose M. Gracia-Bondia

1204.2657 (Herbert Spohn)

Stochastic integrability and the KPZ equation    [PDF]

Herbert Spohn

1204.2668 (Abdigali Shoiynbaiuly Akysh)

The Maximum Principle of the Navier-Stokes Equation    [PDF]

Abdigali Shoiynbaiuly Akysh

1204.2679 (Alexander P. Bakulev et al.)

FAPT: a Mathematica package for calculations in QCD Fractional Analytic
Perturbation Theory

Alexander P. Bakulev, Vyacheslav L. Khandramai

1204.2688 (Jeremie Unterberger)

Minkowski curvelets and wave equations    [PDF]

Jeremie Unterberger

1204.2701 (Ali Mostafazadeh et al.)

Perturbative Analysis of Spectral Singularities and Their Optical

Ali Mostafazadeh, Saber Rostamzadeh

1204.2740 (G. Akemann et al.)

Universality Conjecture for all Airy, Sine and Bessel Kernels in the
Complex Plane

G. Akemann, M. J. Phillips

1204.2746 (Jean Avan et al.)

Classification of Non-Affine Non-Hecke Dynamical R-Matrices    [PDF]

Jean Avan, Baptiste Billaud, Geneviève Rollet

1204.2777 (E. V. Ferapontov et al.)

Linearly degenerate PDEs and quadratic line complexes    [PDF]

E. V. Ferapontov, J. Moss

1204.2788 (David Berenstein et al.)

Matrix embeddings on flat $R^3$ and the geometry of membranes    [PDF]

David Berenstein, Eric Dzienkowski

1204.2793 (V. E Zakharov et al.)

Integrable equations and classical S-matrix    [PDF]

V. E Zakharov, A. V Odesskii, M. Onorato, M. Cisternino

1204.2794 (Zhituo Wang)

Construction of the noncommutative rank I Bergman domain    [PDF]

Zhituo Wang

1204.2796 (David Li-Bland)

LA-Courant algebroids and their applications    [PDF]

David Li-Bland

1204.2817 (A. M. Gavrilik et al.)

Three-parameter (two-sided) deformation of Heisenberg algebra    [PDF]

A. M. Gavrilik, I. I. Kachurik

1204.2818 (Chang-Shou Lin et al.)

Solutions to the Master Equations Governing Fractional Vortices    [PDF]

Chang-Shou Lin, Gabriella Tarantello, Yisong Yang

Thursday, April 12, 2012

0802.2691 (Thomas Feierl)

The height of watermelons with wall    [PDF]

Thomas Feierl

1003.1908 (Luka Grubisic et al.)

Representation Theorems for Indefinite Quadratic Forms Revisited    [PDF]

Luka Grubisic, Vadim Kostrykin, Konstantin A. Makarov, Kresimir Veselic

1009.5038 (Hossein Movasati)

Quasi-modular forms attached to Hodge structures    [PDF]

Hossein Movasati

1101.5526 (Rainer Hempel et al.)

Dislocation problems for periodic Schrödinger operators and
mathematical aspects of small angle grain boundaries

Rainer Hempel, Martin Kohlmann

1107.5250 (Eva Hackmann et al.)

Observables for bound orbital motion in axially symmetric space-times    [PDF]

Eva Hackmann, Claus Lämmerzahl

1110.5033 (Masaaki Nakamura et al.)

Exactly solvable fermion chain describing a $ν=1/3$ fractional quantum
Hall state

Masaaki Nakamura, Zheng-Yuan Wang, Emil J. Bergholtz

1110.6301 (Mikhail Korobkov et al.)

The existence theorem for steady Navier--Stokes equations in the axially
symmetric case

Mikhail Korobkov, Konstantin Pileckas, Remigio Russo

1111.7149 (C. Bervillier)

Status of the differential transformation method    [PDF]

C. Bervillier

1204.2282 (David Gómez-Ullate et al.)

Asymptotic behaviour of zeros of exceptional Jacobi and Laguerre

David Gómez-Ullate, Francisco Marcellán, Robert Milson

1204.2291 (Andreas Fring)

PT-symmetric deformations of integrable models    [PDF]

Andreas Fring

1204.2318 (Alexander Elgart et al.)

A note on the switching adiabatic theorem    [PDF]

Alexander Elgart, George A. Hagedorn

1204.2328 (N. S. Witte)

Semi-classical Orthogonal Polynomial Systems on Non-uniform Lattices,
Deformations of the Askey Table and Analogs of Isomonodromy

N. S. Witte

1204.2334 (Taras I. Lakoba)

Spurious localized highest-frequency modes in Schrödinger-type
equations solved by finite-difference methods

Taras I. Lakoba

1204.2366 (Marius de Leeuw et al.)

Secret Symmetries in AdS/CFT    [PDF]

Marius de Leeuw, Takuya Matsumoto, Sanefumi Moriyama, Vidas Regelskis, Alessandro Torrielli

1204.2398 (Wende Liu et al.)

The minimal number of generators for simple Lie superalgebras    [PDF]

Wende Liu, Liming Tang

1204.2402 (Péter L. Várkonyi)

Neutrally floating objects of density 1/2 in three dimensions    [PDF]

Péter L. Várkonyi

1204.2414 (Stefano De Leo et al.)

Delay Time in Quaternionic Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Stefano De Leo, Gisele Ducati

1204.2453 (Francesco Bonechi et al.)

AKSZ construction from reduction data    [PDF]

Francesco Bonechi, Alejandro Cabrera, Maxim Zabzine

1204.2467 (Luca Vitagliano)

Strong Homotopy Structures from Foliations    [PDF]

Luca Vitagliano

1204.2472 (Furong Zhao et al.)

Stacked Central Configurations for Newtonian N+4-Body Problems    [PDF]

Furong Zhao, Shiqing Zhang

1204.2476 (Mehdi Jafari et al.)

Generalized Quaternion and Rotation in 3-space E (3-alfa,beta)    [PDF]

Mehdi Jafari, Yusuf Yayli

1204.2494 (A. A. Deriglazov)

Variational problem for the Frenkel and the Bargmann-Michel-Telegdi
(BMT) equations

A. A. Deriglazov

1204.2511 (Michael K. -H. Kiessling)

The Hartree limit of Born's ensemble for the ground state of a bosonic
atom or ion

Michael K. -H. Kiessling

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1002.4289 (Dmitry Ioffe et al.)

Crossing random walks and stretched polymers at weak disorder    [PDF]

Dmitry Ioffe, Yvan Velenik

1008.3934 (Zhongyang Li)

Critical Temperature of Periodic Ising Models    [PDF]

Zhongyang Li

1106.1597 (Fernando D. Mera)

Convergence of the Neumann series for the Schrodinger equation and
general Volterra equations in Banach spaces

Fernando D. Mera

1107.0058 (R. Dascaliuc et al.)

Coherent vortex structures and 3D enstrophy cascade    [PDF]

R. Dascaliuc, Z. Grujić

1112.5469 (Loukas Grafakos et al.)

On Fourier transforms of radial functions and distributions    [PDF]

Loukas Grafakos, Gerald Teschl

1204.1979 (David Andriot et al.)

Non-Geometric Fluxes in Supergravity and Double Field Theory    [PDF]

David Andriot, Olaf Hohm, Magdalena Larfors, Dieter Lust, Peter Patalong

1204.2011 (Vladimir Y. Chernyak et al.)

Algebraic topology and the quantization of fluctuating currents    [PDF]

Vladimir Y. Chernyak, John R. Klein, Nikolai A. Sinitsyn